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affiliate marketing how to start

Welcome to teach me money methods, where we talk about everything affiliate marketing related. I’ll teach you how to do affiliate marketing the right way. For beginners, it takes you from a complete beginner or newbie to actually making your first profits online. Now a lot of the tutorials that I’m going to be coming out with on this channel about affiliate marketing will be based on my own experience and my own successes with affiliate marketing and a lot of this stuff.

Other people are charging for and putting in premium courses. And I’m going to be teaching you for free. On YouTube. So if you are expecting any kind of low content or Amazon KDP or coloring book-related videos, there is a link below to my new channel, Improve Coloring, where I’m taking all my coloring book videos and Amazon KDP related content off of teach me money methods.

It will be transferred over to that new channel right now. I’m uploading about five videos. Per day and that’s going to be the brand new channel where when I do want to talk about Amazon KDP publishing or anything that I’m doing with publishing, it will be published on that channel. In my last video, I did. If you didn’t get a chance to watch that last video, it was a big channel announcement.

I encourage you to go and watch it. It explains everything in detail and why I’m making the big change, where I’m only going to be talking about affiliate marketing. On this channel, they teach me money methods going forward. I do a lot of you have gotten in touch with me and said you really like the software as a service or software related reviews or the lifetime discount reviews that I bring to you guys.

Right. I went out and did all the research. I do the demos, and then I bring them to you guys. And then you guys can actually check it out. And I did. And make a good decision based on that. So if you are interested in continuing to see videos like that, I’m still going to be making those videos.

I still absolutely love making those videos and bringing that content to you that isn’t going to be on my learn wire channel. And there’ll be a link below as well. So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s jump in. So in this video, it is affiliate marketing. How to start step-by-step tutorial

Affiliate Marketing Overview

I wanted to just do a brief overview of it. About kind of filling out marketing, I had a lot of people asking, Hey, can you do like a, just literally like, almost like I’m in kindergarten, you were teaching it to a kindergarten or how do you do affiliate marketing? Well, I’m gon na tell you kinda what this video is going to be like.

It’s going to be kind of a step from A to Z. And if you are a complete newbie, these are the most important things you need to know in order to start affiliate marketing. So step one. So let’s get into it real quick. There might be some housekeeping. So I’m going to, with this video, I’m going to be going over the steps first, like slide wise, right?

So you kind of know what to expect. Go over the details. And then I have some actual live footage after that, that I’ll be bringing to you. So you want to make sure that you watch till the end, so you get all the details. So, yeah. If, but if, if you want to use the most powerful tool that helps me run my business, then click the first link in the description.

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This is my top recommended tool software. It is the most affordable, powerful tool in this industry that I’ve come across, and you can go check it out. And so, with affiliate marketing, there are a couple of different things you’re going to need. You are going to need an autoresponder for emails, and you’re going to need some type of funnel builder software in order to make this business work.

Go here to get my funnel builder software

This is a funnel builder software. So you want to go and check it out. And if you would like to check out any of my premium courses, feel free to check out the resources section below in the description. All my videos will have a resources section. You can always see what I’m up to and the tools, the current tools that I’m using in my business, and get access to my premium courses to go check them out.

And finally, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel. So you don’t miss out on all my tutorials and how to do affiliate marketing. So let’s be.

Step 1 Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

So step one, we are going to pick a niche, so you can pick up a product or niche first, but it’s easiest to pick your niche. Then you can go pick several products to sell in that niche.

affiliate marketing how to start

Affiliate Marketing Step By Step Tutorial

Right. And then you can pick a niche. I recommend picking a niche that you’re passionate about. If you don’t pick a niche that you’re passionate about, you’re not going to stay in it long enough to see results, right? This is not an overnight success overnight business. And so if you’re not interested in it, I have an example right here.

