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There you are, minding your own business catching up on the latest videos from your YouTube notifications. But have you ever wondered how much a YouTuber makes while you watch your favorite vlogger, channel, or artist? In this article, we’ll dive into the details of how many views on Youtube video to make money. 

YouTube Partner Program

Alright, before we dive into the details on how much you’ll earn per view or video, you’ll need to qualify before monetizing your YouTube channel. Also, due to previous scandals amongst YouTuber’s contents, the management is a lot stricter about what you can or can’t show. 

First, we need to know what are the requirements before your account is eligible for monetization— joining YouTube Partner Program. YPP is a monetization program by YouTube to help creators earn money as people watch their videos through ads. 

If you’re not aware, Google owns YouTube. So, the program uses Google AdSense to display the ads based on your preferences. Your advertisement option includes: 

  • Commercials before your YouTube video
  • The banner underneath your video
  • Ads above-suggested videos on the right-hand corner

As the viewer watches your video or clicks on an ad shown, you’ll earn a commission! However, the amount you’ll receive depends on the type of content, advertiser’s bid, and the total length of your video. 

It’s required to apply to the YouTube Partner Program, but once you’re accepted, you can start grinding for viewers and subscribers. So now we’ll discuss…

What are the requirements?

YouTube announced several new requirements for a user to be eligible. As YouTube grows into a huge community, they need to be strict to avoid impersonators, scammers, and individuals who have malicious intentions. To be eligible for YPP, your channel must have the following: 

  • At least generate 4,000 watch hours in the past twelve months
  • Have 1,000 subscribers 

Once your channel has the requirements stated above, you’re free to begin the program applications process. Don’t worry. It’s not that difficult. It’s a simple sign-up process and accepting the terms and conditions of Google Adsense. 

Amount Per View

If you watched a YouTube video today, then you just contributed to a YouTuber’s “view” count. So, congratulations! Your favorite YouTuber has another view count in their pockets. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, your view earns $0.01 to $0.03 with AdSense. 

Not that much, right? On average, a view earns $0.18. However, views are not the only factor you need to earn money with YouTube. It depends on various factors such as, but not limited to: 

  • The number of views a video receives
  • Number of clicks an ad receives 
  • The quality of Ad
  • Ad Blockers
  • Length of Video

The path of making money with YouTube is a tedious job. You need to pick an interesting niche and compete with bigger channels. Also, it would be best if you were in the good graces of YouTube’s algorithm. 

How Much Money Do Youtubers Make Every 1000 Views

After knowing how much money a view earns, it seems underwhelming. As mentioned above, the average income per view is $0.01 to $0.03. If we multiply that by a thousand, the money generated will be around $3 to $5. 

Again, it seems underwhelming, especially if you’re only starting.  But hey, it’s a great side income if you manage to release consistent content. However, according to Forbes, a top-rated YouTuber can earn about $5 every 1,000 views. 

How Many Views on YouTube to Make $1000

To earn $1,000, you’ll need to have at least 100,000 views. This amount is calculated using the lowest possible income from AdSense, which’s around $0.01. As mentioned above, depending on the ad, content, and length of view, the number of views will vary. So, keep in mind that this is only a rough estimation on our part.

How Much “Balance” do YouTubers Need to Get Paid

To get “paid” by YouTube, your balance needs to reach at least $100 or more than from views. It means you’ll need at least 20,000 views if you receive around $5 every 1,000 views. As mentioned in the first section of this article, YPP allows you to get paid through ads on your channel, either by: 

  • CPM, cost per thousand views
  • CPC, cost per click

Take note that Google will give you at least 68% of revenue for displaying ads on your channel. So, if your video managed to earn $2,000 from AdSense, you’ll earn $1,360. If you’re only starting out, earning 68% from your videos might not be satisfying. However, if you keep being consistent and produce amazing content, your side “hustle” will turn into your full-time income. 

