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socioboard review

welcome in this video. We’re going to be looking at socio board and this is a new product that hit app sumo and you can pick it up right now while it’s available for starting at $59 this is a way that you can streamline your social media operations across all of your channels.

Now, this is a social media automation tool and schedule and poster and all that kind of good stuff.
Now, I have done a couple other reviews on Al koya and feed Hive, I would put this in that group.

However, the other one focuses the other two koya and feet high focus on content creation.

Watch the full video review of Socioboard here:

Whereas socio board, from the way I’m taking it is more of a schedule and it’s going to more assume that you already have a your graphics and everything designed.

So it you could put it in the box with feed Hive in the same genre as feed Hive and a koi and other tools, but it also deserves to kind of be outside of those tools as well because it’s a very, very robust schedule and it’s not so much of a content creation tool, if that makes sense.

So we’re gonna jump in and just come over here.
It is an alternative to hoot suite, the leading industry leading audio automation for a social media and they kind of set the standard.

So, there’s a video you can watch as well and they do have a really nice user interface and we’re gonna go check all that out.

There is kind of a lot going on and we’re gonna see, we’ll see if it seems a little clunky or if it’s very easy to use now.
Here’s all the stuff you get, you get lifetime access to socio board and all the good stuff here.

you get calendar, social media based crm social scheduling and posting link blogs from medium and tumblr I believe.
And they have currently have facebook instagram, twitter linkedin, Pinterest and youtube.
So this one separates itself from koya and feet high that they’ve already integrated Pinterest and youtube.

So if you want more integrations, this tool is definitely going to be that tool. Content suggestions.
Now they do have apps, we’re gonna go look at this. You can integrate with pics of a daily motion.
Imager, flick our and Giffey. Really cool.

And they focus on reports and just overall management of your social media and then what is this discovery search in youtube and twitter.

Not sure what that is. But competitor analysis for facebook and instagram and a link shorten our with Bentley.
not really sure billy, you’re gonna get blocked I believe on facebook and stuff if you use bitterly.
But that’s cool that they have a link shorter. It would be nice to see more integrations right there.
so they start off with a licensed here one and this will be good for most of you.
I wanted to go ahead and just do some quick math for you.
So you get 200 I doubt that you’re gonna have 50 team members checking your stuff.
And if you only have a max of 200 posts schedules, you’re not gonna need 50 team members, going and managing 200 posts, right?

You wouldn’t even need 50 team members to manage 1000 posts.
So that’s really not the big deal breaker right here, which is team members, But the maximum schedule account is what the is really going to separate the tier levels.
So if I get a calculator out here and I take the 200, right?
200 and we divide that by a month.

I would like to look at scheduling out social media in a month basis, we’re gonna look at that.
So you could do 6.6. So basically you, with the licensed here one, you can schedule out six posts across all platforms.
And if you’re just a solo preneurs and you really, you know, you’re going to sit down and spend 15 minutes 15, 20 minutes a day scheduling out six posts or spend about four hours on a monday and maybe try to get to three or even four weeks scheduled out for the month, then this one would be a great plan for you the $59 level.

However, when you jump up into licensed here too, I think that that’s going to be the license that most people are going to need Because you take 500 and you divide that by 30 days in the month and you’re gonna get 16 posts per day across.

So let’s say you’re using four platforms divided by four platforms. Okay.
So you’re gonna be able to put, four per platform per day.

So, it really, you really will fill this out, believe it or not, you’ll fill those 500 out if you’re actually hitting social media hard and if you want to, just make sure you have enough to post, then you can go with the 1000 right there.
Okay. Now, the way that you combat this is, I would, I like to schedule out a month in advance, but if you wanted to schedule, you know, 100 or 50 a day, you would just need to be scheduling all your posts out more often.
Right. So you could make this go a long ways for you, but you would have to go into the tool and, and work on social media a lot more often.

Okay, So they are brand new. Just hit, this, absolute deal.
They don’t even have any reviews up yet, but let’s go and I’m already logged into an account.
I’ve already connected one of my accounts. I’ve connected to accounts. Right? So I’m on the home dashboard right here.

Wait, let’s go into here. Yeah. So we’re on the dashboard over here.
Now, the first thing you do is I’m just going to point out that you, it does have a really slick modern feel modern design for the UI.

they do have a blur around everything which you know, it looks fancy and all but there is a lot going on.
So want to be a little bit careful with that now for me personally, you know the, the design right here is kind of blending in with the background a little too much.
It would be nice if these boxes were just a little bit different color or something like that because it just seems like they’re blending into themselves.
it’s an interesting look, but there is a lot going on.
You can see on just the sheer dashboard, I’ve already went ahead and connected to accounts because I wanted to not have to do that in front of you guys.

