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heights platform review

Welcome to this Heights Platform Review.

What is Heights Platform?

heights platform review

So this is a platform where you’re able to create and sell online courses from one user-friendly platform. So if we scroll down here, basically the biggest thing that you need to know is that this is a Kajabi or Thinkific type alternative.

Get Heights Platform Lifetime Deal Here

You’re going to be able to get a lot better pricing on this platform if you pick up the lifetime deal. So we’re going to be taking you through the pricing, and showing you the features of Heights. Then I’ll be doing, you want to stick around until the end, because then I will be doing a full demo of Heights and showing you the back end of this as well.

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Who is Heights Platform for

So let’s jump in. So, what is this platform who is this platform for? So it’s best for solopreneurs, creators, coaches, and consultants who want to monetize their expertise. So if you have an expertise that you want to create a course a lot of people go to think ethic or Kajabi or teachable, and they take a lot of fees and there are some very unique reasons why you want to go with Heights.

Who is Heights Platform for

They do not take out any fees. It’s pretty awesome, actually. So we’re going to come through here. You can create and sell your online courses, digital products, and memberships, along with content bundles, supercharged, student engagement, challenges, points badges projects, and forums. So that’s some of the stuff we’ll be going over in a minute.

All the new things that they have added are message boards, badges, certificates just simplified all the processes. Now, Heights is not brand new. Piece of software. They’ve actually been on AppSumo before. We can scroll down and get the exact time when they were on this platform, but they were on like a year ago or two years ago.

Heights regular site pricing

Heights regular site pricing

I like to go over to the site real quick and just do a little bit of recon on the company as well. And so here is the site. It’s a nice-looking website. You can go and look at their pricing. Obviously when we go and look at their pricing just real fast there. Pricing on their site. If you did not pick up the lifetime deal then you are looking at $29 a month for one course and up to a hundred active students on unlimited emails, 1000.

So they have an email system built-in as well. Really, really cool. We’ll go over this active student situation right here because, while that looks low we will have to explain what that is. But you’re looking at a $99 a month unlimited courses on stuff. So they still have in my opinion, better pricing than Thinkific for $99 a month, that you would actually be able to have unlimited courses.

I’m actually $49 a month and so forth. But as the students get to keep going up, then you have to buy a different level of package. But that’s just the pricing and then we’ll go over it. We’ll actually go over the lifetime. Pricing here in a minute. What you’ll see is a really, really good deal.

So when we come over here, I like to go and just assess, Hey, is this already getting traffic? Yeah, they already have a business. They’re similar web saying 40,000 monthly views to the site. And then. And check the domain out. How old is this domain? Well, the domain is actually six years old.

Lifetime Deal Features

Now we don’t know if they bought this as an aged domain or not, but it’s six years old. And they’ve been cruising as a company the last couple of years. So we’re going to go over the lifetime deal features in a minute, but what other things can you do inside of here? Drag and drop to create lessons with videos, images, audio, and downloadable files using the lesson.

Okay. You can give your students the opportunity to earn points, badges, and certificates. After making progress in the course to keep them engaged. Students will get their own profiles on the platform where they can participate in discussion boards for community engagement. So it’s going to be like an all-in-one platform to build courses.

Probably going to be as complex as something like you to me or something like that. Even Thinkific or teachable, we’re going to be able to have course discussions and give out to different. If you want to certificates along the way, or at the end of the course that they complete everything. So it’s you know, pretty sophisticated.

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Heights Creator Dashboard

There are a lot of course platforms that don’t have those kinds of features. And of course, you have the creator dashboard. I’m going to show you that in a minute. So stick around for that, but there’s a creator dashboard and then everything else in there is going to be what you’re seeing as the course creator is actually what the student would see so that you really are able to get.

Heights Creator Dashboard

A sense of exactly what your course looks like when you publish it to a student. Right? And this is really cool. This creates a dashboard. This is just super cool because you’re going to be able to see how many people are signing up. How many lessons are completed in lesson views? You’re going to see what your revenue is, and how many students you have active students.

