How to Run a House Clearance Business: Full Guide




how to run a house clearance business

Setting up a house clearance can seem like a daunting task, with so much rubbish to organize and dispose of. But finding the right house clearance company doesn’t have to be stressful. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to choose a professional house clearance service that does the job properly.

A good house clearance company will leave the house totally empty and clean, taking care of recycling and waste disposal. They can help make the process smooth and efficient. Read on to learn about factors like house clearance cost, how long it takes, finding reputable companies, what to look for, and more. With the right information, you can dive into your house clearance with confidence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research house clearance companies and get free quotes
  • Choose licensed firms with positive reviews
  • Inspectors visit first to estimate waste and provide quotes
  • The cost averages $1,070-$2,141 for a standard 3-bedroom house
  • Good companies reuse or recycle as much as possible
  • The process typically takes 1-2 days for an average home
  • Prepare by removing valuables and decluttering rooms
  • Charities sometimes offer free house clearance for donated goods

How Long Will House Clearance Take?

One of the first questions to ask when organizing a house clearance is, how long will it take to clear the property? The time frame can vary quite a bit based on the size of the house and the density of items inside.

Professional house clearance companies will ask to see the property so they can assess how much waste and rubbish needs to be removed. For an average 3-bedroom house, the clearance process typically takes 1-2 days. Larger houses with more contents will take longer.

A reputable company should be able to give you a rough estimate of how long the clearance will take after seeing the house. The clearance team will need full access during this time frame to thoroughly clean the premises and leave the property empty.

What Is the Average Cost of House Clearance?

House clearance costs are primarily based on how much rubbish needs to be disposed of. Prices are often quoted by volume, such as per tonne of waste. Rates can range from £200-£400 per tonne on average.

For a typical 3-bedroom house clearance, you can expect total costs between £1000-£2000. The final price will depend on:

  • Size of the house
  • Amount of waste to be removed
  • Whether recycling can reclaim some items
  • If the company has resell value for any items

It’s worth asking your house clearance company for a free quote after assessing your property. This will give you an accurate cost estimate before agreeing to the work.

How to Find the Right House Clearance Company

Finding the right house-clearance contractor is key to getting the job done properly. Here are top tips for choosing a reputable clearance company:

  • Check for a waste carrier license – Legitimate firms must have this to legally transport and dispose of waste. Ask to see a copy.
  • Get recommendations – Ask friends, family, or your local authority for referred house clearance companies they’ve used and trust.
  • Meet a company representative – Have them visit to assess the clearance job and provide a free quote.
  • Check resale practices – Good companies will reclaim and resell items like furniture to help offset disposal costs.
  • Review recycling policies – Most waste should be recycled. Ensure the company diverts items like metals and white goods.
  • Compare multiple quotes – Get free estimates from a few clearance firms to help find the right price.
  • Read reviews – Look online for reviews of the company’s service and professionalism. Repeat business shows satisfied customers.

Taking these steps will help you find an established house clearance company you can trust to clear the premises fully and leave the property in broom-clean condition.

What Should You Ask House Clearance Companies?

When researching house clearance services, there are a few important questions to ask potential companies:

  • Do you have insurance and are you a registered waste carrier?
  • Will you provide a free quote after seeing the property?
  • How do you charge – by volume, load size, or other methods?
  • What steps will you take to maximize recycling and minimize landfill waste?
  • Do you try to resell any valuable items found to offset clearance costs?
  • How long will the clearance process take from start to finish?
  • Will you handle all necessary council waste paperwork and receipts?
  • Will the property be left clean and empty after the clearance?

Professional clearance companies should have no problem answering these questions. The responses will help give you confidence that they will handle the clearance properly.

What Will a House Clearance Company Remove?

House clearance contractors will remove all rubbish and unwanted items left on the premises. This includes:

  • Furniture – couches, tables, chairs, cabinets, wardrobes, etc.
  • White goods – refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, etc.
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Personal items – clothes, shoes, books, toys
  • Kitchenware – dishes, utensils, small appliances
  • Garden waste – lawn trimmings, plant pots, gardening tools
  • Building materials – tiles, flooring, doors, windows
  • Electronic waste – TVs, computers, phones, stereos
  • General household rubbish – packaging, food waste, etc.

Reputable clearance companies aim to leave the premises completely empty. Many also offer professional cleaning services afterward to leave the property in ready-to-sell or rent condition.

