How Much Money Can You Make Walking Dogs?




Taking care of pets can be difficult. On top of being responsible for feeding and cleaning their fur friends, dog owners also need to keep them active. Just like humans, exercise is essential in keeping dogs healthy. However, not everyone has the time to walk their dogs and entertain playtime with them. This is where dog sitters and dog walkers come in.

Dog walkers are tasked with picking up an owner’s dogs, and walking them for a particular amount of time. Dog walking is now a fairly common job to earn extra money, and it’s becoming more and more in demand now that social distancing protocols have been lifted.

If you’re thinking about becoming a dog walker, continue reading and find out how much money can you make dog walking. 

How much money can you make walking dogs?

Dog walkers can make $20,000 to $40,000 per year. The income for dog walkers is reliant on all kinds of factors that we’ll outline in this article. 

Dog walkers are either charged by the hour or per dog the client owns, and the pay is dependent on you or on the dog walking company you’re a part of. The rate for dog walking usually ranges from $11 to $15, with the higher price points being more common for busy areas or for clients who have a lot of dogs. 

Dog walkers also have the option to walk different dogs with different clients at once. Say a dog walker has 5 clients that pay $12 an hour or a dog. If they choose to schedule the walks at the same time, the dog walker makes $60 in a singular hour. This strategy makes it easier to collect and book a lot of clients under your wing while maximizing your time and energy.

Besides your location and walking services, you also have to take into account the amounts of food and water you’re carrying, as well as other dog caring supplies such as diapers or materials to pick up their waste.

The profitability of being a dog walker is limitless based on how you’ll be charging your clients, and how many clients you’ll be taking. 

How can I become a dog walker?

We’ve answered the question of how much money can you make as a dog walker, but where exactly can people start to become one? There are two ways you can become a dog walker: start independently, or join a dog walking company. As an independent dog walker, you’ll be responsible for finding your own clients, setting your own rates, and promoting your services. 

You can start simply by going door-to-door in your neighborhood and talking to dog owners about your dog walking business. You can also make use of social media platforms to spread the word.

Applying as a dog walker for a dog walking company is also another way to start. Wag and Rover are two of the most popular dog walking companies. The application process differs, but both platforms, as well as with other dog walking companies, require you to provide your credentials and they will review your skills. The general con to working under existing dog walking companies is that they will take a certain percentage out of your earnings. If you apply and get admitted to a dog walking company, however, you can expect to get hired by a steady supply of clients. 

If you’re interested in starting a dog walking career, obtaining at least a high school diploma is preferred, but teenagers can also start their own businesses. A background in veterinary or animal studies is also preferred and will lead to more clients preferring your services for higher rates. 

What else can I do besides dog walking?

Other services besides dog walking are also in demand. The first is dog sitting, where you will take care of a client’s dog or dogs inside their home while they’re out for their personal business. This usually takes more time than dog walking because pet owners can be out for hours. However, you’ll be situated in the comfort of their own homes.

You can also look into dog grooming. As a dog groomer, you’ll be responsible for bathing dogs, cutting off their fur, and trimming their nails. Compared to dog walking, the pay for a dog groomer is higher because of the amount of equipment and materials you’ll need. However, getting certified and employed as one is more difficult.

Dog walking is a good way to make money, especially for those who want to find an accessible and in-demand job opportunity without the hassle of applying for 9-5 careers. It’s also a way for teenagers to earn money while still having enough time to manage their studies.

Though being a dog walker is a promising job, like other careers, it takes discipline, time, and patience to maximize the possible profits that you can earn from it. 

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