So this is a. Where are you going to see the total students? You might have three, three, like right here in this example that they’re giving us, you may have 3,527 people that have come through your funnel signed up and everything. But at any given moment, in a 30-day period, you have 706 active students.

So just because you sign up a hundred students you know, you’re going to have a certain percentage of them, maybe 20 or 30%, just kind of throwing a number out there it’s never even close to. You don’t even have half of them. Students that actually are going to be engaging with the course. Even if you sell a $400 course, people are going to buy the course and not even take the course.

They may take it months down the road, something like that. So you just have to keep in mind that a hundred students are actually. Pretty good because you can run some, some numbers you can actually have probably about a thousand students come into your platform and you can have about a hundred students enrolled.

So, and if you’re selling your course for, let’s just pretend you’re selling your course for $300 times, you could actually bring in 1000. People, then you would have $300,000 right there, and maybe a hundred of them are actually active at any given time. So don’t let the small number of active students scare you away.

So let’s get into the lifetime deal features real quick. You’re going to get lifetime access to Heights platform that all future challenges one code per two codes. Let’s see here, stacking limited codes. So you can actually stack multiple codes. That’s great. Unlimited product batches of 500 students.

So this is something that I’ll, I’ll go and show you in a minute, but this is super, super cool. And then the optional add-on adds an unlimited lesson, video, hosting, and encoding for $9 a month. Now they are claiming that they’re not making any money off of the hosting. They cause it natively. You have to have your videos hosted somewhere else.

To put them on the platform, but if you want them to host it with professional hosting, then it’s just $9 a month. Add on. That’s pretty fair. I don’t, I think that that’s even cheaper than some of the other pro video hosting platforms that there are and so forth. Okay. So let’s go through here on limited video editing, unlimited text image, and audio files.

Downloads and lessons, student discussions, and collect payments with Stripe and PayPal. That’s really all you need Stripe and PayPal. That’s what 90 plus percent of your transactions or your customers will be able to pay with one or the other to create unlimited product bundles. And I don’t like this when it’s, you know, 10 different things that you can make payments with.

It’s you, you, you’re spending a week just to try to get all those payments set up when really these are the two main ones that you need in my experience. Create unlimited product bundles and student analytics customizable badges. We went over that and you get a custom domain with a free SSL certificate.

It integrates with Zapier integratively and Pavley connect. So they are going to give you a free academy domain for one year at a 37.99 value and so forth.

Heights Platform Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

So the single is $99. You get all features above including 100 active students unlimited emails for 1000 contacts, one product, and one challenge.

Okay. So it’s going to be with a one. And it was only $99. I recommend just looking at this, that you go with a double or higher because you don’t want to sell yourself short. And most people that create a course, they’re going to eventually it could be even a year or two down the road. You’re going to want to create another course.

Heights Platform Appsumo Lifetime Deal Pricing

And you’re going to want to grow your business to a certain point. Even if you go with one course, you’re going to want to have over a thousand contacts. So I recommend going for the. For at least the double package at $200, if you’re serious about your business and so forth, then it can just keep coming up over here, and let’s see what the max is.

You could actually come over here with 10 codes for the Heights Platform review, spend $990, and you know, you have your business in a box. You’ll never really have to worry about using any other platform. You’ll get 20 courses.

Heights Platform Affiliate Program Built-In Feature

Oh, and this is another really cool thing. And they have an affiliate program. If you go with the double that’s also a really, really good reason to get double or higher is that it will have an affiliate program built-in.

Heights Platform Affiliate Program Built-In Feature

So you start getting a lot of buzz about your course and then the Followers. And they’re like, Hey, I’ve got an audience. I want to actually recommend your course. Cause it’s so good to my subscribers as well. Do you have an affiliate program? And this is awesome. They actually have an affiliate program built-in, so you can actually set up affiliates and the commissions and all that.

