Ocoya VS Feedhive – Which Social Media Automation Tool is the Best?




ocoya vs feedhive

Ocoya vs Feedhive

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[00:00:00] Welcome back to Learnwire. And this is a requested video from multiple subscribers and we’re going to be doing an Ocoya versus a Feedhive kind of comparison. And I’m going only going to be doing like a five minute test of each. We’re going to go over the roadmap. So we’re going to go over roadmap updates on each, right.

[00:00:20] And see where they’re both apps current. After being launched for a couple of weeks Ocoya is, I don’t know how long they’ve been out on AppSumo, but I know that their Feedhive’s only been out for a couple of weeks or coy has been out longer, might be a month or so. And the software has been actually created and launched for.

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[00:00:37] Probably six months or so. So we’re going to be roadmap updates. Then we’re going to do a content creation and schedule test. This is something that kind of new that I’ve been trying out. I did this in one of my other videos and I think it’s kind of nice to put a timer to it. So I don’t end up spending too much time create.

[00:00:52] 30 minute video. I want to kind of just show you guys quickly and give you my impressions of both softwares and then something that’s digestible and doesn’t take too much of your time. So I actually have a timer and we’re going to time ourselves creating a brand new post and scheduling it and publishing it and giving each at five minutes.

[00:01:11] And then I’ll go back and I’ll tell you which one I felt was just easier to use in the end, which one? I felt was faster at doing its job. And then overall, which one that I liked better. And then we’ll go through and you can see, I don’t have this filled out yet. So I will pause the video after I’m kind done, they’re doing some testing and then I’ll go out and fill this out and local over at the end of the video.

[00:01:32] So if you stay tuned to the end of the video, you will get. The Ocoya pros and cons in my opinion, and then Feedhive pros and cons. And then I’ll give you a verdict of just overall, which one? I like better both apps are great for creating a content for social media and scheduling.

[00:01:50] And so it’s just a, it’s a, they’re both robust content creation specifically for social media and scheduling them. So and they use AI Ocoya definitely has, they both use AI actually to write descriptions and get hashtags. And that will be another thing that I’ll be interested in is if one of one or the other improve.

[00:02:08] I know Ocoya had some issues. It’s been a week, so. I don’t know if it’s been updated or not, but I do need to get this video out. Cause I know a lot of you are kind of looking forward to this video, so then you can make a good educated buying decision. So let’s jump in real quick. So roadmap and updates.

[00:02:24] Let’s go ahead and go check that out. So we are on Ocoya. I, it does look like they have changed their dashboard. It looks like they’ve changed their dashboard right here to just go, to create a text, copy, create content. And so they’re just going with three main things right here that you want.

[00:02:39] That’s great. I’m in a new, a trial account because you only get seven days to trial Ocoya. So that’s one side note or coy just shuts you off after seven days and you can’t use their app unless you pay. But w Feedhive actually lets you log into your account and you can continue to use the free schedule.

[00:02:56] To do a certain amount of days. I think three days, max, and you get up to nine slots filled, so you can actually use a feed high for free kind of decently. They have actually a decent free plan, which is really, really cool. So Feedhive wins when it comes to the trial. For sure. So let’s go look at the roadmap for this one is for Feedhive.

Roadmaps of each software

[00:03:16] I wanted to go and see the, the roadmap for, or coy. I’m not sure where that is located. Let’s see here. They do like right here, latest changes. I’m not really sure they have a, a roadmap but we can go and check this out over here. Kind of some maintenancing issues, things like that. Here’s a couple of months ago where they added woo commerce and such.

[00:03:37] So we will just go out and test what they have done or if they’ve updated anything, but let’s go over to the feed feedhive of roadmap real quick. So you can see all the things that have been suggested by the users, which is really, really cool. I really like to see. When developers do this and they get their community and their users involved with what they want to see inside the app, like right here, integrate with Cora.

[00:03:59] That’s interesting. I would, it’d be interesting to see how Feedhive would pull that off and how to integrate with Cora and what the reason behind that would be. But then you have all those stuff that’s planned and we, and here’s the big one that obviously they don’t have yet, but I will definitely remember.

[00:04:15] Enjoy this tool when they have integration with YouTube integration, with Pinterest and integration with tech talk, those three are really, really big, in my opinion, in my opinion, those three are actually more important than Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. And so it will be nice when they actually integrate those because I’d like to be you know, scheduling videos, short videos for TechTalk and Pinterest and YouTube.