Connecting was very easy. It was just a couple clicks and it automatically integrated with everything.
So I’ve got my facebook, one of my facebook page is connected.
You can see the status right here and then we have one of my e com shops is connected with Pinterest.
So we have a Pinterest and facebook integration.

I wanted to point out that there is a dark and light theme so we click the button up here, it will switch to dark theme.
So if you guys like that, you’re gonna spend a lot of time in here and you want it easy on the eyes or if it’s nighttime this would be a great one.

So if you’re working on this at night right now I’m gonna go ahead and stick with the light version.
So they have a nice dashboard and it looks like it shows how many social accounts you have, how many scheduled public scheduled published posts, you have total post count and published and all kinds of stuff and if any of them failed, you have that over here.

So you can come over here, the first thing you’re gonna do is go to social accounts and go to view accounts then you’re gonna come over here and you can see facebook, I have one connected and Pinterest want connected and you’re gonna just have all of them over here.

Now I’m not really sure what these stars are not going to really spend any time on that but they give it automatically gave it a one star, I’m not really sure what this means.
One star through five star select social media account and then user name just not really sure but maybe just how often you’re getting likes and how many followers you have, it kind of grades it where you’re at and I would agree that both.

These are one star accounts, they’re just really test accounts so you can see all your accounts right here.
It’s really easy just to add accounts, you just click the button over here, you click on right over here.
If I was going to add a twitter account, you would just do that and you would add a twitter profile.
It just takes you through the steps very very easy.

You can come over here, click on blog accounts and you have a medium and you have tumbler which is really cool.
And you have this publishing now there’s scheduled posts, you can click the publishing button to always take you to do an action, which is great.
There is something, where is it over here? So if I wanted a publish a Pinterest, it’s right there.
Daily y associate hue and Youtube publish.

Okay, so we’re gonna come back over and to the dashboard real quick back to the dashboard and you can see what plan you’re on and you can create a new post by clicking that button and then there’s also an extensive report.
Let’s go ahead and create a post truck quick.

So I’m gonna create a post right here and this one’s saying creating a post for facebook, so that would be a facebook post.
So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna just share one of my blogs that I have, let’s see over here, I’m gonna go to realistic pay and I’m going to share a post.
Just gonna view something over here.
I’m gonna grab the link here and then we’re gonna go back over and just going to throw that in there and let’s see what happens.
It should gather a picture and or maybe this is the enter the outgoing.
Somebody really need to push that in actually, so I put that in.

Okay, you have to click the facebook button right over here and then right here I’m not really sure it should be able to do something based on the link.
That doesn’t seem like it’s happening.

Okay, so we have an outbound link going on right there, I’m just gonna put right here, all right, then we have the outbound link going on right there and then we can just do a schedule post normal schedule, post day wise, so it looks like they have where they will measure the most activity that you get and then it will actually automatically publish when it’s when the A. I think it’s ready.

I’m just gonna do a normal post and we are going to select the 15th. That’s great.
And then what time do we want to publish this at?
And I’m gonna just say do do 10, let’s go 10:50 a.m. And that looks good and we’ll push schedule, so we’ll see what ends up happening with that, what it ends up looking like on the facebook page.
I’m going to come back over to the publishing button.
So I’m just gonna take a pause real quick and just share, you know, it’s a really cool tool, I really like it and they’re on version five.

So this has been around the block, it’s been around for some time, I don’t know when it came out, but they’ve obviously done a lot of work to it and they have a lot of integrations and a lot of reporting and analysis, all kinds of stuff since I’ve connected A but what I will say we finish that thought is that it still, it is a little clunky, there’s just so much going on and now that could be because it is very advanced and there’s a lot of things you can do but there’s also it’s just a little bit less simplicity, there’s a lot of buttons up here, then there’s a lot of buttons over here, a lot of buttons over here and so right now sometimes you just kind of feel like you don’t really know where you’re supposed to go inside the software to do stuff, right?

So it would just be a little bit of an observation, this is the first time I’m using the tool, so that also is part of it.
So if I wanted to go now I want to go over a couple of these things, obviously reports and stuff, we’re not gonna have much reports to look at.

if I come over here facebook we don’t even have anything published, so we’ll come back to that in a minute, the discovery button, let’s go check that out real quick now.
They do have integrations with this. Now.
You can do competitor analysis on some of them automated rss feeds and content studio, you can connect these right here.
So if I wanted to connect picks obey or news ap to go out and get ideas, then obviously I don’t have the plan for that.
But they do have all these different plans right here where you can integrate these to get content to post is what I’m imagining.

So that’s really cool. There are custom reports. I’m going to click on the report button or wait.
No, we’re not gonna do that right now. Sorry boards.
So since we have a Pinterest account connected, I imagine that’s where the board comes from.
You can actually create a board inside of, of socio board, which is cool.
And then you can view boards so far when you click that. Okay.

