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Welcome to teach me money methods in this video. We’re going to be talking about how to make money on Fiverr without doing the work. So, in my mind, there are two methods. There might be more. Go ahead and drop a comment below if you have other methods of doing this, but we want to put the least amount of work into delivering these gigs.

Almost completely hands-off. And you actually make money on Fiverr. So how do we do this? So, in my mind, there are two methods. One, we can outsource all the work, right? I’m gonna show you how to do that. And then number two, which is actually what I do and my favorite thing that I actually teach in my latest course, Fiverr Profits Academy.

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So back to it. The second way is to create a product once and then click a button to deliver it. So let’s go ahead and check out the number one outsource. So we’re on the Fiverr site and I just typed it in. Backlinks. Right?

And so there are over 10,000 services for just typing. SEO backlinks are going to see that this is a very competitive market on Fiverr, but there’s a lot of money to be made in this market.

So what you can do is you can come in here and just find something that’s selling, right? SEO, contextual backlinks, monthly SEO, backlinks. There are all kinds of different ones. And all you have to do is be quick on one, and you’re going to see. This one has three orders in the queue. It starts at 20 bucks.

Just come in here. I’d like to just check this.

make money on fiverr without doing the work

This one has a thousand reviews and they have 22 orders in their queue. They’ll do a high-quality SEO backlinks campaign for Google ranking. So there isn’t really anything on here. That’s really it. Specifically, saying what kind of backlink is right.

So that’s kind of cool because it’s general, but a thousand backlinks for 60 bucks for low and medium competition. And then one 15: $115 for 2000 backlinks and $175 for 3000 backlinks. And it looks like it’s a 30-day delivery, which is cool because they have a seven-day delivery that’s basic, but the other ones are cool.

They’re not rushing the backlinks that take 30 days to deliver.

So that’s cool. You can also have this new thing on Fiverr where you can actually subscribe to them if they do a good job for you. So you can come back here and kind of look at what I was looking at to see if they had like a pure, pure, diagram, right?

These are high domain authority, backlinks, tiered SEO, and backlinks to your site. So here’s just one category. There are several categories, but I’m just using this as an example. So you can grab these high-quality backlinks, and then we’re gonna go over to this site called SEO Clerks.

Now, this is more of a Fiverr arbitrage method, and you may or may not have heard of this before.

But this still works. You just need to make sure you’re delivering the highest, highest quality over here at SEO clerks. Now, what a lot of people will tell you to do is to post your gig over here for $5 and then come over here and sort by price, from low to high, and then you’ll get the dollar gigs. Right.

And then you could type in right here backlinks. Right. So you go backlinks and then we’re priced from low to high. So then you have all these dollar gigs backlinks, right? And then go for these high ones, the high-rated ones. Now that is a strategy you can do, but it’s a little bit riskier when you have to like right here, create a thousand backlinks for your URL.

They have 95 good ratings. And they have pretty good positive feedback. It’s only a dollar. So you could technically come over here and publish a gig over here for $5. But what I recommend is taking it a little step further. So they’re delivering a thousand backlinks for $60. Can we find a better quality one over here?

I think we can, so we can actually come over here and sort it by the rating. So the highest rated backlinks, right? So we can come through here. And you have all these gigs over here. Right. And you could pick one, right? We can find one that does a thousand backlinks that has a higher price. Right. And so they have the highest rating.

So you could take this one and build high PA da trust through citation, flow homepage, and P B N backlinks. So we can come back over here and go to the homepage backlinks. Right? So let’s type in the home page, backlink. And see what’s selling over here, right? So you have right here, permanent homepage backlinks, and they are getting some good reviews and the homepage backlinks are selling for starting at $30.

So you can click on this and then when you see this, you can see what they’re delivering at 30. They’re delivering five days, drip-feeding 50 high-quality backlinks for 30 bucks and so on. So you can just grab this. And that is for $30. You can come back over here. Since you’re only paying $5 over here, you could create your own unique gig.

