Prepare to Be Baffled: The Strangest Jobs in the World




We’ve all heard the tales of unbelievable jobs — from professional snack-taste testers to professional cuddlers — that come along with a hefty paycheck. But is it possible for such bizarre jobs to exist?

Yes, indeed! After some digging, we found some of the strangest jobs from around the world that have us utterly baffled. Are you ready to laugh, cry, and perhaps shake your head at these unusual gigs?

From “alien detector” to “grief cleaner” and “odor judge”, get ready to be amazed as you learn about the most peculiar job titles and titles out there. So put on your detective hat and let’s explore some of these remarkable job opportunities!

Professional Snuggler

What do you get when you mix a cozy blanket with a nice hug? Professional cuddling! This might sound like an impossible job to have, but it’s totally real. Professional cuddlers charge up to $80/hour for their services and require training and certification before being hired.

When you hire a professional cuddler, you’re paying for complete physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort. Sessions typically last up to three hours, so when booking your appointment, be sure to plan it around your schedule.

You can expect complete confidentiality and safety during your session—be sure to do your research on the provider, as references are generally available online. Professional cuddlers can offer anything from non-sexual physical contact to deep conversations meant to promote healing and self-care. So if snuggling is something you’re in the market for, now’s the time!

Oyster Shucker

From apple pickers to zookeepers, some jobs are less strange than others. But how about oyster shucker? That’s right—this is a job that exists in the real world and involves a lot of skill and precision.

Simply put, an oyster shucker shucks oysters for diners or restaurateurs. To do this, they use either a professional-grade (or ‘double-bladed’) oyster shucking knife or a plain-old pocket knife to pry open an oyster shell. After the shell is opened, they’ll scoop out the meat inside using their hands or a spoon before giving it a quick rinse in cold water.

However, it’s no piece of cake. Professional oyster shuckers can open up to two dozen oysters per minute—and that’s no easy feat. Furthermore, since they need to work with sharp tools and slippery shells, they must be conscious of their safety at all times and wear protective gear like gloves and steel-toed boots.

Bowling Pin Setter

Did you know that a pinsetter is a person who used to manually set the pins back up after they were knocked down in a bowling alley? It’s true—the pinsetter’s job was to reset the pins so the game could keep going.

Today, things are a bit more automated. The job of the pinsetter has been taken over by machines, and it’s now the responsibility of bowling pin setter mechanics to maintain and repair those machines.

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How does it work? Pinsetters have a set cycle of procedures that they execute after a ball is rolled, with steps like ball return, bowler selection, and repositioning of pins into position for resetting, resetting, and scoring. All these steps are handled by computers working in conjunction with mechanical arms to not only set up their pins but also identify whether or not there was a strike or spare. Pretty cool!

Human Covid-19 Disinfectant Sprayer

You won’t believe the fourth strangest job in the world: a human Covid-19 disinfectant sprayer. No, we’re not kidding—it’s one of the most bizarre and important roles to come out of the pandemic.

A human Covid-19 disinfectant sprayer is responsible for tidying up public and private spaces by using specialized equipment to quickly apply cleaning products, often as a preventive measure against the virus. It requires physical strength, dedication, and strong attention to detail as they tend to corners, overhangs, and hard-to-reach areas in homes, businesses, or other public spaces.

This critical role involves:

  • Cleaning walls and surfaces with a pressurized spray gun
  • Inspecting for any unsanitary areas or imperfections
  • Adjusting nozzles and pressure settings depending on the material sprayed
  • Wearing necessary protective clothing during spraying
  • Monitoring waste levels in storage tanks

The human Covid-19 disinfectant sprayer is an essential role today, helping to keep people safe from potential germ infestations in homes and public places that would otherwise put us all at risk.

Hair Farmer

Ever heard of a hair farmer? You might think it’s a joke, but it’s a real job. Hair farmers are independent contractors who harvest human hair for use in wigs, extensions, and other products.

To become a hair farmer, you have to be patient and willing to work with people’s hair. You’ll need to nurture your relationships with donors for a steady supply of materials. Then, you’ll use tools like scissors, clippers, and combs to harvest the donor’s hair. Your work must be precise and clean; no one wants jagged hairs from poor cutting techniques! After you collect the hair, you must package it properly and move it along the supply chain where it’s sold as raw materials or by-products used in salons or factories.

Hair farming is one of the strangest jobs out there — but if you’re looking for something unique to do and don’t mind being around people’s hair, this might be the perfect fit.

Iceberg Mover

You won’t believe the job of an iceberg mover—it’s just as strange as it sounds. In the extreme reaches of Northern Canada and Greenland, icebergs become hazards for passing ships, so the job of an iceberg mover is to use powerful boats and equipment to maneuver these huge blocks of ice out of harm’s way.

Iceberg movers can work in freezing temperatures for hours on end, needing strength and skill to navigate frozen waters. It’s a unique job that requires both physical and mental fortitude—it isn’t easy to tow or drag an enormous mass of frozen water through the ocean!

So how do they do it? Well, the process involves using a combination of powerful tugs and large anchors, which attach themselves to the sheer ice walls. Other tools include hydraulic winches and steel cables — plus rather a lot of patience. Professional iceberg movers typically have experience with maritime engineering and have expert-level knowledge on hydrology, since conditions can become dangerous in a matter of minutes.

The work isn’t easy but it certainly pays well—iceberg movers can earn up to $150K per season!

