Can you Add a Visa Gift Card to Venmo?




can you add a visa gift card to venmo

You probably find yourself thinking, “Can I Use a Visa Gift Card on Venmo?” because Venmo is a popular payment program that makes it very convenient to receive and pay money with a social touch. If you have this question, the answer is yes.

You can add and use your VISA gift card on Venmo as part of your Venmo balance, which enables you to send money to other users and pay for goods and services in-store and online. 

Adding a debit card from your bank and linking it to your Venmo account is a relatively straightforward process. However, adding a gift card can be more difficult. This is because customers can choose from a wide selection of gift cards on the market.

Several can only be used once and cannot be reloaded with additional funds. Additionally, some provide you with the option to refill the gift card. You can buy gift cards at retail locations like 7-Eleven, where they are sold, among other places.

As a payment option, Venmo enables you to attach credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards that are network branded and registered in your name.

Does a Visa Gift Card Accept Venmo Money?

Yes, your Venmo balance can be used at a variety of different websites that offer gift cards to purchase those gift cards. In addition, your Venmo balance can be used at almost any store to purchase gift cards. Using Venmo to make purchases of gift cards is typically a very straightforward process.

However, using a credit card to purchase gift cards and then not paying off the debt in full can result in you having to pay interest on the revolving balance of your credit card every month.

Steps on how to add a Visa Gift Card to Venmo

  • Open the Venmo app and sign in to your account to get started.
  • Tap the icon that looks like three lines at the top of the screen. Choose “Settings.”
  • Tap the “Preferences” option in the “Settings” menu.
  • Ensure that the “Payment Methods” option is selected when you click the second item in the “Preferences” list.
  • Choose “Add a Bank or Card” at the bottom of the menu after scrolling down.
  • Select the “Card” option from the menu.
  • Please enter the details for your gift card. By selecting the camera button, you will also have the option to upload a photo to the card.
  • It is possible that entering your zip code will be required if the card has not been formally registered to any address.
  • In the final step, select “Add Card” from the drop-down menu and wait for the card’s amount to be updated.

Acquiring the Correct Zip Code for Your Visa Gift Cards

When you add a gift card to your Venmo account, you will be required to input the Zip Code associated with the card. You may find this information by looking on the backside of your gift card, where it will typically give a website link or contact information for the card provider, which you can use to inquire about your balance or any transactions.

You can activate and register the card via this website or by calling the number on the back of the card. If you decide to go to the website, you should be taken to a page that provides a link or button for you to use to activate your card.

can you add a visa gift card to venmo

You should be able to see a section that allows users to add the address details, including the details about the Zip Code, after you have entered the details and logged into the card.

If for any reason, you run into an error or are unable to update the specifics of the zip code, you can call the phone number that is listed on the backside of the gift card to receive assistance with the process of doing so.

It is possible that certain gift cards do not allow you to update your Zip Code on their site. Using the Zip card connected with your address may be an option in these situations.

Why Your Venmo Visa Gift Card Might Not Work

The absence of a network brand on the card prevents Venmo users from adding gift cards to their accounts most of the time. In other cases, though, even if your card has a network brand, Venmo and the gift card companies may still choose not to accept it for several reasons.

One of the following factors is most likely causing your gift card not to be able to be linked to Venmo:

  • Not enough funds are available.
  • The first factor is the availability of funds. The card will be rejected if you cannot access the funds on your gift card. Before attempting to attach a gift card to Venmo, it is usually prudent to confirm with the card issuer that the card is operational.
  • Fraud.
  • The second reason is suspicion of fraud. Your card will be refused, and you will be unable to add it to your Venmo account if Venmo or the card company detects fraudulent activity.
  • No Zip Code
  • The absence of a zip code may also prevent you from adding a network-branded gift card to your Venmo account. Some cards require a zip code to be connected to your account, but not all. 
  • Gift Cards that are Specific to a Merchant.
  • Certain gift cards can only be used at specific merchants and businesses. This may prevent them from initially accepting them as payment methods.

How to Know if a Visa Gift Card is Already Linked to a Venmo Account

Check your account’s “Payment Methods” section to determine if your card was approved. If not, log out and back in; the app may malfunction. Contact Venmo’s customer care if you still can’t see the card.


To summarize, because gift cards are classified as prepaid cards, you have the fortunate ability to link them to your Venmo account and utilize the money contained in them to purchase products or send money to people in your circle of friends and family.

You will only be able to do this if the gift card comes from one of the four main network brands: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Express.

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