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Beauty and lifestyle is an important part of everyday life. For both men and women, the existence of beauty salons, beauty clinics, and clothing stores is important for helping people recognize their identities. It’s also needed to sustain personal hygiene and beauty.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to make money as a hairstylist. A hair stylist is someone who professionally maintains, cuts, treats, and styles people’s hair. Hair stylists don’t only make money working in salons. They’re also highly respected in other fields and are even treated as celebrities once they reach a certain amount of success. 

We’ll be talking about how to make money as a hair stylist, and how to make money as a cosmetologist. Besides money making, we’ll also give you a background on how to work in this profession. 

How to make money as a hair stylist

Work in a salon

If you’re already a hair stylist or a fresh graduate from cosmetology school, this is one of the most obvious paths that you can take. You can apply for a job at any local salon you’re interested in. Usually, there are many roles you can take that concern styling hair. If you’re new and you want to dip your toes into the work environment at a salon first, you can try out as an apprentice or shampoo assistant. These roles are essentially for assisting senior and regular hairstylists on the job by preparing customers for haircuts, mixing dye and bleach, and blowdrying and styling hair.

If you’re confident in your skills, you can perform as a hair cutter or colorist in these hair salons. As a hair cutter, you’ll be responsible for trimming, cutting, and styling hair to the desired lengths of your customers. As a colorist, you’ll focus more on bleaching and dyeing customers’ hair. 

Being a hairstylist is a broad term because there are so many types of services that one can avail of to treat their hair. Before working for a salon, figure out what roles and services are in demand both in the business and what is in trend today. A hairstylist working in a salon makes an average of $23,000 to $34,000. 

Content creation

The world is rapidly gravitating towards platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok to forward their careers. This is through content creation, where all kinds of people can share snapshots and snippets of their lives with audiences on the internet. Content creation is seen as a good way of making money, while also promoting your existing brands and businesses.

If you want to make content creations about hair and beauty, you can share your work with clients, or teach other aspiring hairstylists how to style their own, or other people’s, hair. 

Content creators earn money in different ways. On YouTube, the most common way for creators to earn money is through advertisements, where ads can be placed at the beginning, end, or within the middle of the video. On TikTok, if you’re living in the US, there is the TikTok Creator fund, where you can earn money based on how many views and followers you get.

However, the best way to make money on these platforms, or any social media website, is through brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing. If your content gets recognized enough, you can get the chance to partner with famous brands and advertise their products for money. 

Sell your own hair and cosmetology products

The knowledge and work of hairstylists don’t have to be confined to the walls of a hair salon. You can also figure out how to make money as a hair stylist by developing your own hair products. 

Hair comes in all different types, and people want to style it in all different ways. This makes the demand for quality hair products much higher. This isn’t limited to chemical products like shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. You can also develop products like effective hair rollers, hair dryers, and brushes, that can help in styling hair.

This will take a little more time and effort to develop because it does concern starting your own brand and business. However, if you have the right vision and target audience, you will be able to make good money with your knowledge as a hairstylist. 

Start your own salon

Want to be your own boss? You can be entrepreneurial and start your own hair and beauty salon! Starting your own salon is a good idea if you feel like there aren’t enough businesses that cater to the services you want to offer, or if the area you live in doesn’t have access to a lot of salons. 

With your own salon, you’ll be able to control the rates for your services, how customers pay, and what products you’ll be able to use. This gives you much more control over how much money your business and employees can earn in total.

How to become a hair stylist

Before you learn how to make money as a cosmetologist, you first need to attend cosmetology school. To qualify for cosmetology school, you will usually need a high school diploma. 

In cosmetology school, you get to learn all about skincare, makeup, nail design, and hair styling. You get to be trained by industry professionals on how to properly style and treat customers for these services. 

In order to be a certified cosmetologist and hair stylist, you will have to undergo a licensure exam that tests your knowledge and skills in cosmetology. Take note that you will have to continue expanding your knowledge to maintain your certification. 

Being a hair stylist is a job that is less common, and most people don’t see it as a potential money-making job. However, there are all kinds of ways for you to capitalize on your skills. Feel free to refer to the four ways we’ve listed down and start making money!

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