How to Make 20 Dollars a Day Doing Nothing




How to Make 20 Dollars a Day Doing Nothing

Here is the deal. While it should be obvious that making money will take some action and some effort. There is no magic button you can push in order to make money. However, there are methods that are more hands off than others. In this tutorial I will go over how to make 20 dollars a day doing nothing. Well at least you won’t be sitting at your computer all day, you may have to push a few buttons but it is as close to doing nothing as it gets! Let’s jump in!

Below I will break down the most realistic ways to make money each day doing nothing. Most of these ways will require some upfront work but then you get to reap the benefits for a long time to come. There are also a couple methods I will go over that once you set it up, you literally will not have to do anything and you can make money online doing nothing. Here we go. 

Offering Fiverr Services that are Automated

If you have not heard of Fiverr, then let me explain what the website is real fast. has been around since 2010 and is now standing the test of time of a freelance services site. The hit the ground running and has continued to grow year after year. They had a really cool Superbowl commercial in February of 2021 that aimed at inviting businesses to use their services. There are 10’s of thousands of service sellers on the site and the services range from article  writing, to voice overs, to video editing, to photography and graphic design, and anything you can imagine. 

How are you going to make money on Fiverr doing almost nothing? 

There are actually many ways but let me share 2 ways that I know of. 

Fiverr Method 1

What you will do is create graphic packs for social media. This can be used for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The most popular in 2021 is graphic packs for Instagram. Many businesses have joined Instagram and recognize the benefits of utilizing Instagram to do marketing, build value and credibility with potential customers. The problem most of the businesses or Instagram accounts have is a constant flow of valuable content to post on Instagram. 

This is where your new service is going to come in. You can outsource the creation of your graphics that you are going to eventually sell to your Fiverr customers on your new Fiverr gig. Or you can spend the time yourself to create them. Keep in mind, you only need to create these one time. 

What you will do is create a pack of 50 graphics, then a pack of 100 graphics that includes the first 50, then a 3rd pack of 150 graphics that includes the 50 from pack 1, the 50 from pack 2, and the new 50 from pack 3. Most people will buy your 3rd expensive pack and get all 150 graphics. You can price the packs at $10, $20, and $30 or something like this. 

Here is a sample of a gig that is doing this exact strategy.

You can see that this seller is a level 2 seller and has 2 orders in their que. They have gig pricing at $5, $10, and $20 but you can do whatever you want with your gig. Now you might be asking, this looks like a lot of work, how am I making money without doing anything? Let me explain.

Automation is key to this strategy

See below for another example of a Fiverr seller using this method and making a killing from it. They have 9 orders in their que and notice something about the screenshot that I highlighted all graphics and one particular spot on each graphic that makes this whole method work. 

Each graphic that this seller delivers to the customer will have the customers unique logo on it. So if they deliver 100 or 500 graphics to the customer for 30 bucks or something like this, then they are essentially delivering customer graphics to that customer. 

They are using the same base graphic for all their deliveries, but, it will have the customers logo on each graphic making it unique and brandable which is what Instagram influencers are looking for. Branding and Uniqueness. 

How to we make 100 to 500 graphics unique and add a logo to each one in a matter of seconds?

Photoshop script automation!

You can go here and watch a tutorial about how to use scripts in Photoshop for automation. What you will be doing when you create your info graphics is make sure you leave a blank spot at the very bottom of each graphic, or it can be on the side, just make sure it is exactly the same for each graphic. 

Now when you upload your images to photoshop and run a scrip to automate adding the customers logo to all 100 or 500 graphics in the order, it will do it automatically saving you hours and hours of time. 

This is why this is so valuable to the customer, they feel like they are getting the best bargain ever and you are only spending 5 minutes on each order and making bank. 

So to wrap this Fiverr method 1 up, yes there is a little work to get this all setup, and yes you will have to spend 5 minutes per order, but it is very easy money that takes almost no time at all! 

Try it out for yourself, you won’t regret it! 

Now on to Fiver Method 2 which will require a much shorter explanation. 

Fiverr Method 2 – Sell PLR Products On Fiverr for Easy Money

If you do not know what PLR products are let me explain it in simple terms. PLR stands for Private Label Rights and essentially what it means is that someone created these products and is giving you the rights to resell them or to modify them and then sell them. So you do not have to create you products from scratch, the product is already done and that is what is so appealing about these products. 

They are usually pretty cheap as far as cost, but you can resell them. So in this method you would be selling PLR products to people that know the value of PLR products and will be using them to sell to customers or to give away as free lead magnets. 

What you can do on Fiverr to profit from these is you can go to BigProductsstore and sign up for a membership, monthly or lifetime. I recommend lifetime as they add new products daily and you will never have to pay for PLR again. 

Now spend some time researching the best products that also you cant find on Fiverr. Now you can create a gig that is selling these products. You can create bundles or sell individual PLR products. I recommend doing a mix of both. 

Here is a bonus Fiverr method I came across while writing this tutorial!

You can sell royalty free music on Fiverr!

Hire someone to create some royalty free background music for you and make sure they give you full commercial use rights to resell the music as your own.

Then when someone orders your gig you already have the delivery ready to go. Here is someone that is doing this exact method. 

Wrapping it up on Fiverr method.

The PLR and royalty free music methods are truly automated and all you have to do is push a button when you get a new order. Upload your files to Google Drive and get a share link for everyone. Now you can create a “delivery” template in Fiverr which streamlines your delivery. You get an order. 

You click deliver order, select your delivery template and send. The customer will get their deliver in seconds and it took you less than 10 seconds. If that is not making money doing nothing, then I don’t know what is! 

Ok so we are just getting started, lets move to our next way to make 20 dollars a day doing nothing! 

