What Are The Requirements to be a Copywriter? Education and Experience Guide




An integral aspect of the advertising and business world is copywriting. The way businesses are able to get the word out about their products and services is by finding the right “copies” that embody the company.

These people are copywriters. They are responsible for helping a company or business determine how products will be marketed and perceived as by the public. Being a copywriter is seen as a dream job for a lot of people. It is a high-paying endeavor, and it is an avenue for individuals to be great creative, and critical.

However, being a copywriter cannot happen overnight. Businesses and companies still look for employees who meet certain requirements concerning their education and even previous career experience. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can become a copywriter and the common education and experience requirements that companies often look for.

What are the requirements to become a copywriter?

It’s important to know that not every agency or company will have the same requirements for copywriters. Smaller agencies may be more lenient when it comes to educational experience. Bigger and highly regarded companies, in contrast, will be more strict because of how competitive applications may be.

The common requirements to become a professional copywriter are the following:

  1. 1-4 years of experience in professional copywriting or advertising. Inclusive of a portfolio, consisting of projects and campaigns that you have worked on.
  2. A Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent). Recommended degrees are completions in Journalism, Communications, Advertising, and the like. 
  3. Extra-curricular experience in organizations related to copywriting and advertising.
  4. Strong interpersonal and intrapersonal characteristics, with an emphasis on team building and collaboration.

Other preferred requirements or qualifications for professional copywriters are:

  1. Experience and/or knowledge in professional editing or proofreading
  2. Experience and/or knowledge in graphic and visual design

You can still become a copywriter even without a formal education. Employers put more emphasis on real-world application and experience, rather than educational knowledge. A lack of formal education may limit your options in applying for agencies and companies, but it’s still completely possible to succeed despite this deficit. 

One of the biggest struggles and headscratchers for aspiring copywriters is the requirement to have an extensive amount of experience as a copywriter.  How do you earn experience as a copywriter if you have no copywriting experience in the first place? 

There are various steps you can take. First, you can try applying for an entry-level copywriting job in smaller-scale agencies and companies, You can also apply as an apprentice, or in smaller positions that are still related to advertising. Doing this can help you develop your skillset first in working with a team, while also getting you used to the demands and expectations of a copywriter. 

After establishing yourself in your position and work, either as a copywriter or in a similar occupation, you can work your way up the hierarchy in that company. However, if you’d prefer another company or job position that suits you better, you can resign and apply for it. This is the way it usually goes for professionals. It takes time before the right position pops up.

The second alternative that one can try is becoming a freelance copywriter. As a freelance copywriter, you’re able to establish your niche and set your standards for your salary, working hours, and management. Entering the copywriting world can be daunting as a freelancer because you’ll have to source your own clients and set yourself apart from other available professionals. However, landing the first job, it’s incredibly rewarding.

There are different freelancing sites and platforms that cater toward connecting job employers to aspiring copywriters and employees. Examples of this are Fiverr, Upwork, and Flexjobs.

What does a copywriter do?

Copywriters have all kinds of responsibilities. Simply put, they are responsible for writing and curating content for a company’s marketing purposes. In a product’s advertisements and campaigns, the text and ideas displayed on these posters are thanks to copywriters. They are employed to persuade potential buyers to purchase their company’s products. 

There are different kinds of copywriting, and certain copywriters will be assigned to do different kinds of campaigns depending on their skills. Certain writers will be assigned to do email campaigns, while others will work on content for website pages or actual advertisements. 

All of these efforts still fall under the same goal, however. These are all used as tools to make businesses successful and popular. 

With this, copywriters are expected to be experts in knowing how to effectively persuade audiences. They are also often required to have a piece of good knowledge of social media and media trends. This is important in ensuring that the company’s ads and campaigns will be successful, 

Copywriters can earn salaries starting from $34,000, up to $90,000. Some successful freelance copywriters even earn six figures throughout their careers. 

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