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Looking for ways to make money with Pinterest? Fortunately, this is possible with a few tips and tricks. You can make money on Pinterest in a few ways, the most popular being to offer consulting services on Pinterest to gain extra cash and to be an affiliate for a product or service.

Making money on Pinterest is fairly simple. We have all the tips to help you do it!

Pinterest Accounts Cost Money, Right?

Not at all. You can use Pinterest for free. The service does not discriminate between personal and business accounts, which can be accessed for free. Signing up for a business account and using the analytics features are also free.

Is Pinterest A Profitable Platform?

You can make money on Pinterest in a variety of ways. Do you get paid as YouTube pays it, creators? No, it doesn’t work like that. However, using the site intentionally can improve personal finance and enhance your business. 

A pin is an image or video with a link to an external site. Users of Pinterest can create these pins. You can make money on Pinterest if you can leverage those links.

Is There A Minimum Number Of Followers You Must Have On Pinterest Before Making Money?

Making money on Pinterest doesn’t require many followers. Many people using Pinterest can have millions of followers. The good news is that earning money doesn’t take many followers.

You can earn money by sharing Pinterest pins that drive traffic to your blog, site, or online store.

How To Grow Your Income With Pinterest

The Sale Of Pinterest Templates

Lots of people use Pinterest to promote their online products or content. A certain image or design element will perform better on the site. An image with text over it, for instance, is common in eye-catching pins. Depending on your templates, these images may be in a basic format. Those images and headlines can be inserted by your customers easily.

Consult On Pinterest

If you are experienced with Pinterest strategies and have had successful experiences, consider a consulting service to brands.

Your first step should be to demonstrate how you can use the visual search engine for marketing your site. Then, market your Pinterest strategies to other users interested in generating income.

Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

Bloggers can use Pinterest to drive traffic to their sites. The more you monetize your site through sponsored posts and affiliate links, the more you generate blogging income. If you bring more visitors to your blog through Pinterest, your chances of running a successful blog will increase.

In Pinterest advertising, affiliate links are added to pins that provide links to relevant services and products. Your followers will be directed to a shopping site to buy the item by clicking the link on your pin. Each sale they make earns you a commission. Take advantage of affiliate programs from your favorite brands and incorporate affiliate links into valuable content.

Educate People About Pinterest Marketing

Become an online business owner expert by teaching Pinterest strategies for a fee. You can launch your website and offer a variety of online courses. If you write about other marketing strategies or social media platforms, you may want to include them in your content.

Ask For Sponsorship From A Company You Want To Promote

In the same way, we discussed above, you should target a specific group and grow your followers. Then find companies that offer products your target audience will be interested in. For example, try contacting companies selling body-building nutrients or sports drinks to appeal to the fitness audience.

Ask the companies you approach for sponsorship by sharing your Pinterest account’s statistics. Then, let them use their branding for a year on your Pinterest account.

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A Guide To Using Pinterest To Make Money Without A Blog

Pinterest affiliate marketing can be done even without a blog. If you don’t have a blog, you can make money on Pinterest with these simple steps:

  1. Join the affiliate program of the product or service you love.
  2. Use a free tool to create Pinterest graphics, such as Canva.
  3. Your affiliate link should be included in the pin URL when sharing your graphics on Pinterest.

Your Pinterest Business Account Can Earn You More Money

Once you have developed your own Pinterest money-making strategy, the work is not over. Your pins need to be marketed regularly and you need to create consistent content. You can earn more money if you follow these tips and reach more users.

Decide What You’re Good At

Pinterest accounts with a dedicated following are more likely to succeed. A DIY blog, fashion blog, or home decor site might be a good place to start. The most relevant terms should be included based on keyword research.

Create a Pinterest Profile

When creating a Pinterest business account, you can create a name, description, and links. In this way, you can attract relevant followers and include relevant keywords. For instance, newly-minted bloggers might include a description of their journey as bloggers to attract others like them.

SEO For Pinterest Can Be Improved

Pinterest users often use Google or Pinterest’s search bar to find content. Make sure your pin and profile descriptions include relevant keywords. You can find ideas for your niche by browsing popular content.

Target Your Audience By Researching

When marketing your site to users, it is important to consider your target audience. It is possible to tailor content for people such as new homeowners and new moms. You can narrow your niche by examining your blog or your existing customers’ demographics.

Do You Need A Lot Of Followers On Pinterest To Make Money?

Making money on Pinterest doesn’t require a million followers. People can make money online by including affiliate links within their pins or offering products for sale on their site. Followers and engagement can, however, influence your income. You need at least a few thousand followers to make money from affiliate marketing or partnering with brands.


Pinterest could just be what you need to make those extra repayments on your home loan. So splurge and make some extra cash to spend on yourself. Why not sign up and see just how much you could be making?

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