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Doordash Starting Points

DoorDash has been helping Americans deliver their foods from different merchants in time. It allows the users to choose any dish they want as long as the merchant is available on the food ordering and delivery platform. Aside from restaurants, DoorDash also ties up with supermarkets, pet shops, or anything that your neighborhood might need.

This app is an excellent help for small and local businesses in reaching their customers. It provides equal marketing opportunities to each business. With the use of DoorDash, you will be able to order food and drinks around your area. Freelance riders who are not affiliated with any restaurants deliver them.

If you are a delivery rider, or a Dasher (which is what they are called on DoorDash), your starting location will be the basis of the area where you can deliver food to customers. Before you can start your deliveries, you need to establish your starting point, where you can only deliver foods around the area and you are not allowed to deliver to other locations.

Can You Change Starting Points on DoorDash?

Yes, dashers are allowed to change their starting points anytime they want. If you are an existing dasher who transferred to a new location, you will still be able to deliver orders that are currently available in the area.

If you want to be a dasher, all you need to do is download the DoorDash app and sign up. This can be a good way of earning money while traveling through the DoorDash services’ locations.

If you want to change your starting point, you can follow the guide below.

Changing The DoorDash Starting Point based on Location

If you want to change your starting point to a nearby location, there is no need to manually change the location since someone can change immediately once your starting point you moved.

  • Log in to your Dasher app.

2. Choose the Dash Now option.

3. A pop-up message will ask you if you are ready to take orders.

4. Click yes.

5. Once done, you will now be able to get orders from your location.

If you would like to change the location for a new list of merchants, just move over to a new location and repeat the steps above. Usually, DoorDash is busy during lunch and dinner, so if you have not received any orders during off-peak hours, you can transfer location to check for orders.

You may also schedule your dashes manually if you will not be able to be in the area on time.

Changing The DoorDash Starting Point Manually

If your Dash Now option is not available, you can choose a starting point manually.

1.Check the various starting points available near you.

2. Select a red-colored area. These are the busiest locations near you where most orders are available.

3. Deactivate Dash Now option. Once you have chosen a busy area, the Dash Now option will be automatically reactivated.

4. You will now be able to start receiving orders again.

Changing Your Starting Point in Other City

As long as DoorDash operates in a city, you can dash anywhere. In the US, there are almost 12 cities where DoorDash operates. You just need to open your DoorDash app and tap Dash Now if you are already in a city where they use DoorDash as a food delivery service. You can also try choosing Dash Along The Way so you can check the orders available on your way to your new location.

Changing The Starting Point on iPhones

You can change your starting location from an iPhone, just follow the steps below:

1. Open your DoorDash app.

2. Choose Schedule a Dash.

3. Tap Change My Dashing Location from the options provided.

4. Enter your chosen to start location.

5. A pop-up message will appear confirming your new location.

6. Click Yes.

Once done, you can now check whether your new starting point is busy.

Changing Your Starting Point Using an Android Phone

Like on iPhone, you can also change your starting point on your Android device.

1.Launch the DoorDash app on your Android mobile phone.

2. View the map of your current city.

3. Select which location you want to be your starting point.

4. Tap Change.

5. A pop-up message will appear confirming your change of location.

6. Once done, your starting point will automatically change.

Unable To Change DoorDash Starting Points

There are certain reasons why your starting point is not changing. These are the possible reasons why you kept on encountering issues when changing your desired starting point.


DoorDash services are available in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Puerto Rico. If you are in a location where DoorDash is not available, you will not be able to select a starting point. Also, the areas mentioned above have no DoorDash in their other cities.


If you cannot change your current location to your desired starting point, there might be very little order available in the area. If this happens, you may change your location to other nearby cities.

Too Many Dashers On The Area

Even if your desired starting point is busy, some chances of changing your starting point will not be available. If many dashers are already available to deliver orders, you will not be able to change locations.

Glitches and Other Technicalities

If all the reasons mentioned above are not the reasons, there might be a technical glitch on the DoorDash app. You may contact the support department if you think there are technical problems, as they are the only ones who can solve glitches and other technicalities.


If you are a dasher, you can change your starting point at any time as long as your desired DoorDash starting points are within the service areas. DoorDash provides an opportunity to earn extra money when you are traveling. Changing your starting point is easy – just open the app and follow the steps mentioned in this article to start deliveries in a different area. You just need to familiarize yourself with your new location so you can deliver fast and earn more.

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