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Cryptocurrency trading is the latest and greatest way to make a large amount of money in the shortest possible time frame. While it can be a tricky gamble, it is a chance many are willing to take to make good money. Learning how to trade successfully can help yield the best profits possible. Welcome to the world of crypto trading. 

Cryptocurrency Trading Apps Vs. Brokers

The most important aspect of financial trading is your profit and what you can gain from trading. For newer traders, using an application designed for crypto trading is a fantastic way to ensure that you are making good trading decisions and using the best platform for your trading needs. These are available as mobile and desktop versions and make trading easy. 

While some use apps, other crypto traders use brokers to make their trades. This essentially helps you take the guesswork out of crypto trading and is the best way to ensure successful and profitable trades. 

How To Choose a Broker or Application for Your Cryptocurrency Trade

You should make sure of a few things before choosing a broker or application to help you manage your cryptocurrency trades or exchanges. 

Here are five factors that you should consider when choosing a broker or application:

#1: Registration or Certification

Ensure that the broker you are interested in using is registered with BaFin. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority is ultimately responsible for regulating all insurance and banking industries that handle all trades. They also manage the stock market that brokers regularly use for their cryptocurrency trades. 

#2: Ease of use

If you choose to use an application to assist you in making the best cryptocurrency trades, select one that is easy to use, has research material and how-to guides, and updated stock market charts that might help you make trades that will yield the most profits. 

#3: Take note of fees and commission

Brokers and applications might charge a service fee for their assistance in trades. Ensure that these are above board and that you are not being charged excessive fees for trading with these brokers and applications by comparing a few brokers and applications. All fees should be clearly defined.

#4: Customer Service

Cryptocurrency trading can be tricky. Read reviews of your preferred broker or application to see how their customer service department handles queries and calls for assistance with trades. A good broker or application has a 24-hour contact service to help you with any trades. 

#5: Resources

The best apps and brokers to use are those who do more than just trade your cryptocurrency on your behalf. They are a middleman and should provide the necessary information to help you grow your skills as a cryptocurrency trader. Articles, tips and tricks, and how-to guides are helpful to refer to when trading cryptocurrency. 

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How to Make the Best Trades

It is always important to ensure you do your research well before making a trade. Using a trading app or broker gives you the extra advantage of quicker and more successful trades. 

You can learn all there is to know about the world of cryptocurrency by joining forums and online platforms where fellow traders share information on how to make a good trade. Trading is a risk, and learning all you can about a specific cryptocurrency or market can help you manage this risk. 

Knowing when to make a trade and when to back out is important. Here are a few common mistakes that cryptocurrency traders make that can result in a loss of profit:  

  • Buying or trading just because the price is low. As mentioned before, trading in cryptocurrency can be risky. Take note of cryptocurrency traders with a low buy-in, as these are usually due to a loss of trades and are failing. Avoid these at all costs. 
  • Never invest all your hard-earned money in a single trade. Instead, invest smaller amounts across a few traders to ensure you do not lose all your money in one go. A portfolio of credible traders is useful and can help you make the best trades possible. 
  • Always be on the lookout for scams. It is usually a scam if the trade price seems low or too good to be true. Take note of phishing scams and trades that offer you investment opportunities. Using an application or broker can minimize this risk. 
  • Know the lingo. Learn as much about the crypto language as you can to make good trades and avoid scams. 

Crypto Trading Lingo You Need to Know

Crypto trading comes with a whole new vocabulary of words that you should know to help you invest your money in credible trades. A few of the most common phrases include:

  1. Market Cap: This refers to the overall value of a cryptocurrency. You can determine a cryptocurrency’s value by multiplying the currency’s price by the total number of “coins” available. 
  2. Altcoin: Altcoin is a name given to any other currency that is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and is the most valuable. 
  3. Cryptocurrency Exchange: This is the “hub” or platform where cryptocurrency trades occur. Unlike a stock market, this platform is available online and operates 24 hours a day for all seven days of the week.  
  4. Limits: There is no maximum amount or limit on the number of daily trades you can do. Cryptocurrency exchanges do put a stop to trades at times when the market is extremely turbulent, and trading is not possible. 

These words are, of course, only a small handful of the words associated with cryptocurrency trading. As you get into trading and find your feet, these terms will become second nature.


The world of cryptocurrency trading is a lucrative business and is a great way to make money – if you know how. While getting into trading can be tricky, there are many platforms, applications, and brokers that you can use to help make the best cryptocurrency trades possible. There is a lot of money to be made, and by learning how to make the best and most profitable trades, you too can increase your wealth. 

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