If you pick Ted’s woodworking on ClickBank woodworking plans, right. And just because it is a good, proven product that sells on ClickBank, doesn’t mean you’re going to get burned out promoting it and trying to grow an audience. If you’re not a woodworker, then, then don’t go for this. Especially as your first, if you’re, if you’re a newbie because you’re just not going to go.

You’re going to get discouraged. Because you’re going to go out there and you’re going to work really hard. Or two, you’re probably not going to make any sales and you’re going to get discouraged. So you want to pick something that you’re passionate about, that you can really build a real audience and brand around.

Okay, So the real way to do affiliate marketing business is to pick something that you’re passionate about. And I recommend it if you’re starting out to pick the most. A topic that you have and start building an audience. So niche examples include investing, making money online, yoga, and home workouts. Notice that I separated investing and making money online, even though they both have to do with money.

Depending on what affiliate program companies you have chosen, the clicks, rates, unique influencers, and sales will determine the revenue you can potentially bring into your business. Earning affiliate commissions is one of the best ways to partner and make money online in a passive way. The more you promote, the more clicks and visitors and sales you will get on a daily basis.

There are completely different niche markets and you would not want to be in them. offering a magma teaching somebody how to make money online when they’re just interested in how they can invest their money better. Right. So they are not the same thing at all. The same thing as home workouts is not the same as yoga.

So you’ve really got to get the niche research down. Of course, I’ll come up with a video where we talk about nothing but talk about nothing about niches and how to really pick and re-pick a niche and refine that niche. We’ll probably get into too much in one video. I can’t do it all in one video, so we will need to create a video for that. But just remember, pick a niche and you really want to narrow down on that.

So don’t go broad and don’t pick fitness because, y’all, you won’t make headway because the competition is too steep. That’s why narrowing down to home workouts for men over 30 would be far better than fitness, how to lose weight. So I hope you kind of get it. The point of that

Step 2

So step two, we’re going to pick a product, so we’ll teach you to pick a product first, then pick how you will promote the offer.

Others will teach you to pick an audience first. It doesn’t really matter now, but you want to stick to the items. Stick to items or products that will only benefit your current audience in your niche. Don’t try to sell lawnmowers to people that are interested in home decor, right? I mean, it’s pretty, it should be pretty obvious, but you would be surprised at the people that think that they can just blast out something that has nothing to do with their audience.

Right. And I’ve been guilty of this too. I’ve really been trying to refine my different audiences as well. I built up several different types of audiences. You have to realize that you can’t just blast out an email to everybody because the chances are they’re really not going to be interested in it.

Only a portion of your audience, the giant audience that you built, will be interested in the lawnmowers. Right? Let’s use WarriorPlus since I made a steady 2000 to 3000 per month on this platform, and it’s a very beginner-friendly platform. So I will show you that in just a minute. So stay tuned, keep watching the video.

I’ve got some really good stuff at the end of the video, and I will try to speed through this. So it’s not a really long video. I’m hoping it won’t end up being too long of a video.

Step 3: How to Do Affiliate Marketing

So step three, build a simple funnel. So I am going to show you, my funnel builder. We’re going to build a quick, simple, capture page so you can capture leads and then also sell a product to them, right?

So you’re building your business in multiple ways, you’re building profits, and you’re also building an audience that you can continue to sell to at the same time. And that’s really what separates a rookie affiliate marketer from somebody that’s going to be more professional or more seasoned.

So there are multiple successful ways that you can do this, ascending to a sales page. We’ll make you some cells, but it’s not the optimal way to do this. If you want to capture email addresses, even in affiliate marketing, you can use a number of tools to do this. I’m going to show you what I use.

Step 4 Affiliate Marketing Training

Step four is that you’re going to promote it, right?

This is fun. This is where this is the part that I really like because you’ve already done all the hard work. You’ve built your squeeze page, or you’ve done the research, the product research. And now you’re ready to start focusing on what actually brings in the money, which is promotion. You can use it.

affiliate marketing how to start

Or free traffic. Remember, free traffic will take time to build up in oil costs. It is your time to become successful. Paid traffic is immediate, but usually not as high in conversions since the traffic is cold. Right? So we talked about the cold. Well, traffic, warm traffic and hot traffic. And this traffic will just straight up be cold traffic.

