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Making and selling crafts is a creative way of earning money. There are all kinds of businesses that can be made out of hobbies such as crocheting, painting, sewing, calligraphy, and the like. Another appealing thing about it is that starting a crafts business doesn’t have to be expensive. With little to no capital, you can start working towards a successful brand for your own, original products.

Some products will require special equipment, however. A prime example is for customized engravings done on acrylics, paper, and wood. If you’re interested in providing these kinds of services, look no further than the Glowforge: a laser printer that’s best for engraving.

Whether you’re interested in getting a Glowforge to add more services to your existing crafts business, or if you’re looking to find a new business opportunity, continue reading this article to find out how you can make money with a Glowforge laser printer.

Can you make money with a Glowforge?

You can definitely earn and make money with a Glowforge! As mentioned, there are all kinds of products and services that you can provide using this machine.

The Glowforge is described as a 3D laser printer. Rather than a printer, it’s easier to imagine the Glowforge as a laser cutter that can also engrave and score materials. These materials can range from acrylic to wood, and even leather, fabric, and rubber!

In making money with Glowforge you can sell the following products and/or services:

Make original signages

The most obvious thing that you can do with a Glowforge (that other similar printers or machines can’t do) is making products of difficult materials with ease. This makes crafting unique signages ideal.

Using these materials, you can think of making wooden signs for parties and events such as weddings. If you’re good at calligraphy or painting, you can use your talents to paint on wood and cut out your designs. This allows you to accommodate more orders without needing to tire yourself out too much.

Because of the versatility of the Glowforge, and the materials that you can use with it, it’s important to narrow down what you want to work with and work on. Establish your niche and business strategy to set you apart from the rest of your competitors. 

Sell your own personal designs and templates to other Glowforge users

You can make use of the Glowforge for money without needing to be too hands-on. To use a Glowforge, you will have to use designs that are properly formatted and designed in programs like Illustrator and Silhouette Studio.

Not everyone is familiar with these programs, or creatively inclined to make their own designs. To bridge this gap, you can make your own designs for all kinds of products you can make with the Glowforge for profit.

You can make simple designs based on famous trends like TV shows, fashion, and others. You can also make your own illustrations and visions into designs.

If you plan to pursue this kind of business, however, be sure to read up on copyright infringement laws to protect your designs and products. 

Create unique jewelry, pins, and charms

The beauty of the Glowforge is the precision that comes with its technology. In investing in a Glowforge printer, you also invest in high-quality details for your designs. This makes it ideal for not only large signages, but also small, intricate charms, pins, and even figurines.

One thing you can sell is enamel or lapel pins. These are pins that people can put on their clothing, bags, and other surfaces made of fabric. These are a trendy way of customizing fashion and statement pieces.

You can also be creative with making jewelry out of materials like wood or acrylic. You can design and cut out necklaces and earrings.  This takes making handcrafted jewelry to a new level because of the Glowforge’s consistency.

  1. Boxes, trays, and everything in between

With how precise the Glowforge is, you can also think about making storage boxes and cases that people want. It’s difficult to find the perfect jewelry box or storage cases that require certain measurements. You can think about starting a business that makes these products to fit your customers’ needs.

With the Glowforge, you can assemble custom trays for trinkets, food, or cutlery; custom boxes for jewelry, clothes or even game sets. Always go back to your niche and what problems you want to solve!

Where can I get a Glowforge?

You can get the Glowforge on the company’s official website. There are three different versions of the Glowforge that you can purchase depending on your needs.

Glowforge Pro – $6,995

  • This is considered the most “powerful” version of the Glowforge to date. The power of the Glowforge Pro can penetrate through larger pieces of material. Doing this doesn’t damage the printer, however, because of its cooling system
  • This is the most ideal if you want to craft and sell signages or large items.

Glowforge Premium

  • The Premium version is like a hybrid of the Pro and Basic versions.  The upgraded components of the Glowforge Premium make the cutting and engraving speed much faster than the Basic while maintaining a reasonable price point fo the technology.
  • This is the all-rounder. If you have enough to invest in it, this can jumpstart your crafts business ideas!

Glowforge Basic

  • The Glowforge Basic has all the features we’ve mentioned in this article. If you’re unsure about buying the Pro or Premium versions, or if your business ideas aren’t too heavy for the printer, get this!

Keep in mind that the Glowforge needs to be placed next to a window for ventilation. You can also purchase the Glowforge Air Filter, which allows you to use the machine anywhere without putting it at risk. 

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