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What are the 10 weirdest jobs in the world?

Do you ever dream of a job that’s out of the ordinary? Something that can raise some eyebrows? You might not believe it, but some people make a living from the strangest jobs in the world.

Here are the 10 weirdest jobs that you’ve probably never heard of:

  1. Professional Mermaid: Mermaids aren’t just mythical creatures; they’re people too! Professional mermaids entertain at venues like Miami Seaquarium and Weeki Wachee Springs.
  2. Pet Food Taster: A pet food taster’s job is to ensure that each batch of pet food is consistent with taste and quality. It might sound gross, but it sure beats being stuck in an office all day!
  3. Professional Mourner: In China, professional mourners are hired to cry at funerals to show proper respect and help friends and family members grieve.
  4. Mattress Tester: Yes, some people get paid to test out mattresses before they go to store shelves — because who doesn’t want a cozy bed after a long day at work?
  5. Golf Ball Diver: Believe it or not, there are dedicated divers whose job is to retrieve golf balls from lakes on golf courses — and they can make up to $10,000 in one season!
  6. Snake Milker: Snake venom is used to create treatments for illnesses like cancer and cardiology issues — so collecting venom from snakes isn’t just dangerous but also rewarding work for those brave enough to take the challenge.
  7. Professional Sleeper: Believe it or not, some companies hire “professional sleepers” who test out new beds for comfort and durability
  8. Ash portrait artist: Some artists specialize in creating unique memorial portraits by incorporating the ashes of a deceased loved one into the paint or other materials.
  9. Worm picker: Worm pickers collect worms, typically at night, for use as bait in the fishing industry or for composting purposes.
  10. Ostrich babysitter: Ostrich farms hire workers to monitor and care for baby ostriches, ensuring their safety and well-being as they grow.

What are some rare jobs?

Yes, this is a thing—there are some seriously strange jobs out there. We can guarantee you haven’t heard of most of these, so prepare to be amazed (or at least intrigued).

Professional Line Stepper

This job requires that you are willing to go anywhere in the world and simply… stand in line. That’s it. You’ll be hired by people who don’t have the time (or they don’t want to spend the time) standing in line for a concert or something else they want. So they pay you, and all you have to do is wait your turn.

Pet Psychologist

This job asks that you think like an animal! Specifically, you’re hired by pet owners who think their pet may have a psychological issue or problem that needs to be addressed. Pet psychologists claim that animals can experience emotions like joy, sadness, and pain, so if the owner suspects something unusual is going on with the pet, the psychologist will conduct tests and implement strategies to help pets cope with behavioral issues.

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Snail Breeder

This one might surprise you—but snail breeding has become a lucrative business! Yes, snails! There are people out there who specialize in breeding land snails for gastronomy, medical research, or even as pets for kids. The characteristics of snails make this a surprisingly challenging job—snails are sensitive to light and temperature variations, so creating healthy conditions for their growth isn’t always easy.

So while we know there are plenty of stranger-than-fiction jobs out there, these are some of the more interesting ones. Whether it’s waiting in line for

What are the weirdest high-paying jobs?

Looking for a job that will blow your mind? Look no further than some of the weirdest high-paying jobs out there.

Take a look at these strange but lucrative professions:

Professional Sleeper

Dozing off during the day isn’t exactly an office-appropriate thing, but it is in demand for someone to test mattresses and investigate sleep-related issues. The pay? A cool $1,500 a day.

Professional Taste Tester

Taste testing is like playing the lottery—you could be the lucky winner who pockets more than $50K a year tasting different types of food for companies! Plus, all that eating is good for your health too.

Poker Player

Professional poker players may not be as common as they used to be, what with online gaming and all, but true pros can still rake in over 6 figures a year. But, if you want to become one of them you have to have intense analytical skills and nerves of steel!

So if you’re looking for an unconventional way to make some serious cash, why not try one of these weird high-paying jobs? You just might be surprised at what you can do!

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What is the strangest job in the world?

You may think you’ve heard of it all when it comes to strange jobs, but here’s one that will leave you baffled. Have you heard of a “Dog Food Taster”?

It’s exactly what it sounds like someone who is employed by a dog food company to sample their products and make sure they meet their stated quality standards. Not only that, they are required to take notes and record feedback such as texture, smell, flavor, nutrition content, and even the dog’s reaction to the food.


A Dog Food Taster must have the following qualifications:

  1. They must have a high tolerance for different flavors and textures.
  2. Must have experience with dogs.
  3. Must be able to evaluate dog food from the perspective of a human and a canine.
  4. Should have excellent communication skills to effectively relay feedback on taste tests and dietary recommendations for dogs.
  5. Should possess knowledge of pet health nutrition, animal behavior, and basic veterinary science or equivalent training in this field is preferred by employers.
  6. A college degree in nutrition or veterinary sciences is also needed by some companies for such positions.

So if you thought your job was strange – well now you know that there’s something out there that takes strangeness to an entirely new level!


Most of us strive to make a comfortable living, but some people take it to the extreme by pursuing the strangest and most interesting jobs in the world. From professional snake milkers to professional cuddlers, these innovative job paths are anything but ordinary. They offer a glimpse into a far more interesting and unexpected side of the working world.

When it comes to the strangest jobs in the world, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Whether it’s for a passion project or for extra cash, people have the freedom to find their unique path and pursue a career that is rewarding and exciting. So if you have the desire, you can make any job an interesting and enjoyable one.

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