They don’t know anything about you and you’re paying money to get your offer in front of them. And the chances are, the statistics show that people really need to see something between five and 10 times before they’re even likely to click the buy button and purchase it. So, as you can see, it’s going to cost a lot of money and a lot of times, starting off with paid traffic, you’re going to lose money on the front end.

You’re going to pay a dollar for a click and he ended up getting 20 cents of that dollar back or 50 cents. You’re going to continue trying to optimize to get to where you’re breaking even, or even profitable. And that just takes time. And that takes a big learning curve.

And I believe there’s more of a learning curve with paid traffic. And so it’s not something that I recommend. I do not recommend this for newbies, but I wanted to throw it in here because there are plenty of paid traffic methods. And if you want to have just a little bit of a budget, maybe $5 a day to put towards pay, that would be totally fine.

But don’t go out there and spend thousands of dollars. It will eat a hole in your wallet, for sure. If you don’t know what you’re doing, Okay, So step five, rinse and repeat. This is something that I really want to hit home and make sure that you get this part because the rinsing and repeating of this process are what really builds your affiliate marketing business.

Check out other great posts on my blog

Okay, So I can’t stress this enough. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you really start to see results. If you can actually, To rinse and repeat and to continue promoting and promoting. This is where you will decide if you are really serious about this business of affiliate marketing or not. It’s not for everybody.

And if you can’t continue to do the same thing daily and be creative, of course. And enjoy it. Pick a good niche that you’re passionate about. So then you’re going to want to promote it on a daily basis. If you’re, if that just does not sound like you, then there are plenty of other ways you can make money online, but affiliate marketing may not be for you if you’re not seeing your if you can’t see yours.

Well, being able to do this right. And stick to it. Do you have what it takes to grind and make 50 YouTube videos or 50 Tik TOK videos or post on Instagram multiple times daily for months to build an audience? Keep that in mind. That’s how hard you have to work. This is the unattractive part of affiliate marketing that you must accept as the lifeblood of your business.

Consistency and persistence

Consistency and persistence are what will make you become successful with affiliate marketing? I am just. Honest with you. It will not happen overnight. So if you’re looking for that, click-click a button and I will make a hundred dollars tonight because I clicked a button. That’s just not going to happen.

So I’m just here to be completely honest with you and tell you how it is. And, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m not going to. Be dishonest when you are just trying to sell a product or something. You have got to realize these points. They’re very important. Okay, So again, like, and subscribe to it real quick.

And if you don’t want to miss any other tutorials like this, really, really good content that you’re getting here, somebody is making. full-time from affiliate marketing. Subscribe to teach me when you methods. And now I’m going to go in here and we’re going to do a little bit of live stuff. So we’re going to come over here.

Here’s a warrior plus I’m at almost 1300 for the month. Right now we made almost 3000 last month. A couple of slow days here and there, but that’s totally fine. I’ve got affiliates lining up to make, say, a 2, 1, 2. Promote my products. And eventually, I’ll teach you how to be a vendor and a product creator yourself as well.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

But affiliate marketing is great because we don’t have to create any of the products ourselves. Right? So what you can do over here is you can actually go there are different ways you can go to the marketplace and top products. If you just want to get a quick overview of what’s really happening on wire plus right now, click here.

And you can see what is selling today. So sometimes if you just come in here and you’re like, okay, well what’s selling today? I want to jump on board with the product. Proven to be selling today. You can come through here, host squad. I’m just going to say, without even looking it up, it probably has something to do with hosting video hosting or hosting of websites, but it’s ranked number one, it’s selling well today.

