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The sweet smell of success! For many yoga practitioners, that smell is more than just a metaphor – it’s a reality they’ve come to know and love. That’s because they’ve discovered the power of teaching yoga online, and are reaping all kinds of benefits from it, both financially and professionally.

If you’re an experienced yogi, you’ve probably asked yourself more than once if you could make money teaching yoga online. The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ Teaching yoga online is a great way to earn an income and reach hundreds of potential students who may not be able to make it to your in-person classes.

In this article, we’ll look at all aspects of teaching online yoga classes, from how to find students and create content tailored to them, to marketing tips and ideas for monetizing your work. You’ll learn how easy it can be to inspire people through your teachings—and also how rewarding it can be for you financially! Let’s get started!

What You Need to Start Teaching Online Yoga

If you’re interested in inspiring others with your practice and potentially taking home some cash, teaching yoga online may be a great option for you. With the rise of streamed fitness classes, you can combine your skills as a yoga instructor with the convenience of teaching from home.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need:

  • A platform: Decide on a platform that allows you to stream your classes and connect with your students (think Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Live, etc.).
  • A space: Choose a space in your home or outside that is quiet and has plenty of natural light for a good recording.
  • Branding: Develop an online presence with branding and website design that reflects your yoga teaching style and attracts students.
  • Payment options: Integrate payment options into your website so students can easily pay for classes.
  • Set up class reminders: Set up automated emails or text messages to remind students when the class starts.

The average monthly earnings of yoga instructors with their own online studios is $4,200 according to fitness industry research—not bad at all! Plus, experienced instructors who take the plunge and move their practice online often go on to earn an average of $7,500 a month as they build their business. So if you’ve ever dreamed of earning money from home through yoga teaching, now is a great time to make it happen!

Preparing to Teach Online Yoga

When it comes to teaching yoga online, preparation is key. You’ll need the right tools and resources to ensure your classes are effective, engaging and professional. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you have everything you need to start inspiring students from the comfort of your own home:

  • Invest in the Right Technology: You’ll need a stable internet connection, quality webcam, microphone and compatible streaming software. Do your research to make sure you have the best setup for teaching yoga online.
  • Create a Professional Profile: Many online yoga platforms require a profile photo or video introduction for prospective students to get to know you as an instructor. Take time to highlight your experience and qualifications in a brief but impactful way.
  • Develop Your Curriculum: Put together an outline of each class you plan on teaching—including warm-ups, postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. If possible, include multimedia elements such as music clips or video demonstrations in order to make the class more engaging.

By taking these precautionary steps before diving into teaching online yoga classes, you’ll be well on your way to making money while inspiring others!

Finding and Engaging Your Audience

Once you’ve decided on which platform to use, it’s important to start building your audience. Identifying your core audience is essential because it’ll be the same group of people who will want to take your classes and purchase any related materials or products.

There are several ways to find and engage with the people who will ultimately be responsible for your success as an online yoga teacher. Here are some tips:

Social Media:

Social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook are great places to start. You can use these platforms for free to post about your experiences as an instructor and offer snippets of what people can expect from classes. Don’t forget about Twitter, either! Keep followers in the loop by tweeting often about upcoming classes, events, or new content.

Email Lists:

Create an email list so that you can keep in touch with followers who have opted in to hear about upcoming classes or events. You can include special offers or discounts for those on your list too, which is a great way to incentify them to take action.


Developing a website is another great way to market yourself as an online yoga teacher and promote your services further. Your site should be easily accessible and feature content that reflects what you offer – such as images, videos and descriptions of each class you offer – which helps potential students learn more before they book a session with you.

Establishing Rates & Packages for Online Yoga Classes

Are you ready to start getting paid for your online yoga classes? Then it’s time to establish your rates and packages. Just like with traditional yoga classes, you’ll have to determine how much you should charge for each class or package.

Yes, this can be tricky—but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help you decide on the best rates and packages:

  1. Do your research – Check out your competitors to see what they’re charging so that you can set a good rate.
  2. Set up packages – Offer discounts if people sign up for multiple classes or a month-long package that includes video lessons or extra content like a PDF of exercises
  3. Start low – You don’t need to go right out of the gate with high prices just because you can—you may want to start low in order to attract new students and then work your way up once you build a following
  4. Be flexible – Offer discounts and specials from time-to-time if budget is an issue for potential students
  5. Think outside the box– Consider offering one-on-one sessions or special workshops for those who really want personalized instruction

With these tips in mind, you can ensure that your rates and packages are fair, competitive and attractive—so that more people will appreciate your online yoga content enough to pay for it!

Maximizing Your Reach & Exposure

Did you know you can put your yoga skills to work for more than just one-on-one classes? Making money online with yoga is easier if you’re willing to take advantage of the reach and exposure of the internet. Here are a few ways how:

Utilizing Websites

One way is to collaborate with sites that specialize in booking yoga retreats. Websites like make it much easier for instructors to find and manage clients, ensure payments, and even market their services. Not only will this help you reach more people, but also maximize your profits from leading retreats or workshops.

