How to Make Money Online with YouTube Affiliate Marketing




how to make money online with youtube affiliate marketing

So you want to make money online but you do not know where to start. You most likely have searched YouTube and Google high and low in order to see if you can find any tips, tricks, and direction on how to make money online with YouTube affiliate marketing. In this blog post I will go over the best ways to start making money on Youtube and it will involve free methods that allow you to use affiliate marketing and Youtube to profit online. 

What is Youtube?

If you have been living under a rock the past decade then you won’t know what the YouTube platform is. But most likely you know exactly what this platform is. It has been around for around 15 years and it is a place where anyone in the world can sign up for a free account and start posting any videos they want. 

The videos can be for entertainment purposes or for business purposes. The main point here is that Billions of people on earth watch this platform on a monthly basis and it is not going anywhere. 

The platform continues to grow year after year and it still remains the second largest search engine on the planet behind its owner, Google. 

Most people do not put two and two together as to why there are so many channels. Have you ever asked yourself why does that channel continue to post new videos on a daily basis or how are they able to post so many videos? What is in it for them?

Well the thing that Youtubers know that the general public doesn’t know, is that Youtube is a business and allows users that are serious about the platform to contribute and in turn make money from posting videos. 

One method that many Youtubers use to make money online is to do affiliate marketing in combination with publishing their videos. You see, if you put a link in your description of your video, and viewers go to it and click it, then it takes them to a page where you are selling something and they actually go through and buy, then the Youtuber gets paid an affiliate commission. 

This is a tried and tested surefire method to make money online with Youtube. Would you like to know exactly what steps to take in order to make this happen for yourself? Let me show you step by step how to do affiliate marketing for free using only YouTube and free affiliate networks. 

Step 1

This tutorial assumes you already have a YouTube channel and are able to publish videos on the platform. If you do not have a YouTube channel and would like to sign up for one and need a tutorial on this, then go here . This will walk you through the exact steps on how to create a YouTube channel.

Now let’s move on. We should do some keyword research in order to find out what people are searching for on YouTube. You can do this by going to the YT (YouTube) search bar and start typing in things that your niche might be interested in learning about. 

For example, if I was in the organic gardening niche and wanted to know about how to grow organic vegetables in the spring I might type that in. See example below.

This will show you that people do search for this keyword on YT. It may not have a ton of people typing that exact thing in but it is a long tail keyword that will bring in very interested and passionate people to your video. Now we have a video topic. Lets move to the next step.

Step 2

Before we create our video, let’s go and find an affiliate product that we can promote in our description after we publish our video. We can find a product that will resonate with our audience so this will increase our chance for a sale. 

Go to Google and type in “gardening affiliate programs” or “niche affiliate programs” and the first 3 results will usually be an article of the top 10 affiliate programs in your niche. Do some research and find one that you like. Then head over to that site and sign up as an affiliate of that program. Then you can promote their products on your videos. 

For the purpose of this video we will use Amazon and a gardening product. I do recommend using a different affiliate program that pays at least 30% or higher commissions so you are not wasting your time or traffic. But for explanation purposes I will use Amazon.

Anyone can sign up as a affiliate for Amazon, so just head to Amazon and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will find a link that says affiliates. Go there and sign up. 

Now we can find a gardening product to promote. 

Go to your affiliate dashboard and search for an item, in this case I am looking for spring gardening products. 

In this example I get a lot of books on how to garden. You can promote these to you viewers. 

Click on any one that you like or keep searching until you find the product you want to promote. The click “get link” and this will give you the link that you need to include in your YouTube description. 

Step 3

Now we need to create a video for our channel. There are many ways you can create videos. You can do simple PowerPoint presentations, you can record yourself on camer talking about your niche, or “gardening” like in our examples. You can record your screen without being on camera. There are so many ways you can do it and there are no excuses to you starting this business of affiliate marketing on YouTube and making money online. 


Now we have done keyword research, we have found a good affiliate program in our niche, we have specifically found a product to promote in our video, then we have created our YouTube video and publishined.

Literally it is that simple. All these steps are free for anyone to get started. The amazing thing about this strategy is that it is long term evergreen. Meaning, that you can get free traffic for months and years from just one YT video. Imagine posting hundreds of videos how much traffic and money you will make with this make money online method.

This method does not make you rich overnight by any means. You have to sacrifice your time and energy in order to get results doing this. If you persist, you will make money with this model. You can make money online with YouTube affiliate marketing. It is free and available to all. You just have to put in the effort and time to make it happen for yoursel. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on my website. 

Leave a comment below if you are going to try this method out. 

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See you soon! 


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