Demo of How to Find a Good Affiliate Product on Warrior Plus to Promote

So you can check all this stuff out here. You can also do the last seven days and the last 30 days. Okay, So that’s a good way to come and check out products. Another way is as an affiliate. You just go through here and you can actually go to offers. And if you go to offer. This will pull up everything based on the pulse score.

affiliate marketing how to start

So the pulse score is going to show up first. So, what is hot? A permalink right now is at 106 pulse score. Oh my gosh. Anything over a hundred is just insane. 2000 sales 8% conversion rate. And only a 1% refund. I like this one right here with a 16% conversion rate and only a 1% refund. So I do have other videos that go over the kind of picking a product.

It was a few videos back. If you want to go check that out, it goes a little bit more in-depth on how to pick a product. So you would just come through here. You just want to make sure that you’re not picking a product that has a high refund rate, right? The product is probably not like right here, at 8%.

I like it. I won’t go over 10%, but even with all these other great offers right here, I probably wouldn’t go with this offer over here with an 8% refund rate. So you pick your product, right? And, you pick your product. And another great thing you can do is if we click on this permalink, let’s just say, we’re going to check out permanently.

Okay, So we clicked on that. It’s actually going to take you over to a page where you can actually sign up. And this one is by Branson, Tay, I believe. And he’s really come on to the scene. He has a big YouTube audience, and now he is creating products, plus you can go and check out the sales page.

You can request approval. And all I would do right here is just click the request approval button. And since I am a top 25% affiliate, I probably would get auto-approved depending on what his measure is, his threshold of how many sales versus how many refunds you have. A lot of times, I’ll get auto-approved for stuff.

Now you can click on the sales page and go check the sales page out, and you can just kind of look into this. You could even go and watch some review videos and just see. I like to see the quality. Put together a page you want to promote something that they’ve been able to put a lot of effort into and make a really nice sales page.

affiliate marketing how to start

This looks like it does have a really good sales page, proof of earnings, and all the good stuff that you’re looking for. I mean, a giant sales page, right? So we can come through. And you would just go back over here and request approval to promote the product, right? And this is just where, plus you can use ClickBank, you can use all kinds of other ones.

affiliate marketing how to start

I’m going to be revealing all kinds of other platforms, affiliate platforms. If you don’t want to sell or make money online, I’m going to have plenty of other affiliate content. I’m a member and an affiliate for several platforms where I make thousands of dollars a month, and I’m going to reveal those.

So you want to make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss those, but there are all kinds of other ones too, that have high, high-quality products as well. And so you’re going to grab that, right? So let’s just say, we’re going to promote this permanent link now. And we like what we’re seeing over here.

And then, you’re going to go over here to the funnel builder that I use, right? And this funnel builder, you can go check it out where I do a full walkthrough demo. Just click the link below the first link below and you’ll see a full walkthrough demo. But what you would do right here is we would just come in and this is the funnel builder.

You can set up your website over here. I’ve got a pillar grid and I’ve got to teach myself money methods. You can add as many domains as you want. It’s super cool. You can actually schedule appointments here. You can create your own products. It keeps track of contacts here. But we’re going to go in here and just go to the funnels.

You’re going to come down here and just add a new funnel step. We’re going to add a page. This is going to be a funnel, right? And so what we’re going to do is you can actually put in a video if you want to. There are just different ones that we can use. Let’s just say we are going to use all kinds of templates that you can use.

Look at these great templates. Nonstop templates back and forth. And we’re going to just use this one right here. So I’m going to select, and I’m just going to say right here, if we were going to go to this PERMA link, I would just type in the PERMA link and then we would just add, okay. So now we have our own page right here and we can just take a headline from over here.

I’m going to grab the headline just for speed purposes. Right? I’m going to throw this up here, but you could reword it the way that you want to reword it. And I’m just going to go ahead and throw this in here. In 22 seconds, did PERMA blast any links for permanent free traffic? I don’t know if that was an image.