Creating an App

Another great way to make money online is through creating a yoga app where instructors can stream classes on-demand to customers. This opens up a number of potential opportunities, including subscription-based teaching models, video courses, and private sessions with clients from all over the world!

Going beyond traditional teaching methods can help you reach more people — and more profit —so why not give it a try? With today’s digital world, the opportunities are endless with how far your practice can go!

Tips for Growing Your Online Yoga Income

You want to make money through your online yoga classes – it’s time to get started. Here are some tips for growing your online yoga income:

Choose the Right Platforms

It is important to choose the right platform in order to reach the right people. Consider social media sites, such as YouTube and Instagram, to build your audience and post content regularly. You should also explore platforms like Zoom and Skype that are specifically tailored for live classes. This can increase engagement and help you reach new students.

Offer Variety of Classes

Offering a variety of classes is key to attracting and retaining customers. For example, you may offer group classes, private classes, beginner-level classes, or even more advanced sessions that cater to different levels of experience. You can also offer specialized workshops that focus on specific topics or interests within the yoga community.

Don’t underestimate the power of marketing! It’s important to promote your online classes by reaching out through traditional advertising methods like sending out press releases or posting banners in your local area. Additionally, you can use digital marketing strategies like email campaigns or paid advertising networks like Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Network & Become an Authority

Networking is an important part of growing any business, including your online yoga business. Make sure you attend related events, join relevant groups on social media sites and engage with the community. As you become more involved in the industry, people will start recognizing you as an authority in yoga instruction and be more likely to purchase classes from you—leading to increased income!

How do you get paid for yoga?

So, you know the basics of making money online through yoga now. But the specific details of how you get paid can be a bit more complicated. Here’s the breakdown:


Streaming services are one of the most popular ways for yogis to make money and share their practice with people all around the world. All you need is an internet connection and a handset device—like a laptop, phone, or tablet—and you’re ready to go! There are a few different ways to approach streaming your yoga classes:

  1. Create content packages through an established platform like YogaGlo or Pelo Fitness
  2. Set up your own website with subscription payments
  3. Offer live streaming classes on Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube Live or other apps

Memberships & On-Demand Content

Creating membership programs and on-demand content gives yogis more revenue opportunities and allows them to tailor their offerings. You can offer access to pre-recorded classes and sequences that students can pull up whenever they want or need them. Depending on pricing structure, memberships could be offered at different price points for added value such as personalized coaching resources or weekly live Q&A sessions with instructors.

However you choose to monetize your online yoga classes, the potential for income is there if you’re willing to put in the work!

Can you make a living from yoga?

Yes, you can make a living from yoga! As long as you have a strong following, you could be making quite a bit of money with online yoga classes.

Benefits of Teaching Yoga Online

Teaching online provides several distinct benefits over teaching in person. Firstly, it’s far more accessible; anyone from anywhere can take your class. Secondly, you can reach a much larger audience than if you were just teaching in one local studio. Thirdly, there’s no need to hassle with finding and reserving studio space – all you need to teach classes is a web browser and some decent internet connection speeds. Plus, since your classes don’t need to end at one particular time or day of the week, you can be flexible with your schedule and teach when it works best for you.

How Much You Can Make From Online Yoga Classes

When it comes to earning potential through online yoga classes, the sky is the limit! Obviously, this will depend on how many students sign up for your classes and how often they attend. Generally speaking, an instructor with 10-15 students per class can make between $25-$50 per hour – depending on the length and type of class they are teaching. This means that an instructor teaching one class per week could easily make $1000 or more per month! Not bad for something that started off as a hobby!

Can I make money as a yoga instructor?

Yes – you can absolutely make money as a yoga instructor! Many people who do yoga classes online are making a comfortable living. Even if you are just getting started, you can use different monetization strategies to start earning an income from your classes.

Selling physical products

One way to make money as an online yoga instructor is to sell physical products such as yoga mats, DVDs, and other related items. You can create an online store on your website and link it with payment gateways that accept credit card payments. You can also leverage influencers on social media platforms to promote your products and drive sales.

Offering membership plans

You can also offer monthly or annual membership plans to your students. This could be in the form of access to exclusive video content or weekly live streaming classes. You can charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee for this service and generate recurring income over time.

Teaching private classes

You can also offer private lessons to students who want one-on-one attention and coaching. Private classes usually come at a premium price, so they provide a great opportunity for you to earn more money from teaching online yoga classes.

When done correctly, being an online yoga instructor is not only rewarding in terms of personal fulfillment, but it also has the potential to bring in some impressive profits!


From building an online community to creating content and monetizing it, there are a variety of ways to make money through online yoga. You can start small, or even create a full-fledged business from it. You can reach a variety of people and teach them yoga from anywhere in the world – all with just an internet connection.

No matter what your goals are, there are creative and inspiring ways to pursue your passion for yoga and make money. With the right plan and determination, you can learn how to make money through online yoga and inspire others along the way.

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