Now one thing comes to mind Samcart. I wanted to use SamCart at one point, but it’s just super expensive. It’s about $3,500 a year. If you want to get one of the basic packages and have an affiliate program built-in, we’re talking to $3,500. So these numbers are actually accurate. It costs that much money, to do this.

If you just buy it outright with the normal. Pricing. And so the fact that they have the affiliate program built-in here for $200 and it’s just a lifetime deal is insane. Also this one, this one is a company that continues to improve its product and has been around for a couple of years. And so this is your, you can go buy this with confidence.

I believe. So he went over the lifetime deal pricing feedback from the previous launch. And, AppSumo so here we go. He just talks you know, thanks for coming back there. They’re happy to be back after more than two years, we’re back better than ever with massive new features, a new course T 30 launch uh, released first on AppSumo completely free a virtual summit, and guests with guest speakers and blah, blah, blah.

Feedback from Previous Launch on Appsumo

Updates since the last deal, there are way too many updates and improvements to fit in the post here. You can go to this link right here to find out more. And then they have a list of all their major updates that they’ve done. And I’m not going to go over all those right now because I know you guys are waiting to get into these.

Feedback from Previous Launch on Appsumo

So, this is an important and limited product option update. We’ve heard your feedback and concerns about what would happen if you outgrow your product limits. And look, this is April 30th, 2022, a few days ago. Okay. We’re giving AppSumo customers the exclusive offer to upgrade to unlimited products.

Plus get batches of 500 additional active students and 1500 contacts inside their Heights platform account all for only $19 a month per batch as needed. So you can actually grow. If you go with the single option, right? And then you need to grow that in it. And you’re, you know, maybe you have a seasonality or something like that.

Or during the core course launch, you create some buzz and you need a little bit more than $19. You can increase that. Eventually, the courses do kind of fall off. You’ll have seasonality with it. You won’t always have thousands of students, active students at once, or hundreds of students, I should say.

And so that is really, really good. To come in and get one of the single or the double, and then just know that they’re going to take care of the AppSumo customers. Not a lot of the applications or the companies are doing that. Keeping in mind that and being Honoring the app, Sumo clientele, or a customer base.

5 Star Reviews from Customers of Heights Platform

Right. And that’s what a Heights is doing. So super, super cool. You can come through here and look at very, very happy customers. Five-star reviews from customers. Heights is a fantastic platform, of course, platform. Has all the functionality you need and they outline all the different things that you can get with this.

Welcome Email and Customer Support

So once you sign up, you will also get a welcome email from WWE. So welcome to Heights build a business, sell your knowledge, and access your new account. So they have a nice professional onboarding process. So I like to see it.

Demo of Heights Platform – Full Walkthrough

And here is our demo of Heights. Okay. So this is what it’s going to look like.

You’re going to come in here and they take you through a really nice tutorial where they just kinda, you know, like the, they have the little I’m drawing. Tips type thing that shows you on the screen and explains where everything is. And basically what you guys need to know is that everything in white up here is student-based.

Get Heights Platform here

That’s what the students will see over here. Okay. So that’s what it looks like for the students. And then the outline and editor are what it’s going to look like to the instructor. Okay. So right in here, if you click on the outline, this is where you would go first. Now obviously you can, you’re going to set up your payments, all that, and we’re not going to really go over that.

In this video, I don’t really need to show you how to set up a payment or anything like that. But obviously, you do all that over here. And then there is always support right here. You can click on this and you can get a, you can chat with them. You can ask questions, so they have good support as well.

But really what you’d do is you’d create your first course. Right? So your course title.

Something like that. Right. Create course. So we’ve got, our course is created. And so, and it’s going to take you through your funnel students and rolled upsells offer, and you can actually. You can set a digital product or a course sold separately as an upsell to be offered to students right after they enrolled.