Other Ways Youtuber Earn Money

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Now that we explored how many views on a Youtube video make money let’s dive into other ways a YouTuber can earn. Besides, AdSense is not the only way YouTubers get their money. Honestly, being a YouTuber has a lot of options for a great source of income. Let’s explore each one: 

Have you ever watched a “review” video? How about a video where a YouTuber name drops the brand they love? If so, you experience affiliate marketing. I’m sure your favorite vlogger will encourage you to click on the link in their descriptions. 

Aside from that, I’m sure you’ve read or heard a disclosure from a YouTuber that they’ll earn a certain percentage if you use that link. That is what we call affiliate links. So, if you’re fond of product haul reviews for makeup, service, or software, you’re quite aware of the term. 


If YouTube takes a portion of your time, you probably have a favorite channel, gamer, or day-to-day vlogger. Also, you probably noticed that they opened a shop and designed apparel for their loyal fans. Usually, YouTubers who have a huge following will create a brand inspired by their channel and sell merchandise such as bags, shirts, tracksuits, hats, and accessories.

Selling Digital Products

Some YouTube channels target graphic artists, readers, gamers, and other interests. For example, if you plan to start a channel that gives out inspirational advice and quotes, you can compile those and sell them as an ebook. Linking digital products on YouTube is one of the most profitable ways of earning money, especially your OWN products. 

Here are other digital items to sell:

  • Lightroom presets
  • Courses
  • Stock photography 
  • Audio such as beats, sound effects, etc. 
  • Stock video


Another way to earn money as a YouTuber is by uploading sponsored videos. You’ve probably encountered a YouTube video where a content creator drops a brand name. In a way, sponsored videos are like affiliate marketing. Both are about promoting and recommending the products. 

However, sponsored videos are about working directly with a brand. Also, it includes upfront payment for the entire video content or depending on the terms agreed by both parties. Meanwhile, affiliate marketing is a tactic you only earn when a viewer purchases a brand using your link. 

Usually, brands approach YouTubers that have a big following and generate the most engagement. The number of subscribers or views a channel is supposed to have depends entirely on the brand’s requirements. If your account isn’t huge, but you’re still interested in working with brands. You need to pluck the courage and promote yourself.

First, you have to find a brand that your fanbase can relate to. Second, you need to pitch them the number of engagements you generate on your channel. Third, explain how your channel can benefit them. 

Another factor that will help you land a sponsorship deal with a brand is by having a verification badge on your channel’s name. In this way, it will help brands assure themselves that you’re not a scammer. If you have a verification badge, it means that you are an established brand, creator, or business. However, according to Youtube’s guidelines for verification, your channel needs at least 100,000 subscribers. 


Some content creators venture outside YouTube’s program. On Patreon, a supporter pays $7 on average as a “donation.” However, keep in mind that Patreon will deduct 5% for the overall payment. According to experts, your channel needs at least 20,000 subscribers before you open a Patreon account, but in the end, it’s entirely up to you. Each creator needs to determine which works best for them.

After creating a Patreon account, YouTubers will always attach a link to their descriptions. Here are other alternatives for Patreon. 

  • Buy Me a Coffee
  • Ko-fi


After learning how many views on a YouTube video make money, are you motivated to create your own YouTube channel? If you’re only starting, don’t expect that you can earn money as fast as a snap. As the YouTube community gains popularity, many people, even celebrities, are branching out as YouTubers. In short, it’s a tough competition. 

However, it doesn’t mean you have to give up without even trying. Remember, even the weirdest YouTube video can generate more than 1,000 views. You have to stick to the content you’re passionate about. Some channels didn’t even expect their videos to blow up in a span of a day or two. 

What I’m trying to point out here is that YouTube’s algorithm moves in mysterious ways. Be it a video of your dog doing tricks or your bird chirping the tune of happy birthday. Nowadays, people are earning money from the weirdest stuff. Just remember you need decent video quality, adequate audio, and an eye-catching YouTube thumbnail. 

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