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 Hello everyone. And welcome back to Teach Me Money Methods in this video, it’s going to be a part three follow-up to my PLR series on how to make money with PLR products. And in this case specifically, I’m going to be talking about videos, how to make money with PLR videos and this sparked because. No.

You can watch this full video tutorial right here

When I look at some of the comments that I’ve received on my last PLR videos, see on the channel, I have 145 videos posted on the channel, but only four of them have been specifically related to private label rights. And you’ll see right here, these last two videos I’m showing you on the screen.

We’re actually part of a series that I created. It’s a mini-series and I have the first one was about how to make money with PLR articles. The second one was how to make money with PLR eBooks. So naturally this third one is going to be about videos because articles eBooks and. Courses or videos are going to be probably the top three things that you can get types of products that you’re going to get with a PLR.

So it makes sense. I don’t know if the series, how much deeper it’s going to go, but I had part one right here. Part two, and then this is part three that will fully kind of complete the mini-series. I had, if I go over here to comments. On the last video over here you know, hope a subscriber of mine said, please continue this mini-series and I know, you know, I’ve had a lot of good feedback.

I really appreciate your content. Thanks a lot. I’ll take some action on these lessons and show you my results in the future. I’ve had some other people ask me to continue this series as well, if I can recall. So that’s what we’re doing today. So, let me jump into the steps real quick. I am going to get back into my presentation and I’m going to go through this part really quickly with you.

The Steps to this Strategy to make money from PLR Videos

The slides right here we’re going to just take one step at a time. I’m going to show you a onscreen, what it actually looks like w what steps you need to take and how I go about doing this. So, in step one, you’re gonna find a PLR package. From any number of available sites, I’m going to just use the one that I use because I have a lifetime subscription to there.

step 1

And I like the products that I receive on that site. And then we’re going to check the videos out and see if the content is good. So we can come over here.

So we’re going to come over here and I’m going to go. To the first site. The first site over here is a big products They have all kinds of different products. You can go to, you can go to browse all products and see what their latest products are. But within what you, since this has to do with just a video in particular, we’re going to go to products.

We’re going to go over here to videos, and I’m going to click the videos. Like now, if you want to check this site out you can buy a monthly package and just pay monthly for them. You know, if you’re on a budget, then you can go and buy a monthly package from them. If you go to join big product store today real quick, I’ll just show you.

Get BigProductsStore discount here

They usually run a deal. So right now they have a deal going where it’s a $17 a month membership, and then they have a $98 one time fee. Now I just recommend not paying the $17 because you’re going to come back to the site. You’re going to, you’re going to do this every few months because they come out with so much new product.

That it’s just, you know, it’s worth the investment. I finally did it. I got tired of paying these little fees and any time you can get a lifetime membership to a site that’s been around for a long time. This site has been around for years. And they continue to put new private label rights products on there daily.

So I do highly recommend just buying it one off by the $98 and be done with it. Don’t pay it again right now. They’re on a 50%. The normal price is $200. So go ahead and I have a link below if you want to sign up for that. So we’ll come back into it. And if we want to actually find a product. To to create and make money from PR I went to videos, right?

I just went there and went to collect videos, Instagram success guide. There’s been a lot of this stuff. That’s come out. Social media marketing made it easy. It’s more like you know in, in general, you’re going to get  you’re going to.

You know, it might be a little bit more in general or generic. But you got, I mean, customers, CIA, not really sure what that is, but you have all these different stuff. Mindfulness. The self-help stuff is really good to go for a, you can turn those into audio books as well and publish them. You just have to be really careful about the way you do it or you will.

They, you know, they. They won’t accept your stuff about, right. In this case, I’m a good one for this example on creating a course. So what we’re going to be doing is creating a course with these videos and publishing it on you to me platform or hosting it ourselves on our own website, and then collecting payments from our customers from if we already have an audience.

Right. And so.

So this easy keto, we’re going to go over here and you know, we’ll just make sure that we’re logged in. Actually, I already logged in and pre downloaded this just to make sure the videos fast.  So you click on that. You got easy Keto V Keto. And it’s funny. I was watching a video from another internet marketer the other day and he pronounced it kedo.

I thought that was pretty funny, but it is actually Keto, easy Keto, a video upgrade pack. So you got this and it’ll tell you all that. You can see, you know, the different chapters. I would recommend each one of these. I would use as a chapter. Okay. So we got that. And just going to click the download button and once you download that pack, you know, we go, we’re going to check it out.

We’re going to check out the videos on this to see if the content is good, right. And so we’re going to come over here and I already have that downloaded and we unzipped it. I’m going to double click on it. And here, this is really cool. So I’m going to show you both ways. Most of the packages are not going to include audio files.