You can do that. So I liked that order bumps, upsells, things like that. Really cool. So affiliate marketing one-on-one here is your class. And then what we would do is create a lesson or a module. So if we want to create a module, so this is going to be module titles. So let’s just say the blog. One, what is affiliate marketing?

And then they have a release day. Does this module become available a certain number of days after enrollment? So if you want to make sure that everything’s dripped and they actually have to take the course and a certain amount of days, like they only get access every three days to a new module or something like that.

You can control that. I would just give them full access as my style full access to the course. If they paid for it, then they should be able to watch as much or as little and as fast or slow as they want, in my opinion. But that’s cool that they have that feature. So then we have this new module in here and then you just click lesson plan.

I have one. How do I choose a niche for affiliate marketing for fine? We’re just going to go with that.

Okay. So then we have our first lesson right here and everything’s drag and drop. So you can drag and put this anywhere. We’re going to go into the module. Okay. So now we’re on this other panel where we can actually look at affiliate marketing class and then we’re in. One of the lessons right here, module one, and then right here is where you’re gonna push edit inside of that lesson.

So we’re going to edit the lesson. This is where you can type any notes

and I’m going right. Keep in mind guys that I have not messed around with. At all, I just signed up this morning. And so I’m taking you through a brand new user experience as well. So it’s pretty easy to figure out that, there are a lot of things kind of going on. So one of my critiques would be that it’s, it’s a little it’s just a little bit messy in my opinion, just the layout.

But it’s very. And it is pretty easy to figure out if you’ve put up a course on you to me before or something like that. Or any of those other places, you know, that it, it comes with a learning curve. Everything’s not as self-explanatory as you wish, or it’s not as easy to find things. But you are able to figure it out pretty easily.

Adding a Video to your lesson on Heights Platform

So we have our lesson. You can write the description right there. You can put an author, you can have multiple different authors. That are cool links, insert images. All kinds of good stuff. Now I want to add a video to this and where is that at? Okay, so this is where you’re actually going to embed.

Adding a Video to your lesson on Heights Platform

This is where you’re going to embed your multimedia or your video. So if you had something on YouTube, you would just go and get the embed code, right. And obviously, if you’re going to use YouTube, then you’re going to want to make sure that you have your full course and all the videos under unlisted.

That way, it’s only for people that have paid for your course. And it’s privately hosted on YouTube. You can use Vimeo Wistia, you can use pretty much any video platform. That’s going to give you an embed link. And then right here, I’m going to push the embed right here. Put that code. And then push insert content.

And then there is the video so nicely done. You can choose a thumbnail image and I have a thumbnail ready to go for the demo and lesson type. This is going to be a video. You can do that. Then there’s also now right here, less than type. Now I believe I, I, I thought that the video section, if you’re going to have them host the video, I thought that you had to have an upgraded package but let’s just go and do this and see what it looks like for them.

You can also upload the video here as well. Or you can paste the URL right here and they’ll go out and do it for you. We don’t need the drip release and you can make us an assignment, download audio text images, and video, and I’m gonna save the. So that’s less than one and we have our first lesson and you can award points, number of points received after completion.

So let’s just give them an a. Or if it’s a video course, maybe two points, something like that. So let’s check out what this looks like. It might have two videos because we tested both ways. You can embed the video here. It says the video player will appear here, so let’s go. And we’ll see if we can check this out by looking at view this, the lesson, the viewing lessons.

This is your lesson. Exactly. As your student will see it. If you’d like you can complete lessons to try moving through your program as a student. Continue, even though you can go through your lessons and courses while they are in draft mode, your students will not see them until they’re published, edit your lesson, lessons and courses and check published.

Sounds good. So that’s processing the upload. Okay. So they had the option to upload our own video and I’m not sure. I, I, I thought that you had to pay for that. So that part is a little unclear, not sure. I believe that this will cost money, but this is what it’ll look like. It looks super, super good.

