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selling journals on amazon

Have you ever wondered how much money you could make by selling journals on Amazon? While there’s no definitive answer, in this post we’ll explore some factors that could affect your earnings potential.

Whether you’re a marketer looking to add another income stream, or a budding entrepreneur considering a low-content publishing business, this post will give you some food for thought. Read on to learn more about the potential of journal selling on Amazon!

So just how much can you make selling journals on Amazon?

This will depend on how many journals you have published on the Amazon KDP platform. If you plan on publishing 1 book, or even 20 books and making a lot of money, you might want to think again. Making money on KDP with journals is a quantity game. Don’t mistake this for low quality books too, but you will want to publish as many high quality unique journal books to KDP to make the most money. I think the average journal seller makes less than $500 per month on the platform even after publishing 100’s of books.

I think the top 5% of Amazon KDP journal sellers make over $1,000 per month. And, some sellers, top 2% make over $5,000 per month. This is just my experience selling on the platform.

Keep in mind, over the past 4 years selling on Amazon KDP blew up and tens of thousands of people joined the bandwagon and started selling on KDP. This increased the amount of terrible books on the platform and the competition went sky high.

Today, in order to be successful you will want to make sure you have a marketing budget to be able to advertise your books on the KDP platform. This will bump your book up and get your book reviews.

Find a niche market for your journals

If you’re looking to find a niche market for your journals, first consider what kind of journal it is. Is it a themed journal? An inspirational one? A bullet journal? There are so many possibilities, each with its own unique audience and potential customer base. Research potential customers – look at book-review blogs, join writing forums, explore social media discussions, and read through Amazon reviews. This will help you better understand who is already buying this type of journal and who would be interested in something similar. Benefit from the wealth of information out there to narrow down potential customers so that you can tailor your advertising campaigns and ultimately make more sales.

List your journals on amazon at a competitive price

Getting your journals listed on Amazon can be a great way to expand your reach and increase sales. The key is to list the journals at a competitive price. Take the time to research what other journal entries are selling for, so you know that you will remain competitive in the market. When satisfied with the listing, head over to Amazon and create an account where you can easily enter details about your product and set the price. Once complete, customers will be able to find your journals when they search through Amazon’s selection of products. It’s a quick and simple way to get more eyes on your work!

Use social media to market your journals

With social media becoming increasingly important in today’s world, it can be a great way to help market your journals. It’s easy to target potential customers through platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where you can post attractive pictures of your products as well as specials and discounts for followers. You can also use YouTube or TikTok videos to demonstrate how you make the journals or explain the various features each has. Don’t forget about blogging sites such as WordPress or Blogger either – having a presence on these types of sites can increase visibility and build trust in your brand. Ultimately, combining different forms of social media is essential for any successful journal marketing campaign – so get creative and explore the possibilities!

Ship your journals promptly and provide excellent customer service

Having proper customer service and shipping your journals promptly can make or break your business. It’s all about having satisfied customers that return to purchase additional items from your store. So it’s imperative that you take customer satisfaction seriously, ensuring their orders arrive on time and in pristine condition. Taking the extra step to go above and beyond is a surefire way to help increase your repeat customer base, plus it adds loads of value to your service. With some practice, providing excellent customer service should be a breeze!

Track your sales and adjust your prices as needed

Having a successful business requires close monitoring of your sales–are customers ordering more items than usual, or are there certain products that aren’t selling very well? Track these patterns and use them to adjust pricing as needed. Giving an attractive deal for a product that isn’t selling well is a great way to promote it, while also giving your customers a chance to grab something great in the bargain. Likewise if sales of individual products seem to be consistently rising, then increase the prices so you can re-invest those profits into more marketing or research and development efforts. In order to make sure you’re doing the best job possible managing your business enterprise, tracking your sales is absolutely necessary–so start adjusting those prices!


there you have it, five tips for selling journals online. if you can find a niche market and list your journals on amazon at a competitive price, you’re well on your way to success. social media is also a great tool for marketing, so make sure to utilize that platform. shipping promptly and providing excellent customer service will keep customers coming back for more. finally, track your sales and adjust your prices as needed. following these simple tips should help you boost journal sales in no time! Good luck!

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