[00:04:39] And so it’d be nice to be able to schedule. Using a Feedhive. So in progress, they are working on the native iOS, Android app posting and Facebook groups. They’re going to offer a dark mode. That’s easier on the eyes. That’s great. AI suggested improvements. That’s big because some of the AI in both tools, I wasn’t that impressed with.

[00:05:00] So that’s really good. They need to really kind of focus on that, put that at the forefront of what they’re focusing on and make sure that they master that because that is what’s going to be. The the game changer having the ability to create high quality posts using artificial intelligence is one of the reasons why people want to buy these tools, right.

[00:05:18] More templates categorized and easier to access reordering posts and okay. So you can see, and they’ve already done. Create different versions of the same post and quick actions that posts page. So these are planned the Pinterest stuff, but it’s not really in progress yet. So I would say that it’s, you know, three to six months out before, and I’m sure that they’ll probably work on Pinterest first.

[00:05:38] So that is one of the things that I’ll put on the list is if you’re looking for Pinterest, I believe the other one or coy has Pinterest. I’m pretty sure. And so that would be one of the differences. But if you absolutely love the way that Feedhive operates, then it might be worth it to hold off and still pick up the tool and wait until they actually integrate with Pinterest.

Ocoya 5 Minute Test

[00:05:56] All right. Let’s jump in to Ocoya. And we’re going to go ahead and start. Our test are going to create some posts. So I’m going to go ahead and just start, start my timer over here.

ocoya vs feedhive 2

[00:06:09] All right. So we are going to create a text copy right here and let’s see what it’s doing right here. Okay. So it just takes you over to there. So they have set this up a little bit different way. It’s going to take you over to Travis, Travis AI, and let’s just say, we’re going to do a Facebook. So I’m going to click on social media.

[00:06:28] And engaging social posts. Cause I’m not really doing an ad. You know, we could use Facebook ad copy and we could use an engaging social posts. So we’ll just use that for now. And I’m just going to say, teach me money methods how to make money online. And let’s just see generate some, some different AI suggestions up.

[00:06:52] So language it’s still in English. That’s fine. I want to know how to make money online and find out the best ways in this post. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Making money is easy. If you want to learn about it, the best ways, check out my blog. Let’s see right here. Let’s see, money is powerful tool and the right knowledge of how to use it will help you get what you want and need.

[00:07:13] Okay. That’s just like a quote. So we’re just going to go with this first one real quick. So I’m as if I click the save button. At as copied or saved, but I’m not really sure where that goes. Where does that, where does that end up in my bucket? So I’m actually going to copy the text. I’m going to push the control.

[00:07:29] C copy, I guess, saved copies is over here. So if you’re going to do a bunch of your content generation It looks like they have a little bar here that actually says if it’s unique or not. So it’s four stars unique. Okay. That’s interesting. You could do a bunch of your work in here inside the AI, and then you could just go over to your saved copies and start copying this so you can actually push the copy button.

[00:07:48] So I liked that they made that easier for everybody, and it was pretty easy to figure that out. So that’s really cool. So then now we can go back over here to the create. Trying to disk from a user standpoint. So you, where we’re supposed to go with this we’re going to go to create on Canva. No, we’re going to create on content.

[00:08:06] And then we’re going to, this is going to be a Facebook post, so I’ll just click the Facebook button and then it opens up in, I forgot which one. Chiarello they have a white A white label, a subscription to a Carello. So you’re going to be designing in a really, really good designer over here. And what we can do is I’m just going to say, I’m going to come over here and just.

You may pick up these wonderful software if they are still available here:

Get Ocoya here: https://appsumo.8odi.net/7m1Ydd

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[00:08:26] Type in money and we can come through over here and some cool stuff. Let’s just go like this. Maybe click that one right there. So we’re designing the image for the post right here. Think like an investor. Think like a marketer, just going to put marketer. Right. And then we can just leave that in here.

[00:08:44] We could change the colors up here. Could grab some of that, the colors over here, click the color wheel over here and go a little bit more. Like what my branding is like on my page. And maybe go with a little bit different. Oh, that’s cool. All right. So we’re just going to leave it like that. And then we’re going to say publish.

[00:09:02] And when you push publish on this, it’s actually not going to publish it to your Facebook account or the one that you have integrated. It’s just going to create it for us. Okay. So here we are. And then there’s one more step. So we have our image in here, which is cool. I like that. And then now we’re going to go ahead and add our capture.