So you’re going to get all these videos. You can check these videos out. And of course you could just throw this up and rebrand it a little bit. And actually, if you have an audience, you could create a funnel. If you have click funnels or anything like that, you can actually create a funnel into this and people just buy the product straight up.

Right. You could do that, but we’re going to do something a little different. So I like to check this out. This is a really boring PowerPoint presentation. You wouldn’t want to sell this to somebody and you wouldn’t want to sell this or put this up on you to me platform either. You’re just going to get terrible reviews.

It’s not engaging. These slides are, are really boring. The slides I’m putting together simply for this YouTube video are better than this. I think so. Don’t do this. The videos aren’t are no good. So, but what we’re going to do is that’s okay. They still are. What we really want to focus on is the research aspect, right?

Someone already went out and did all the research and wrote the ebook, created the audio and the videos. And so what we want to do is. When we come back over into here now in this case, it’s a bonus. We have the audio files, they give us everything, right? So you have the audio files and you can double click those and check those out and see what the quality is.

And I don’t know if you guys can hear this or not. And depending on if you want a female voice or a man, all the ways that could also determine what you’re going to do with this as well. But what we have is this audio does sound good. It’s a female voice. It does sound good. So we could take these and move on to a video creation with these, if we want it to.

Okay. But I’m going to show you what to do when you don’t have that. And you don’t have the video script. So this has all the text, video scripts for all the lessons as well. So this package in particular is perfect because it has everything has the audio, the videos, and the video scripts. And we, you can use all those to create our package and to create our course.

So what we’re going to do is pretend like we didn’t have this transcripts and we didn’t have the audio files. And all we had was a PLR video. So, what you’re going to do is you’re going to take the video. You can take that video and then we’re going to move on to step two. So we figured out that the video is good and we’re going to move on to step two.

Step 2

So you have two options to use the content. First option, use the audio from the videos and create new videos from the audio. So the audio. Must be a good recording quality in many times, it is. It’s not in PLR. So what you would do in this case is you could, you you would transcribe the video. And second step, this is more times than not, this is what I, what I do.

Is that the second step is you’re going to transcribe the video yourself. And this will take, you know, hours of work for you. If you’re going to listen to the video, have word, a word document open, and actually transcribe it if you have time, but you don’t have a budget to pay somebody else to do it, then that’s fine do that.

Right. If you have a little bit of a budget and you want somebody else to do it then that works as well. And that’s what I do or use software to do it. So you can hire somebody on Fiverr rev or de script to transcribe the content for you. I’ll show you those sites real quick. So you can go over to Fiverr and you can type in video transcription and look at, there are almost 4,000 services on Fiverr that you’re able to look at.

And, you know, find a good price and find somebody that has good reviews and, you know, there’s 4,000 people well offering the service. So you’re going to be able to find somebody for a pretty good price rev content. Also, they have a good price as a dollar 25 per minute of transcription. So, you know, if you, depending on what you’re finding, you know, a lot of times you’ll find like, you know, 15 minutes, sometimes people will do 15 minutes of a video.

For I’m on Fiverr for $5. Okay. So those two are paid services and then there’s another service, if you want to have the control over it yourself, then this side over here. And we’ll go to pricing. It’s called de script. And not a whole lot of people know about this software, but you can actually.

Come in here and they will transcribe your audio. I think it’s 95 or 98% accurate where it literally takes the audio and, goes to work and transcribes it for you. So it’s not YouTube transcribing it for you. You know, YouTube has an automated transcription that is not as accurate. This one is a powerful software that will transcribe it for you.

And so they have different plans. And you could also look into that if that’s what you want to do.

Step 3

So then that would move us into step three, use the script, you have transcribed and record a new voice overs for each video. Right? So we went over there. We, we took the video. We gave it to you know, somebody, they transcribed it, they gave it back to us and now we have the script, right? So now we have the script and now what you can do is you can record it, use any.

Boarding program. You can use audacity, which is a free open source. But you’re going to, what I find about that one is you’re going to have, there’s a learning curve on how to edit those. What I do is use Screencast-O-Matic. So the Screencast-O-Matic, and then you can just type in Screencast-O-Matic on Google, on, I use this software to record do my, my video recordings on YouTube.

But then also as a voiceover artist, I also use this scripted feature, which I’ve never seen any other software. Quite like it, and it actually has a feature like this. You can go in here, you can title your document and I’m just going to take some texts over here from one of my last articles I wrote for a website.

