How to Make Money Online for Free from Home 2021

You may have just heard or came across the fact that many people make money online full time. You are probably wondering how in the world they actually do this. Or you may have already heard about this but don’t know where to start. Most people starting out in the “make money online” industry have limited budgets and may not have any money to put in to their online business. There are many ways to get started making money online for free and in this lesson I will show you some of the best tools and strategies that you can use to answer the question, how to make money online for free from home. This will be current strategies that work in 2021. Lets jump in!

Strategies to make money online for free

Here is a list of the top strategies that are working in 2021 to get started making money online.

  • YouTube Channel
    • You can setup a YouTube channel very quickly and for free. You can create videos in virtually any niche and start gaining a following on the platform. You can make money when your channel gets approved for YouTube Partnership and they pay you for running ads on your videos. This is all done automatically.
  • Instagram Marketing
    • Anyone can setup an Instagram account quickly and start posting pictures in the niche of their choosing. This can be anywhere from luxury, real estate, online marketing, woodworking and anything else. You can post a link in your bio to an affiliate offer or your own product for easy sales.
  • Be a Teacher on Udemy or other Teaching Platform
    • I have been making a passive income for the past 2.5 years on Udemy. The money comes in every single month and I don’t even have to touch the platform once my course is up and running. This will take some work in the beginning to create a full course, but once you publish the course, you can profit for it for months and years to come.
  • Freelancing
    • You can make money offering any service you are good at on or any other similar platform. I also have made thousands of dollars on Fiverr over the years. This is a perfect place for BEGINNERS to start making money online. People see your offer/gig and order. You deliver the order in the time you assign, and they rate your servicer and you continue to get orders. You can then take this money and pay some bills or invest it back into your online business and purchase advertising for a bigger offer or purchase software and tools you may need.
  • Publish Low Content and Coloring Books on Amazon KDP
    • This is a great way to earn passive money month after month. This one has a big learning curve but once you practice and get your first books published you can really speed things up and get hundreds, or even thousands of books up on Amazon for customers to buy.

There are many more ways to make money online for free in 2021 but the ones listed are easy to get started and with the exception of the Instagram method, I have profited big on all the other methods. You can check out my Youtube channel here, you can learn how to create and sell low content books on Amazon here, This is also on Udemy so you can see I am making thousands selling my course on Udemy. Also Fiverr is great too.

Here is a free tools list that you can use to get started making money online for free

  • Get Response and MailChimp have free trials for email marketing
  • Wix or Google sites are free to build a website
  • Screencastomatic or OBS are free screen recording programs to record tutorial videos for YouTube.
  • Google Slides is free
  • Google Docs (create products to sell and just share the Google doc link with buyers) works great.
  • Publishing articles online is free to get traffic to your business or offer.

There are so many ways that you can be strategic about making money online and using free platforms and free tools.

The main thing you need to do is make sure to be motivated, stay consistent, and take major action. You will never be successful online if you do not put in the hard work first. This lesson was all about how to make money online for free from home in 2021. I hope you enjoyed it.

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David Mills is an online Entrepreneur, Husband, and Father. He runs, TeachMeMoneyMethods YouTube Channel, and creates income from multiple sources online. He wants to share his knowledge with the world.

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