[00:09:21] So now we’re in this other, we can do a generation right here. I am going to click the generate button just to see what it comes up with. How to make money online. And I want to see what it comes up with, but the caption generator real quick. Okay. How to make money online with the help of a personal coach.

[00:09:38] So I actually like what we created in Travis AI better. So we’re going to go ahead and click the edit caption, and we already have that on our clipboard. So I’m going to push the beast button there. That’s great. We’re going to save that. So you could do your work in Travis’ AI, which is really, really.

[00:09:52] Trending hashtags. I’m going to say generate, it’s going to generate this based on what we have already selected over here. I think I’m happy illustration poster. So it is not giving us by scanning our post. So we have our post over here, but it’s not giving us any good hashtags. So they have not fixed that yet.

[00:10:12] It will be nice when they do fix that, but the hashtags are kind of pointless inside locally. At this point, I’m going to go with edit. Over here. And just going ahead and add mine real quick. So hashtag make money, money. Online how to make money and then push save, and then we can push these schedules.

[00:10:36] So save this post. We’ve got a nice post scheduled right here, and we’re going to go over here and just push the publish button and we’re right at the time. And we’re done at time, but I’m going to go ahead and just schedule. I’m going to post this right now. So we’re going to push the post. We can push the schedule button as well.

[00:10:55] It takes 15 to 20 seconds depending on, so it’s publishing it to my, teach me when he went to his Facebook page and we are done. Okay. So now we are on a teach me when he methods. Facebook page and it posted, it only took a few seconds. And when it says published by Ocoya, that actually won’t be shown to the public.

[00:11:15] It’s only if you’re an administrator a logged in there, we’ll actually show you that. So here’s my post really nice graphic there and so forth. So it worked really, really well. So that’s great. Have a lot of good things. It just seemed, this is the second time I’ve kind of used Ocoya. It did go faster and smoother this time.

[00:11:31] And I really liked how. integrated and you can create the graphics inside of the software. Let’s go over to. Check out some Feedhive stuff. We already went over their roadmap Feedhives, roadmap, here’s the dashboard. And you can see both dashboards are very similar, so you can see over here and also on Ocoya.

[00:11:47] It showed where we posted that. I liked that how you can see but if I click on dashboard, you can kind of see it’s interesting. I don’t know if they have similar developers or if there’s a SIM a similar. Development platform that they’re using, but you can see that the way that these are laid out are just very similar.

Feedhive 5 Minute Test

[00:12:03] Okay. So we’re going to come over here. We’re in Feedhive right now. I wanted to go over a couple of different things on their page, which social platforms does Feedhive integrate with. They still they’ll they integrate with LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And they’re not yet integrated with YouTube Tik, TOK and Pinterest, but we just having that on there, that note.

ocoya vs feedhive

[00:12:23] You know that they’re going to add those at some point. It’s just not there quite yet. All right. So we’re going to go back into feed I’ve and I’m going to start my timer and we’re going to go and check this out. We have the same Facebook page linked up over here and Feedhive as well. And we’re gonna go and create content and everything.

[00:12:39] And we’re going to try to do it in five minutes. So here we go. We’re going to click the five minute timer. And we’re gonna come over here and you know, on the dashboard page, you can come over here to the socials and connect your social accounts, settings and all that. But right now, what we can do is I’m actually go over here, click on analytics real quick, wasting time, a little bit on the creation, but I wanted to see if it, yeah, so I got 58 impressions, eight profile.

[00:13:06] It is visits from one. Post from just one post. So I like how it gives you the analytics. I’m going to pause this timer real quick. I want to go in and see if oh, coy on the analytics. What happened with the analytics? So it’s going to say most a huge, okay. I’d have to log into the other account to see what it has done what they have not done advanced analytics yet.

[00:13:33] And on basic analytics, there really isn’t a whole lot to see. So I would say on analytics Feedhive has a better analytics dashboard of at this point. So I am going to restart the timer because Because I wasted time and I didn’t even start. So we’re gonna start the timer. One more time.

[00:13:49] Sorry about that guys. Okay. Timer is started. We’re going to say create post and here we go. And Feedhive. So what would you like to share? Let’s see, we have the emojis get inspiration right here. So we’re going to use it. Use inspiration and unpopular opinion. I think blank is useless waste.

[00:14:09] No, this is a very controversial topic. Isn’t it? I don’t know what you think about it. I am not sure if. Okay, so right here, you can just say making money with a shop, big five store is a good idea or not. Okay. So we’re going to go with that. Now. I’m going to see if we can get some. Okay. On the brand plan.