So actually since they’re calling it since its socio board, those boards may not actually be related to Pinterest.
they just call these different boards they call, that’s what this looks like these. They call these socio boards.
You can add these custom features.

All right, we’re gonna do one more thing we’re gonna go into publishing and I’m gonna go to Pinterest publish, let’s come over here and we have this shop over here and you can see what we want to publish this too.
So what am I going to? It’s going to be under planners. So I’m gonna go printable planner.
I’m going to connect there to that board there. Right? And then we’re going to do an outbound link here.
This is one of my websites.
I’m gonna copy that come back into socio board and we’re gonna put that in right there And then we can say something.

I’m going to go ahead and just grab the 52 week challenge printable.
We’ll just grab a little bit of text from there and come back in here and make this post right here.
Okay? and then you could put in some different other different things hashtag printable a planner and mm printable savings tracker or something like that.

Now, what I don’t know is if it has no, only one items at a single time, that’s okay.
So that is not as obvious. But if we want to put an image, that’s where we’re going to click.
So I’m gonna go grab that image real quick. I’ll be right back. Okay?
So what I’m gonna do is grab the image, we’re going to grab an image, go to downloads and I have one right here.
We’ll just push open right there, see what this looks like on the post.
Okay, so we have that on the post and so forth.

Okay, so then we have a little bit of and then we’re not, I don’t know what we’ll see what the outbound link looks like and then we’re just gonna push post now.
So publishing in process, it will take a few minutes to publish and we’ll go and check out our stuff.
We’ll also go check out the facebook page and see if that other one did publish.
So I’m gonna come back over here and let’s just go to the dashboard and see if we have anything that has published, come over here and you can see right here, published two scheduled one and published 20 failed.
There should have been only been, you know, we’ve had two published.

That’s right because we had one scheduled, but we but it had already published then we just published one straight away.
So here we go, publishing history right there.
The other 11 that’s completely done should show up, I’m gonna push the refresh button And it should show up pretty soon.
But let’s go check out the Facebook one. I like the graphics right here.
I can check the dark mode out as well. Using super cool. and so forth.
So you get some basic stats and there’s different reports in the calendar view.
Let’s go click click that real quick.

Just trying to show you guys everything I can okay, you don’t get the calendar view unless you actually, because I’m on a trial on account.
I got to decide if I’m gonna buy this for my business or not.
so we are going to go and check out the facebook page real quick.
Okay, so we’re gonna scroll down and you can see right here it was published by socio board.
Check out how to make money on Snapchat.

I did not add this image manually but because I added the link, it automatically did that for us.
So that’s really cool. So if you have a blog, if you’re a blogger, all and all you’re gonna do is share links to your blog, then this is super, super easy and simple to schedule these out.
Really cool. So I like that it works. The integration works and everything in the stats.
I’m gonna go check out the Pinterest and see if that published now too.
All right, so here we are, we’re gonnaa go to, I can see the post is right there, but I’m also going to go and see if I can find the printable planner.
Okay, I’m gonna click on printable planner right here and the here is the image right here is the image that we just published.

you’re you’re going to want to try to make sure that you are creating, you know, Pinterest type size which will be even better but it did work here is here, it has been quick on it and it did publish this For us and here’s the 52 week challenge.
Printable and so forth and then there’s those hashtags and so forth.
So that integration with Pinterest worked well.

Let’s go back into the tool real fast and just push refresh and see if that The publish down here.
I’m not really sure publishing history, it’s not showing that other one that we published, that’s a not really sure, it’s not showing the one that we published for Pinterest, maybe it doesn’t show that down here on that one, but overall, really cool tool you’re gonna be able to schedule out to a lot.

I think the big benefit of this is that there are a lot of social accounts, 12345 67 eight, type social media accounts.
And then also if you add in medium that’s nine and it’s very easy to connect.
They have extensive reporting that you can sign up other people to manage your social media for you.
So if you want to hire someone to come in here and use this tool and schedule all your stuff out, that’s great.
You could use this tool and train them.

Overall, I think it’s a really, really good tool, good user interface.
and I like just a very very easy to use and, you know, it’s kind of hard to do a comparison between this and the other tools.

This one not is not necessarily a content creator, but more of a robust schedule social media account automation, that has a really, really good a lot of integrations and then a robust reporting reporting tools as well.
So really really cool tool. You guys leave a comment below. What do you guys think of this tool?
And then do you think that this one looks cooler than the other social media Softwares that I’ve reviewed recently?
Do you think that this one is very similar to those or does this one have enough uniqueness to it that it is you know, pretty different than those other ones as well.

So that’s it for this review. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Hit that like button, make sure to subscribe so you can get more reviews like this and I’ll see you.
don’t don’t forget if you do want this tool While it’s available, go pick it up from apps sumo for starting at $59 lifetime, so you won’t have to pay monthly ever again.
All right, see you see you soon.

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