Are Some Items Excluded from House Clearance?

For the most part, house clearance companies will remove any and all rubbish and waste from the premises. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Hazardous materials – asbestos, chemicals, oils, etc. usually require special disposal. The clearance team can advise you on this.
  • Vehicles – cars, boats, RVs, golf carts, etc. will not be removed as part of standard house clearance.
  • Pets – companies do not take pets away or handle rehoming. Make separate arrangements for pets.
  • Tenant possessions – if tenants abandon possessions, there is a separate legal process to follow for removal.
  • Alcohol – some companies may not remove large volumes due to licensing restrictions. Check ahead of time.

Discuss any items of concern with the clearance company ahead of the job. They can best advise on safe options for waste disposal.

How Should You Prepare for House Clearance?

Taking a few steps to prepare ahead of time can help the clearance process go smoothly:

  • Declutter all rooms – remove any items you wish to keep beforehand
  • Take inventory – make a list of valuable items and family heirlooms
  • Check for hazards – alert the crew to anything potentially dangerous
  • Clear a path – ensure the team can access all rooms
  • Have parking available – make room for their truck near the door
  • Keep pets away – have animals out of the house during the clearance
  • Be available for questions – provide the crew with any keys, codes, etc. needed

Proper preparation demonstrates that you respect the clearance team’s time and help them work as efficiently as possible. It can also reduce unexpected costs from the extra time needed.

Can You Get Free House Clearance?

Free house clearance is sometimes possible by partnering with charitable organizations. Some larger charities offer house clearance services in exchange for valuable items they can resell to fund their programs.

Goods like furniture, working electronics, and quality clothing often have the greatest resale value for charities. They also frequently accept books, music, toys, kitchenware, and more. Charities can give you a tax receipt for donated items.

Ask trusted charities about house clearance programs to see if they will clear the property for free or reduced cost. Just keep in mind you will need to relinquish items they deem sellable.

Q: How long will it take to clear a property during a house clearance?

A: The duration of a house clearance will depend on the size and contents of the property. On average, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to completely clear a property.

Q: What is involved in a house clearance?

A: A house clearance involves the removal of all items and rubbish from a property, including furniture, appliances, and other belongings. It also includes the disposal or recycling of these items.

Q: How can I find a reputable company for a house clearance?

A: To find the right company for a house clearance, it’s important to do thorough research, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends or family. Companies like Bluebird Clearance Co are known for their professional and reliable services.

Q: What are the costs associated with house clearance?

A: The cost of a house clearance varies depending on the size of the property and the amount of rubbish to be cleared. It’s advisable to request a free quote from a reputable company to get an idea of the costs involved.

Q: What is charitable house clearance?

A: Charitable house clearance involves donating usable items from a property to charitable organizations. This helps in reducing waste and supporting charitable causes.

Q: What is the importance of recycling in-house clearance?

A: Recycling plays a crucial role in house clearance as it helps in reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Many reputable companies work with recycling centers to ensure environmentally friendly disposal of items.

Q: Do I need a waste carrier license for a house clearance business?

A: Yes, if you are involved in the disposal or collection of waste as part of your house clearance business, then you need to hold a waste carrier license. It’s essential for legal compliance.

Q: What are the key steps to starting a property clearance business?

A: To start a property clearance business, you need to know where to start, get an idea of the costs involved, and ensure compliance with waste disposal regulations. Creating a business plan and seeking appropriate licenses are also necessary.

Q: How frequently does a house need to be cleared?

A: The need for house clearance varies. In instances where the house is subject to probate, or if it has been left unoccupied for a long time, it may need to be cleared more often. Typically, a house will need clearance once or twice a year.

Q: What should be done to ensure the property is left in good condition after clearance?

A: After a house clearance, it’s important to leave the house clean and in good condition. This includes ensuring that the property is totally empty and free of any rubbish or belongings.

Find Peace of Mind with Professional House Clearance

Organizing a house clearance takes coordination and effort. However finding an established, reputable clearance company simplifies the process. Their expertise allows you to dive into decluttering the property, trusting that all rubbish will be properly handled in the end.

Take time to research clearance firms and compare options. Look for licensed companies with a track record of good customer reviews. Meet with representatives to walk through the job ahead of time.

The right house clearance service minimizes stress when dealing with unwanted possessions. With rubbish removed and recycled properly, you can close this chapter and move life’s story forward. The cleared space creates new possibilities.

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