And just say that you will deliver 10 backlinks for $15, high quality for $15. And then when you get the order, right, you get an order over here. You’re just gonna come over here and you’re going to click on this and you’re going to order it. Now, you want to make sure to pay attention to the delivery in two days.

You’re going to want to make sure that you put over here as your gig delivery at a minimum of one day higher than what they’re saying, one or two days to give a cushion. And if they also offer over here a speedy delivery as an extra option, you could throw that in there and just try to get the gig done as quickly as possible.

They have a one-day delivery for $20.

So that probably would be a little bit out of the option here, but you get the point. So that is one method, right? It’s basically Fiverr outsourcing or Fiverr arbitrage. The cool thing is about Fiverr. Is it? It’s no longer just $5. Right? Look at all these prices at $25 and 32.

$35. So the top four rankings for homepage backlinks, only one of them starts at $5, right? And so a Fiverr is definitely different than just five. They started off as $5. It had to be what the price was. It’s no longer like that. Look at it, you rarely even get $5 anymore. Now the new, the new minimum is generally $10.

So look at these $10, $10, $10, $10, $25, $15, $10. No one’s selling these backlinks for $5 because they’re more, they’re higher quality than that. And people don’t want to do all this backbreaking work. The people that are actually delivering all this stuff, have built up large networks and they just want to make sure that they’re getting compensated fairly.

So that is one way. And we’ll come back over here to method number two, creating a product once, then clicking the button to deliver the order. Let me show you what I mean by that. So we come back over here and just for fun, we’re going to type in coloring. We’re going to actually type in adult coloring pages.

So adult coloring pages, we have over 1600 services offered right now. And we can just start opening some of these up right now. We’re just going to see this one a lot. We’re going to click on that one. Click on that one as well. And you can just work through here like this right now, designing and Okay, so we have some over here.

So here we go. I’ll send you a floral coloring book for adults. One on one order in the queue. And they just deliver the same thing every time, basically the same pictures. Every time they deliver, they come through here. This one has two orders. And then this one. This one has an order right here.

And then there’s this one right over here. I will give you 1000 Mandela coloring pages. We’ll click on that one. And then here’s 120 motivation, inspiration, and an order in the queue. So you get the point. These pages do work. People are getting orders and they’ll send you these pages. They’re sending the same one with 20 pages.

To every customer, right? For $10, they send 120 pages. They have 127 reviews and they get steady orders. You can even come down here. I like to look at the reviews. They’re getting good reviews. Just make a similar product to them. 16 hours ago, they got a review right there a week ago, right there a week ago, a week ago.

So they had really good results. This definitely works and cells. So what you do is you just come in here and actually, what I’d recommend is if they give some if they give out more. Examples of their work. Then you can just go off of that. But if they don’t, then it might behove you to go ahead and order the gig so you can actually look through everything.

And then what you’re going to do is just basically recreate it. So do not, this is a major tip. Don’t take this and then just go and resell it unless they’re giving you commercial or resell rights. So commercial use means you can take these and sell them on Etsy, sell them on Amazon KDP. You can create your own coloring books.

But that’s commercial use, but in order to grab this exact pack and then repost it on Fiverr or Etsy and sell it as is, that is not the rights to this. So you have to do this in an ethical way. So you would take this and you would just use it for inspiration and you would completely redo all 120 designs and what I would record.

Up the Annie do 150 do 150 to create a similar title to this? And then when someone orders your gig, you publish this gig on Fiverr. When someone orders this gig, all you have to do is push one. And it will automatically deliver. You can upload these to Google drive. You can push a button and then boom, they can. The customer instantly accesses the designs and is happy.

So that is the other method that I have used on Fiverr. Two and I had a couple of $1,000 a month just from one-click auto-delivery at gigs. If you want to learn more about specifically how I did this and the software that I used to create my designs, click the link below and check out my new brand new Fiverr profits academy.

Of course, I’ll see you in my next video.

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