So I’m gonna go ahead, head and look right here. So I’ve got 32 fonts. I’m going to go ahead and try to make this a 32 font to match that as well. All right. So then now I’m just going to grab this right here and we can even. What I copy, and this is what I really like about this funnel builder as well, is that we can come up here at any time and we can just grab what we copied.

So if I wanted to copy this, I would just copy that. They’re going to come up over here and I can grab that heading and throw it right under here. And it’s just super easy. So now we can use this right here and I’m going to maybe change the color of that text, make it red and make it bold. All right. So we’ve got a little page here and then we can change the image. We can come through here and just find a different image that will look better.

Let’s just grab this for now. So I’m going to say. Image as, and there’s going to be a PERMA link. Come back over here to our funnel builder, grab this, edit the image. We’re going to push the click the button real quick. And I’m just going to upload a file real quick so you can see everything. I uploaded all my stuff so we can grab this one here.

I don’t know what it’s going to look like, because it actually has the picture and the income. Well, we’re going to do it anyway. Select and boom. Yeah, it looks good. I can even add shadows, all kinds of good stuff. Right. So you can do it. You can have their name or take their name off really easily. And then right here, you would just click, click the phone.

Settings right here and you can just go here. And if, for example, I get a response. So all I do is just come over here and actually just click on the list that I have set up right here. Right. Or multiple lists confirm. And then you would push, save. So then you would have your button or you would have your page and we can go and click on it, live, look at it and it will teach me money permalink.

So you’re going to get people that are interested and you’re going to send traffic to it. And if they’re interested, they want to see how in 22 seconds they can Permobil last and can get traffic and all that good stuff. Right. And make $7,300. So you have the offer, you have the buildup and all they’re going to do is put their info here.

And then when they click yes, they send me the info. It’s actually going to send them. To the sales page right here. It’s going to send them right here. So you’re delivering on your promise. You’re delivering exactly what you told them to do. And they’re going to go to this page and if they like it, they’ll end up buying it, and if they don’t like it, they’re going to end up on your email subscriber list.

And that is where you’re going to be able to send them another email about this. Or send them another offer since they didn’t like this one. So that’s essentially how affiliate marketing at its core works. Right now, right now. You can skip this step here, but I recommend this step having a funnel builder, where you can easily capture your leads.

And so then you can mark it and you can build an audience and build up that free traffic that we’re talking about. Right. So then we talked about promoting, so you have your nice funnel builder. You have your offer, you’ve set everything up and then you can. How are you going to promote it? Well, I’m gonna go over here to the teach me money methods channel right here, and you can see.

Just by looking at some of my uploads. I had one a couple of weeks ago called Tube SERP. I actually did a review of the product. So you can do affiliate reviews if you want, where you actually take the name of the product, right. Permalink. And you can actually say permalink review and check out my bonuses and all that stuff.

affiliate marketing how to start

I’ll have videos on how to do that as well. Can’t do it all in one video, right? This video is starting to get long. So I’m going to wrap it up in just a minute. Stay with me. Well, you can see it only got 383 views. I made $500 on this product and I wasn’t even ranked number one. I think I was ranked number two, but I did. I made about 500 bucks on this product and I did a full review on it.

Right. So you can go that route where it’s a direct review keyword, or you can do videos, like how to start affiliate marketing. And maybe offer this product there and say, Hey, this product will teach you how to get traffic. And if you’re interested in that, click the link below, and then you can, for that specific video, have.

A product that you’re promoting in that video. Right? So that is it for this video. If you like this kind of content, and we’re going to just keep going through it, I’m going to teach you everything I know about affiliate marketing, and you can take action on this stuff and it does work. I’ve shown you in previous videos the money that I’m generating in my business from affiliate marketing.

Do Affiliate Marketers Get Paid?

Affiliate marketers get paid if they actually have an audience, have promotional affiliate links in their content or video, and can be truthful and have a positive influence on a buying decision. If they can pull this off and offer value, then they can get a commission.

You can use blog or social media content to promote your offers to your audience.

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