And we’re going to come back over here and we’re just going to go like this control V paste that in there, and then now watch what happens. It breaks it up by sentence. And right here, you can actually record each sentence at a time. So you’re not having to do a bunch of editing. So I could push record right here and then record that, push this one and push record there.

And then at the end of the day, you can get rid of silences. It has a noise reduction in it, everything it’s, it’s very powerful. That’s how I would re go and record this. And I have done this before and I’ve recorded. I’ve taken eBooks and maybe that’s my next video using eBooks to create audio books. I’m definitely gonna make a part for now that I’m thinking of it because that’s very powerful.

Step 4

So that’s step four. We have, then you’re going to have your voiceover that is created. Right. So then we’re going to go over to, or that was step three. Sorry. So step four, use Vidnami to create the videos with AI technology very quickly and very accurately. Okay. So the complete So you’re going to complete this for all the videos that are in that PLR package in, you will find a full course ready to upload.

You’ll at that point, you’ll have a full course ready to upload to you, to me and sell to your following using Gumroad or any other platform that hosts the videos and takes customer payments. So you have an option to do that. And I’m just going to show you that real quick, if you haven’t seen that.

So there’s a site called Vidnami. You can sign up for a free trial and you’re going to love it because it does all kinds of different videos. And you know, this is just the beginning of it because it actually does. It automatically is it’s, you know, the, the videos come out very professional and very impressive.

And if you were going to build one of these videos with going, you know, to story blocks or YouTube and looking for stock footage and downloading each one for every single topic, you would have to find a video that’s relevant and download, and then use a video editing program and put all that together.

And you are going to spend hours putting together a 10 minute video, a five or 10 minute video. If you’re doing it yourself you know, manually or. You could take the Vietnamese route and have it done for you much, much, much faster. And then w what’s really cool about this. Is that not only is it AI technology, it’s going to do it automatically for you, and it syncs it to the audio as well, which is amazing.

They’ve just upgraded their AI technology as well. So it’s even smarter than ever.

But then it syncs it to the audio, which, you know, can take a lot of time in the video editing. So, and then the pricing you can click on the pricing tab, it’s $47 a month, or you can pay annually. So that would be, you know, the software that I would recommend, or you can also try we video, which does have story blocks connected to it.

And we’re going to have a little bit more manual. Customizations to it, but it will take a little bit longer to edit your videos, but you can make a little bit more unique videos as well. So both of those tools are what I would recommend to create the video

and then the final kind of sub step and step four is to complete.

And so after this, then we’re going to publish this on either you to me. And so, you know, we took the keto genic diet, right? So we had the. We had the KIDO ketogenic diet right here. And that’s what we were using in this example. So when come over here and then I just typed in ketogenetic diet here, and what I like already is that there’s only 1,269 results, you know, I can type in so many other different niches that I’m actually making sales in that have over 10,000 results.

For a keyword. So the fact that Keto is a very popular, probably the top three most popular diets. I don’t know if that’s worldwide or at least in the United States, but the fact that there’s only 1200 is actually lower competition than, than it looks, especially, you know, when you’re looking at. Amazon KDP publishing or something.

And you know, this would be a, this would be a great niche as well, but sometimes you type something in like, you know, adult, a coloring book and there’s 50,000 results, right? So this is a relatively low competition and you’re making some good money here. Good course reviews. And you can see these top courses making almost a thousand dollars a month from having one, this one’s making $6,000.

And they just enrolled 1400 people. That’s crazy. So then this one is from a professor, so they have a little bit more, you know, this is an actual doctor teaching you. But I like to scroll down here and just look at the, the length one-hour course right here. And just kind of look at what’s, selling and what’s profitable maybe right here at 1.5 hour course right here and making $50 a month.

And then you can build a UME business with PLR. You can make $50 a course you know, do the math, you know, you put up 10, 20, 30 courses, you will be making some pretty good monthly income.


Alrighty. So that’s the video for today. Thanks for watching. And if you’ve made it this far, I really appreciate it. That means that you’re a go getter and that you’re motivated and you’re serious about your online business. Okay. So if you are new to the channel, please consider subscribing. So you can get more content like this.

I mean, these are videos that I would put in a premium course. I’m giving this information out to you for free, you know so If you want more content like this, go ahead and just subscribe to the channel, turn on the bell notifications. So you don’t miss out on my next video right now, I’m averaging about four or five videos a week.

So you’re going to get a constant flow of new, exciting content Remi. And then a cool thing is I kind of kind of offer is if I can get 30 likes on this video, then I will continue the series. And the next video will be about how to turn PLR eBooks in to audio books. So make it a great day. Thanks for watching.

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