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how to make youtube money

Are you thinking of starting a YouTube channel because you want to build a side income? Making YouTube videos for a living may seem easy or almost like not having a real job. However, keep in mind that like all businesses, there is a grind that you must go through in order to start gaining momentum.

The fact is, most people that set out to make money on YouTube end up never making even a single dollar because they miss something along the way, and in most cases, they give up too early.

Most YouTubers will never have tens of thousands of subscribers and won’t make any money on the platform. But, if you do your research, stay motivated, and be consistent in creating YouTube videos, you can make money on YouTube.

Check out the top 11 Ways to make money with YouTube below. After that, I will talk a little bit about my experience on the YouTube platform and how I have made 6 figures on YouTube.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a commission and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

How to Make Money from YouTube

Many will tell you that you must be monetized to make money on YouTube but that is not true. Yes, the YouTube Partnership Program is a way to make money on the platform but it is only one method. There are so many more ways and you don’t even have to have your channel monetized to earn money.

How much money you make will depend on the niche you select, the amount of videos you make, and how fast your channel grows. The good news is, that your target audience will help you decide which videos to create next. You will gain loyal fans and get a lot of watch hours.

You can run video ads to help grow your channel faster. You can also use ads to sell products or services.

First steps to making money on YouTube

The obvious one that you must do first is to create your YouTube account.

Next, start making niche videos around a single topic that you are very interested in or an expert in. As you start gaining subscribers, you can start thinking of all the methods below to apply to your channel to start earning money. It is as simple as that. Well, not really, you will have to work hard and be consistent and patient.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing hits home for me as this has allowed me to quit my job as a materials director for a large medical supply company. I have learned the skill of providing the highest level of value in my videos that help people.

In return, many viewers and subscribers click on my affiliate links and I earn commissions when they purchase an affiliate product. You do not need a lot of video views or a viral video in order to be successful with affiliate marketing on YouTube. Just remember to provide value first, and the money will come next.

YouTube Ad Revenue – Adsense – Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program is a great way to earn some extra money but it is really just a compliment to the other strategies. If you are a viral YouTuber that gets millions of views per video, then theoretically you could make a full-time living with just Google Adsense income from your channel.

However, this does not represent the majority of YouTubers. Usually, you will have other means of making money and the AdSense revenue is a nice supplement to your main income.

It is worth noting that in order to join the YouTube Partner Program you must have 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time. Then YouTube will do a manual review of your channel in order to be accepted. The number of views does not play a part in this. In order to get 4k watch time hours, you will need to put in hard work.

Channel Memberships

There is a feature that YouTube came out with recently that allows YouTube creators to offer paid channel memberships to their audience. You can offer different tier levels as well.

Example: Tier 1 might be to offer 1 private membership video per month to the tier 1 level. Tier 2 offers 2 exclusive member-only videos per month, and so on. If you have a passionate audience, some will be willing to pay for the exclusive content that the public does not get to see. Pretty cool stuff!

Video Partnerships or Sponsors or Sponsorship Deals

As your channel grows, you will attract many companies’ interest in your channel. If your channel and audience align with their product or service, they will offer some sort of partnership or collaboration. It can be a paid review or paying for you to do an ad segment on your next video or a set number of videos as well as a link in the description.

If the video you create has any sort of paid promotion in it, you need to make sure to select that when uploading your video. The alerts your audience at the beginning that the video was a paid promotion and that basically your opinion could be biased as you were paid to do the video.

You can earn thousands with this method and it only gets better as your channel gets bigger.

Selling Online Courses

This is one of the simplest ways to make a product and offer it to your audience. This only requires your time and expertise to put together a great course. Once you have the course completed and uploaded to a platform like Teachable, you can now promote your course in all your videos and video descriptions.

If your course aligns with what your channel is and what your audience is interested in, then you have a really great chance to make sales. This, along with affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money on YouTube.

Selling SAAS and Using YouTube to Market your Software

Much like selling your online course on YouTube, if you have software that can benefit your audience, then using YouTube as a way to grow organic reach to your product is a great strategy.

For example, if you have SEO keyword research software and you talk a lot about SEO and keyword research on your channel, then do a 10-second promo at the beginning and end of each tutorial video you do, and put your product link in the video description. You can make a ton of sales with this strategy.

YouTube Thank You, Button – Viewers Can Basically Give You a Tip!

See the image below because it is a new feature that YouTube launched in 2021. Viewers and subscribers can push that button and literally give you a tip or donation for providing such high-quality content. I wonder how many people actually do this, but my channel at the time of writing this gets over 40k views per month organically and I have never earned money from this method.

I put it on here because it technically is there, but I don’t think you will become rich with this and I would not count on anyone clicking on the thank you button.

Selling Digital Products

This is a great way to start earning on YouTube If you have a digital pdf book, audiobook, podcast, art, graphics, templates, and many others, then you can sell these digital files to your audience. You can do live streams to offer value and let people know about your latest digital product for sale. You can build video content around each digital product in many different ways, become a YouTube influencer, and make some money.

Send YouTube Traffic to your Blog or Website

This strategy that I have added is not something you will see in other blog posts on this subject. If you are wondering how to monetize videos on YouTube, then you can send the traffic to your blog. What you do is, create a high-quality video on a subject that is similar to your website, and in the description of your video, place a link directly to a page on your website.

A certain percentage of people will click the link and visit your site. If your site sells anything or has display ads on it, some of this traffic will click on ads or purchase from you. This is a unique but highly effective way to monetize your YouTube videos.

Product Reviews

If you are wondering how YouTubers make money then this strategy is very simple. Conducting product reviews is a very straightforward way to make money on YouTube. You can do this literally in your first video if you want. Just make sure that you own the product or at least have access to the product to do a proper review.

Google is getting stricter on its guidelines for affiliate reviews. You need to actually have your hands on the product in order to do a proper review. If it is a software review, then make sure you have an account and access to the software in order to do a good review for viewers.

Consulting or Coaching Services

This strategy on how to make money on YouTube was on any sites that I researched. If you are in a business where you can offer your coaching, services, and expertise, in any way, then this could make you some good cash on YouTube.

For example. If you are an expert in inventory management, you could create a YouTube channel around all kinds of inventory knowledge, tips, tricks, and so forth. Then you can offer consulting services to companies watching your videos. You could make some really good money and even turn your Youtube consulting business into a full-time income.

Diversify your Revenue Steam

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Do not rely on one YouTube revenue stream. If you are only depending on one method and it goes under for some reason, you will lose your business overnight. You may be doing good with YouTube Partner Revenue but don’t turn down all those brand sponsorships that you get in your email inbox.

If it makes sense do a couple of those per month to help diversify how you are making money. As you see your Youtube earnings increase, and your income streams diversify, you will be on your way to earning a full-time income on YouTube.

That’s a wrap

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of my top 11 ways to make money on YouTube. For those that are wondering “how to make money on YouTube”, this post should provide some answers. I make a full-time living on YouTube and can assure you that this information is accurate. At the end of the day, making any money at all on YouTube will be determined by how much time you spend making high-quality videos on YouTube

Check out my top list of affiliate programs for YouTubers here.

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