[00:14:35] So they thanks for you time. You’ve taken the ability away to use generate hashtags. You can’t use the hashtag generator. So I’m going to deem you on that one. You can’t use the hashtag generator that really, it only developed, it only gave you like three hashtags anyways. So it’s really not even that big a deal.

[00:14:51] But they’re not letting us use that. And when. A paid brand account. So that’s unfortunate. I mean, just to let people test out the software, right. I’m trying to bring you more sales via hive. And so you should have let your affiliates do full reviews. And so we can actually send you more sales sorry.

[00:15:07] Went off on a little tangent there, but this is just kind of ridiculous to take away a feature that gives you like three or four hashtags. I can go and get my own hashtags anyways, or I can just make my. Which I am going to hashtag make money online, hashtag passive income and. Hashtag Shopify.

[00:15:31] Okay. And then what we’re going to do here is click the it’s it’s got pointers that it wants us to use an ad media there. Now there are no templates. We can save this as a template, right. And I think you can save this as a template. So we’re going to save that as a template. It’ll show up over here.

[00:15:50] To, to select from, so that’s cool. We have our post over here, but it’s kind of empty when we want to, we want an image. I’m going to click on the add media button over here. Now we, these are the images we’ve used already. And then you have gifts you can use over here. And that’s really cool. So we can say I’m just going to type in money.

[00:16:08] We’ll see what comes up with money. Okay. So there’s just people doing the, the money flipping of the money. Okay. And then we have tools over here. We could go into Canva or these other tools. I’m going to go to click on photos and I’m just going to say E comm, let’s see if E anything for e-comm shows up.

[00:16:28] Okay. So we have something over here. Just products, but one thing that okay. Quick the load more. Okay. So that’s probably on the free plan. It’s only letting us see a couple of images. So I’m not really a whole lot going on here where I could just maybe say money, but I don’t have a designer. All right.

[00:16:46] So quail lets us do a full design inside the software, which is really cool. We’d have to go into tools and I’m going to click on Canva. It’s going to take us to this weird Chinese version of Canva. They do explain that that for whatever reason, not going to go into that, but it is kind of interesting, but I’m not going to do that right here because I don’t really need to I could go into Canva real quick, my account and create something real fast.

[00:17:15] All right. I’m going to go create designed Facebook post right here. And let’s go, come on, come on, come on with a flow going on right here. We’ve got templates and I’m just going to say money. Let’s see if something shows up for our money right here. Okay. That’s cool. Let’s go with that. And I can just say, learn how to make money on shop.

[00:17:41] Check out my latest blog post to learn more. All right. And then I can just make that a little bigger and move that around. And so you can see, and then you can put your hashtag sign there. I’m going to go ahead and just delete that and we’re going to leave this the way it is, and I’m just going to say, download the PNG download, and I’m going to go back into Feedhive that downloaded.

[00:18:08] Let’s go back into Feedhive. We are out of time. Didn’t get it posted, but I’m going to finish this off by just clicking the add button here. And we’re going to drag this in over here. We’ve got our image right there and now what do we do next? We schedule the posts. We can pick the time post plan K.

[00:18:33] Done. All right. And I’m just going to say post now, right here, post now. Okay. So I was gonna go out there and post, so we’ll go over to the Facebook page and just a couple seconds to test it out and see what it does as well. And I think that we just proved. Yeah, we went over a few seconds, but I kind of didn’t realize that I’d be, I did kind of spend some time in here and I didn’t, didn’t really like what I could design inside the designer and Feedhive.

[00:18:59] So I w ended up having to go and spend time opening up a Canva. My internet was a little slow at the time. So I’ll give a Feedhive just a little bit. There, but I did have to go off platform and go into Canva, which isn’t that big a deal. I have a pro Canada account. That’s probably where I’m going to create my graphics anyways, on either platform.

[00:19:18] So that doesn’t really bother me, that you can’t design the posts. That’s just going to determine on what you guys want. If you want a tool that you can actually create the design inside of the software then Aucoin might be the better one. But they do have that integration with that Chinese version of Canva right here and these other couple lawns right there.

[00:19:36] So I, in all fairness to feed hobby, I Feedhive. I did not give, I did not give that a test. So I’m, we’re going to go over and just check this out and push the refresh button and see if it posted as well. So we can just see which tools, if both tools are accurate and actually work with a great integration and they both posted just fine.

