Can You Make Money On Medium? 7 Best Tips in 2022





Have you ever wondered how people are able to make a living by writing on Medium? It’s not that uncommon. There are many different ways to monetize your writing. And in this post, we’ll show you how. Here are 7 ways to make money on Medium:

1) Write sponsored posts

Medium offers sponsored posts to writers. This means you can write about a product, service, or brand for money.

You can write about your favorite things for money with Medium. You may not have the time to commit to a full-time job, but you are still looking for ways to make some extra cash on the side. With sponsored posts on Medium, you can share your thoughts and opinions while being compensated at the same time! Another great way to make money with sponsored posts is

2) Get paid for your essays

Medium pays you when your post reaches a certain number of reads, or if someone uses the share button at the bottom of your post. An essay can make anywhere from $5-$25 per read on Medium.

3) Get paid as a columnist

Medium offers opportunities for writers to become columnists and get paid for their work. Columnists are published on Medium and the best ones are featured in the medium homepage. They’re also promoted in other places on the site, like on stories that are trending or have a lot of engagement. You can find out more about becoming a columnist here.

4) Offer consulting services

One of the best ways to make money on Medium is by offering your consulting services. If you have a lot of experience in a certain area, you can offer your expertise to other businesses and help them solve their problems. For example, if you have a background in marketing, you could offer your services as an online marketing consultant. Or, if you have experience in content creation or copywriting, you could offer to write for other businesses.

There are many reasons to want a website, but if you don’t have the time or money for that, you can offer your services as an article writer. You could be in charge of writing articles about any topic and distributing them on various sites (such as LinkedIn). And there is always more room for content creators because everyone needs material on their site!

The best way to monetize your writing on Medium is to create merchandise and sell it.

If you have a strong following on Medium, or if you’re able to get your posts a lot of clicks and shares, then this can be an excellent way for you to make money. You don’t want to keep all the profits to yourself though, so you could offer special deals or discounts in exchange for followers signing up for your mailing list. You could also use this opportunity to promote other products as well. And if you create a physical product, like T-shirts or coffee mugs with your brand’s logo on them, then it’s likely that people will purchase those items as well. And when they do, they’ll be reminded of your brand every time they wear the shirt or drink out of the mug.

6) Ask for donations or crowdfunding

A great way to make money on Medium is by asking for donations or crowdfunding. You can set up a campaign with your best work, and ask people to donate in exchange for the content you’ve created.

Many writers have had success using Patreon to make a living. There are different tiers of membership, and as writers publish more content, they get paid more money per post.

Here are some tips for setting up a successful crowdfunding campaign:

– Clearly explain what you’re raising funds for and why it’s important

– Provide rewards that each level of donation gets

– Publish a brief thank-you video when the goal is reached

7) Write guest posts

Guest writing is a great way to earn income. Medium has made guest blogging easy. If you write good content, and you have your own blog with an audience, you can offer to write a guest post on someone else’s blog. This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. The blogger gets valuable content and you get exposure to their audience.


In 2022, there are a lot of ways to make money with Medium! You can sell your essays, offer consulting services, sell merchandise related to your brand, ask for donations or crowdfunding, or write guest posts. But make sure that Medium is the right platform for you. Find out more about the platform and if it is the right one for your business.

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