When you have them host your video, it looks super professional. It’s going to tell you what the length is, how many points you’ll earn, and the instructor. And then it just plays right here. And you can see right here, you can go into. It’s still processing. That’s why the quality is low at all, give a 10 ADP and you can, they can watch it speed it up all the way to two X or they can slow it down.

They can also go into full screen. So plenty of good options over here. So their player is really, really good. This is what a role looks like. If you embed. Yourself. It still looks really good. This is what it’ll look like. If you embed it yourself, you could also make the video bigger by going in and changing the embed size.

So the full screen is unavailable. They can click on YouTube, it’ll open up in a YouTube, and then they can watch it larger. Or I recommend just making this bigger. So the YouTube works well, but I think having them host your video is definitely the way to go. And then you can just push the complete lesson.

And so you can see it’s very sophisticated, very teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi ready. And then they’re going to be able to see over here, they’re gonna be able to see all of where they’re at currently on the left-hand side. So. That is Heights definitely you know, a good piece of software to create a course with a new badge awarded.

You received the badge the first lesson completed, you know, these kinds of visuals really do help with the learning process. When you award points to people it helps them stay engaged with your course. As simple as that seems, it really does help. So admin student list, you can come through here and this is where you’re going to have all your students right here.

Then there’s this extra dashboard that you get down here and let’s see over here, create product program outline. And this is where that program outline is so we can get an overview of what your funnel looks like. The landing page is home. We’re not going to go through that. You can actually have a blog, all kinds of good stuff.

We’re not going to go over how to create the landing page. That would just take too long. But this is where you can set all your options and create your full landing page right there. You can even put your Google Analytics ID in here. So they pretty much have thought of everything. If you have some testimonials, you can put them in right.

You’re meta descriptions right there. You have a hero image right here, a video file you can embed right there and want to update in view, the ending page. So the more you spend in here, I would say you spend about 20 to 30 minutes getting to the platform you are going to understand it pretty well and create your new product right here.

And I wanted to see where your student lists, where we. That button right there, I think is the same thing. Yep. That’s the student list. So there are just a couple of different ways to get to things at the top or right here. But I wanted to see if you wanted to, how you send messages to students. And here are affiliates right here, student orders and complete enrollments student answers.

And then I believe that if you, once you have to have a student in here, that’s where you’re going to be able to start messaging and sending emails out, create a new message board, create a new message. So a new message board. You would just go like that. And then you would just say Maine,

something like that, create a new message board, and this message board could be your new message board, start a new topic, and so forth. So pretty cool. You have full control over everything, right? And I’m just gonna go to the creator dashboard right here. And you have your signup right over here. There is a nice intro video right here.

You have access to their support, and email. This is what we’re going to be able to see your revenue. You’ve your students enrolled active students. You’re always going to be able to stay on top of where you’re at, then you’re gonna. Activity, all the people that are doing things. So you’re going to get a lot more information about what’s going on with your program.

I have a lot of courses that I have actually used Gumroad to create, and it has done the job. It does a really good job with selling courses, but it definitely doesn’t have all this information and stats at your fingertips. A lot more control on Heights. So hope you enjoyed this demo of Heights and this full Review of the Heights platform.

heights platform review


And just in conclusion, I think that this is a really a good product. I have a couple of other courses, and course platforms that I want to go over. One of them is you teach. I’m going to be doing that one next. Because I’m going to be buying one of them this week because I will be launching a course over the next six months in my other business and I do need one and I would rather spend the money upfront and have a lifetime deal like Heights.

So Heights I’m leaning towards that this is the platform that looks just perfect for what I needed. And so I’ll let you guys know when I make that purchase and probably do some more insight demos for you guys, but overall Heights, it checks out 109 reviews, five tacos a really a good one to get hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll see you in the next video.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my Heights Platform review. If you like it you can click any of the buttons on this page to be taken over to pick up the sofware.

Remember if you want to pick this up, there’s a link below. You can go check that out. All right. Take care.

Go get Heights Platform and make your first online course here

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