[00:19:55] This one. Posted by Feedhive. And there you go. And we got our posts there and then we got this other post right here. So both posts look really well. This post right here was actually fully created in Aucoin. This post right here was created in Canva and then uploaded. So I’m going to pause, I’m going to go fill out some of my PowerPoint slides and then we’re going to finish out the.

The Verdict

[00:20:17] Okay, we’re back. And we’re going to finish out the review with just the verdict and overall the pros and cons. So this is a coy pros and cons. So the roadmap updates Feedhive was more transparent about the future of the software and has a full travel road map. That seems to be updated while Ocoya didn’t really have a roadmap.

[00:20:38] There was not much to see about where they’re at. They may have a roadmap it’s just not easy to find while you’re inside the dashboard. And you’re easily able to find that with the Feedhive. So Feedhive from a, just a business and a communication standpoint wins. And that one in that respect content creation and schedule posts, we did a five minute test for both.

ocoya vs feedhive

[00:20:58] We went over a few seconds on each, so it was a very fair test in my opinion. Which one did I feel was easier? I thought, I, I thought I would like Feedhive better, but after using Ocoya the second time, it is just as easy to use. Now. They have made some improvements with their software. It’s just a couple of clicks.

[00:21:16] And then you have your your post which one felt a faster, got both posts done in five minutes. So both are similar and capable regarding speed. I think. Pure speed is what you want. Feedhive in one screen allows you to upload and publish quickly. Especially if you already have a designer that you’re outsourcing your graphics creation to then Feedhive will work really, really well for you because you’re just going to be uploading those and creating some texts and then scheduling.

You may pick up these wonderful software if they are still available here:

Get Ocoya here: https://appsumo.8odi.net/7m1Ydd

Get Feedhive here: https://appsumo.8odi.net/WD2KnZ

[00:21:41] So if you want to use just for the sheer scheduling. Portion. If you just need a scheduler, I would actually go with Feedhive. If you need an all-in-one I’ll call you is going to be the answer for you. So overall, which one did I like it better though? I like them both, but oh, Korea is unique and I liked it a little bit more.

[00:22:02] So the Okoya pros and cons pros are that it can create any and all content right inside the tool using Travis AI. And Carello both are integrated right inside the app. I have never seen this type of tool before. Truly. Awesome. If you want to focus on growing your social media accounts from one platform to do all the work.

[00:22:24] Okay. So then it also integrates with far more. Tik TOK. Pinterest is coming soon. It’s on their roadmap and everything and Shopify and woo commerce. Perfect. If you run e-comm stores, that is very unique to this software that I haven’t seen in other softwares. And it definitely is not on the framework or roadmap four feet high.

[00:22:45] So if you have a Shopify store or a WooCommerce store then Ocoya is going to be the. Cons the cons of adequate it’s still is a little clunky, but they have improved this. I could, I could tell after logging in a week later, it is much easier to create a post from start to finish now. Pretty smooth transition from one.

[00:23:05] I think typo there. One thing to another hashtag tool is not useful with Ocoya. So feed, I have pros and cons. The pros for feed I’ve simpler to use can do everything from one screen. It fills a hair faster than Aucoin the cons. There’s less integrator. AI suggestions are sort of template based and not really a big time-saver.

[00:23:29] And then another con is the less ability to create the graphic for your post inside the software. I had to go to another site, Canva to do mine. You can integrate. Your canvas pro account or Feedhive, which then it will act like the Ocoya integration with CRO. And so here is the verdict. Oh, Coya or, or Feedhive.

[00:23:50] I’ve had a couple of typos today. Sorry about that guys. If you need an all-in-one content creation tool for words and graphics, right? For just the whole enchilada, then Ocoya is your tool. Also keep in mind, if you have a Shopify store Ocoya, is your tool. If you want a simpler to use tool, but don’t mind designing and writing outside of the right.

[00:24:12] Writing outside of the tool or designing your graphics outside the tool, right? Like you saw mine in, in my five minute test like with your AI tools, you can use your AI tools, like word hero then Canva And Canada then Feedhive is a great option, right? So really, if you want simplicity, feed, hive wins.

[00:24:30] If you want complexity and more robust tools, then Ocoya is your tool. Overall, even though I wanted to like Feedhive more Aucoin gets the win on this one for me. Thanks for watching, please like, and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video.

You may pick up these wonderful software if they are still available here:

Get Ocoya here: https://appsumo.8odi.net/7m1Ydd

Get Feedhive here: https://appsumo.8odi.net/WD2KnZ

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