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For most social media, the profiles only allow one clickable link. What if you have various websites for your followers to explore? If you want a one-stop link that will contain your online business, portfolio, and other social media, this is the perfect article for you. Now, you’re probably aware of Linktree. If not, don’t worry. In this article, we will compare Linktree vs landing page. 

The Perks of Using a Link-in-Bio Tool

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Before we compare Linktree and a landing page, we need to know the benefits of placing a link on your social media. If you want to boost your online presence on social media, it’s essential to showcase yourself. Mostly, link-in-bio tools are only used by an influence or brand. However, nowadays, most freelance designers, artists, or professionals also take advantage of “links.” 

Social media is a powerful platform to increase your internet status. For influencers and brands, it’s perfectly understandable why they want to showcase more than one link on the bio. For working professionals, link-in-bio benefits us by allowing their followers to access their online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and other relevant platforms to help them secure more job offers. 

Now that we know that almost everyone can take advantage of the link-in-bio tool, let’s see what other perks it offers: 

Enable Cross-platform Promotion

Whether you’re an influencer, social media manager of a brand, or a professional, linking various platforms and social media relevant to you is beneficial. It’s the perfect tool to market yourself as a professional or a brand. 

Increase Your Click-through-rate (CTR)

If you’re relatively popular on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, you’ll want to give your other platforms the same amount of engagement. It’s best to give your audience more options to explore. Besides, CTR is one of the most important metrics on Instagram. So whether you’re working as an affiliate, promoting your brand deals, or simply getting more people to discover yourself, adding a link-in-bio link is important. 

More Targeted Campaigns

As you offer more links on your social media, you’ll have a more targeted campaign as you target various users. So if you’re selling a product or service online, it’s best to take advantage of this feature. 

More Affiliate Sales

Most affiliates use landing pages with a compelling call-to-action. So as you customize your landing page, it’s best to put one or several affiliate links along with your branded or personal link. 

Branding Extension

If you use one of the best landing pages, you’re allowed to customize the page according to your branding. So if you have custom icons, logos, buttons, and backgrounds, a landing page will be an extension of your brand. 

Linktree vs Landing Page

The similarities between a Linktree and a landing page, they are both a “space” for targeted users to land on. It allows you to create a compilation of various links that you want to expose to people. In fact, Linktree is also a landing page. 


Linktree Logo

Linktree is one of the oldest link-in-bio available, specially made for social media. It’s a website created last 2016 due to the founder’s annoyance with social media not allowing more than one hyperlink. The site is created within six hours, and after the launch, the site is reportedly generated 3,000 users overnight, resulting in a site crash due to overload. 

The website is a “freemium” service. It means that the software offers free to use with limited settings and offers a pro subscription with premium features. 

In 2018, the site was banned by Instagram, using “spam” as the reason. However, Instagram eventually lifted the ban as they issued an apology. Despite the small controversy, Linktree is still used across social media gaining more than 8 million users throughout the years. 

Linktree: Pros and Cons

Despite gaining a huge number of users, every software has its pros and cons. After the launch of Linktree, it received a mixed response from the public. Let’s dive into the positive and negative reviews about Linktree. 


  • Clean and minimal design. 
  • It has a professional display. 
  • You can reflect your branding on the page. 
  • Ease of use. 
  • Comes with basic statistics to help track your engagements. 
  • It’s possible to add unlimited links. 
  • Smart and cost-free method to increase traffic to various business accounts. 
  • A “tool” to monetize your social media, mainly Instagram. 
  • It helps boost your social media presence on the internet. 


  • It has limited customization tools. 
  • Social links are only available for Linktree Pro users. 
  • Linktree logo reflected on your landing page. 
  • Detailed statistics is only available for Linktree Pro users. 
  • Limited themes option for Linktree free users. 
  • The website always crashes. 

Linktree Cost

  • Free
  • Linktree Pro: $6/month. 

Alternative to Linktree

Following its popular release in 2016, a lot of similar software popped out. At the moment, there are a lot of alternative to Linktree that has a better 

  • ContactInBio 
  • Campsite
  • Link-in Profile
  • Swipop
  • TapBio

Landing Page

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A landing page is basically a “space” where you want your audience to land. It’s a page where you can promote a single focus campaign. We can call a landing page a standalone website specifically created for marketing and advertising campaigns. However, nowadays, you can also use a landing page to showcase your brand or yourself as a professional. 

The link to a landing page is mostly included in an email, ads, or various social media. Typically, the purpose of a landing page is to create a campaign with a goal. It’s entirely up to you how to make better use of a landing page. So if you’re aiming for a higher conversion rate, it’s best to use a landing page.

According to Omnisend, landing pages have the highest conversion rate compared to other signup forms. If you’re aiming to generate more leads for your brand or service, it’s best to create more landing pages than 1. Did you know that most companies create more than thirty landing pages? Using this kind of strategy is beneficial as most landing pages focus on one product only. Try to match the number of your landing page with the number of the products or services you offer. 

Another advantage of using a landing page is to help you build an email database of audiences with similar interests. Of course, you’ll need a compelling CTA button and offer to trigger audiences to sign up for your page. As I mentioned earlier, most companies offer a free ebook or coupon. If you’re working as a freelance professional, you too can offer free downloads. 

For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you can offer free brush presets on your landing page. In return, most audiences will want to sign up for the sake of obtaining your offer. In return, you have more recipients for your automated emails, offers, and other marketing tactics. 

The Key to A Successful Landing Page

  • Compelling CTA (call to action) 
  • Eye-catching headline
  • Engaging copy
  • Focus on your audience, not your brand. 
  • Give out an offer that they can’t refuse. Usually, brands give out a “free” ebook to get audiences sign-up for their email. 
  • Use a video if possible. 
  • It should be minimalist and have a legible font. 
  • Relevant image or illustration. 
  • Apply your branding, and make use of colors. 
  • Have clickable share buttons below. 
  • Make sure to add other social media or links relevant to your brand. 
  • It should be mobile-friendly

Landing Page: Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons of using Linktree, let’s move on to the pros and cons of using a landing page. 


  • Easy setup. 
  • High engagement rate
  • Allows targeted messaging to your audience. 
  • You can track your engagement, the number of clicks, and conversion rate. 
  • It’s easy to conduct A/B testing. 
  • Landing page builders offer more freedom in customizing a page. 
  • Free template gallery. 
  • Smooth user interface. 
  • Easy integrations to other social media and analytics tools. 
  • You have a large community of experts that will guide you. Or you can hire a freelancer from Upwork of Fiverr and let them do all the work.  


  • Costly with ongoing monthly or yearly cost. 
  • You’ll encounter issues with data portability. 
  • High learning curve. 

Landing Page Platforms

If you’re worried about creating a “standalone” web page or landing page, don’t worry. You don’t have to be a tech genius or a coding master. Thanks to our evolving digital generation, various software can help you set up a landing page with just a few clicks! Mostly, these landing page builders have free premade templates designed by their team. Here is a few landing page builder that can help you: 


At the end of our Linktree vs landing page article, it’s clear who’s the winner—landing page. You have more creative freedom if you choose to make a landing page instead of Linktree. Make sure to choose a landing page builder that has a huge library for free templates. Furthermore, focusing on a landing page will give you more conversions than Linktree. Of course, we’ll favor the tool that will bring us more income. 

So if you want to attach a link on your bio that ensures a higher income, it’s best to opt for a landing page. Are you interested in other means of earning money? Explore Realistic Pay for more. 

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