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With all kinds of different moneymaking skills and hustles, it’s challenging to find trusted sources and platforms where you can earn money. Don’t worry! Maybe the answer you’re looking for is closer than you think. 

Craigslist has been a namesake website for people to post their own personal advertisements. You can find ads posted for all kinds of things: cars, houses, furniture, and even obscure unique or handcrafted items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The website is essentially a buy-and-sell platform, where sellers post advertisements for their products or services, and those interested in their posts will purchase them. However, what if you want to use the site to make money, without necessarily having your own products to sell? What if you don’t want to sell anything?

We’ll be talking about how to make money on Craigslist, and how to (possibly) make money on Craigslist fast. 

How to make money on Craigslist?

The first and most common way to make money using Craigslist is to purchase an item or a number of items and resell it at a higher price. In reselling items, you would usually have to go to other platforms such as E-bay or even Shopify, where you can compete with other sellers with similar items.

The items advertised on Craigslist are usually worn down because of being used by the owner. If you want to resell items, especially if they’re high in value or rarity, it’s also your job to restore it. You can start with finding and purchasing free items, or those priced at $5-$10 dollars as a safe bet before reselling anything.

Before purchasing and reselling any items, however, there are a few steps that you need to take note of. First, be sure that the seller you are buying the item for is trusted. You can gauge this by contacting the seller and asking for further details about the product. If available, you can also try finding reviews or testimonies of the seller on Craigslist or other sites they’re active on. 

The second step is to be sure of your niche. What is appealing about the item you plan to resell? Is it profitable enough? It’s quite risky to try and sell items in a market where that product is already sold by tens of hundreds of other users, so be sure that you bring something new and unique to the table. this will set you apart from your other competitors. 

The second way to make money on Craigslist is by selling your own products. You don’t necessarily need to start your own business to make money through Craigslist. If you have items lying around your house, garage, or properties that you don’t really want around anymore, you can make posts on the platform to promote them to potential buyers. Items like phones and monitors are also usually in demand. 

Common items that are in demand are usually cars, properties, and important items that are high in value. However, as long as you have something that you want to sell, chances are there’ll be someone interested in it.

How to make money on Craigslist without selling anything

Say that the buy and resell method isn’t really your cup of tea. That’s alright! There are other ways, both big and small, where you learn how to make money on Craigslist without selling anything. 

If you’re on Craigslist hoping to find an additional way to make money on the side, you can use the platform to promote your existing business or services. Say you’re a content writer who specializes in niche topics. You can post an advertisement on Craigslist introducing yourself, your skillsets and credentials, and what kind of job opportunities you’re interested in applying for. 

This is also a way for you to form connections with other people in your field. You can meet with like-minded people who are willing to support you in what you need in exchange for something else favorable. 

If you’re not working at the moment, you can make money off of what you enjoy doing in your free time. Whether it’s flipping thrifted clothing, crocheting, restoring old items, or even delivering items for them, people can invest money in your services. There is a job section on Craigslist that you can browse so that you can get a better idea of how ads for services are usually written out. 

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is essentially a website dedicated to viewing and posting advertisements. It’s a free-to-use platform with different categories for jobs, housing, cars, appliances, and other kinds of products or services. If you’re interested in purchasing or inquiring about a product, simply message the owner of the post on their ad, and wait for their reply!

There’s a reason why Craigslist has been one of the long-running advertising websites that are still a staple in the United States. It’s an avenue for everyone, regardless of their upbringing and location, to promote their services, products, and belongings. It’s a completely viable way to start earning money!

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