Building a Blog that Generates $20 per day is easier than you think

In this method, again you may not think this can be automated or allow you to profit without actually doing anything. The answer is yes and no. In the beginning you won’t make money and definitely it won’t be without doing anything at all. However after you get some traction on this method it can be one of the most passive income sources you can build online. 

You need to select a niche to build your website/blog in. Brainstorm a bunch of topics and interests that you have and then go to Google Trends and put those topics in the search bar one by one. 

Make sure that your topic has a good trend. Now you will need to get a website up and running. This is a process and if you do not have experience doing this then go to YouTube and search how to build a wordpress website. 

Once you get your site up and running we want to focus on getting 30 blog posts up. Before we do this we want to do some keyword research. 

Go to SEMRUSH and sign up for a free trial so you can use the “magic keyword tool”. Now you can type in your niche and find keywords that have low competition and high traffic. You can also look for a tutorial on how to do keyword research on YouTube. 

Now that you have a long list of potential keywords to create blog posts out of, it is time to either write them yourself, or outsource them. You can hire writers on Fiverr, IWriter, Upwork, BuySellText, or any other writing platform. 

Get your articles up as fast as you can, order all articles at once if you have the budget and motivation. Or if you are on a budget, you can write them all yourself. Aim for doing one article for your website per day, and you will have 30 up in one month! 

Blog/article length. Make sure that your articles are at least 1500 words in length as this is what Google like these days. It is called long form content and it will bring in the most traffic and ranking to your website. 

Now watch as the next couple months come, you will start to see traffic come to your website. You can now put affiliate links in your articles, advertising blocks on the sidebar, or even put Google Adsense on your site to start automatically making $20 per day on your site. 

Again, this method will take the most upfront work, but has the potential to be the most automated 20 dollars a day without doing anything method there is! 

Now let’s move on to our next strategy. I told you we are just getting heated up!!

Day Trading Automatically with Software

This one is straight up the most hands off method from the start. Find a legit forex or stock trading software and do you due diligence and research before you commit and buy. Now you will have to start with investing some money. I will use a scenario that may not be entirely true but will be close. 

If you invest $1,000 with this strategy you should be able to make $20 or more per day in day trading and the software will do all the decision making and hard work around the clock 24/7 for you.

There is not a whole lot more to explain with this method but wanted to include this in the tutorial as many are successful doing this method. This is a very scalable method as well, meaning the more you invest, the more you make. Simple as that. 

Make 20 dollars per day on Youtube doing pretty much nothing

I wanted to include this method in this tutorial because it may entice you and you may want to pursue a YouTube channel and not a website. I will say this method has a couple really great advantages to it that the website method does not. 

  1. This can be a completely free method since YouTube hosts your channel for free at no cost to you.
  2. There is a much easier learning curve than the website method. There is a much lower barrier to entry for you.

Apply many of the same techniques as taught in the Website method above. However, instead of building a website you will be creating a YouTube channel. Do your niche research, keyword research and be on your way to creating and uploading videos. 

You can outsource every step of creating a video from script writing, to video creation and editing, and some service I found on Fiverr will do all of it for you and even upload and manage your YouTube channel so it is completely 100% hands off and automated on your part. 

If you go with the full outsource method it will cost you some money. But at the end of the day you need to think long term. It will take some upfront money but what will this YouTube channel be making you in 1 year from now? If you are making $20 or more per day automatically then is it worth it? Absolutely! 

YouTube will partner with you and approve you for their ads program and you will get paid for people watching your videos. Simple as that! This ends up being completely hands off and you get to make money completely on autopilot! Pretty darn cool I must say. 

Ok, Let’s move on to our last method in this tutorial.

Email Marketing to make an Easy $20 Per Day

Some myths about email marketing and building an email list are that it is outdated and not a good strategy in 2021. I can tell you that the myth is simply a myth and not true at all. As I write this tutorial I laugh at those that do not pursue email marketing because I just sent out one email yesterday to a list of only 300 subscribers and made $100. I spent 15 minutes getting an affiliate link, writing the email, and pushing send. 

This strategy can go hand in hand with the website and YouTube method. Here is how. 

The traffic you will be getting daily from your website and YouTube channel can be sent to a link to sign up to your email list. You can use a lead magnet and give something away for free if you want, this works well. Give away pure value and a reason for people to want to join your list. 

Now after several months you will have 100’s or even 1,000’s of subscribers and you can send them emails whenever you want to make money. 

An automated way of making money from your email subscribers is to use an autoresponder. An autoresponder is basically an automated follow up series of emails that automatically get delivered to your new subscribers. 

So again, do the work once, create all the emails, set it up in your autoresponder service, and then everything will be automated. I recommend having some emails that are pure value with no links or promotions at all. Then add some emails to quality products with your affiliate links and you can profit from this. 

I recommend GetResponse as it has the best price and features and is the most user friendly that I have used. I have used several including Aweber and still find myself always going back to GetResponse. 


I hope you learned a lot from this tutorial on how to make 20 dollars a day doing nothing. All these strategies will work if you put in the initial work and setup that is required. Even the most automated way to make money without doing anything will take some setup and possibly some investment. 

If you are willing to take action you can start making steady money each day online. The methods I have shown you in this post are not an exhaustive list. There are so many ways to skin a cat and make automated money online. The methods I shared here are methods I have used to make easy cash online and I hope you find value from them and will implement one or all of them in your business. 

Good luck to you and I hope you find success making money online. Remember no one is going to do it for you, you have to take major action, be patient, persistent, motivated, and then you will reap the rewards of your hard work. 

If you like what you read in this tutorial then check out what I do to make passive income each month. Just go to the sidebar to the right and you will see a place to click if you are interested. 

See you soon,


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