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Welcome to teach me money methods. I’ve got a really exciting update video for you. A picture. He came out with an announcement and they finally did it. They finally cracked the code. This is what Pictory users. Have been waiting for, since they came out with the software a couple of months ago. And one of the biggest complaints from users was that we were not able to upload full voiceovers to the software.

And auto-sync it much like a Vidnami did. And that is what saved users of Vidnami so much time. I know that that was the number one reason why I used Vidnami was. Voiceover features and the auto sinking, when you can bring in slides automatically and sync it very quickly to a voiceover that you hired or outsourced on Fiverr, which is very cool.

Or in my case, I record my own voiceovers. And if you’re not able to easily, I haven’t found a software that easily lets you quickly sync those voiceovers to all the slides and create your videos pretty quickly. Right. And that’s what the whole point and what we’ve been trying to find that really good Vidnami alternative.

Now the pictory along with maybe one other software, Have been my top choices for Vidnami replacements, but again, the only thing, a big feature that it was missing was the voice over features. Immediately when I got my hands on it, I believe I was one of the first people to get my hands on pictory. I was in contact with the software developer.

And told them that this is what my customers and Vidnami customers are going to be looking for. And they put it into the works and you can tell, it did take a long time. They’ve come out with a lot of other updates since launch this was on their roadmap, but you can tell that this took a while to get done, because there’s probably a lot of coding going on in the back with putting an algorithm because you have to think about it.

The script has to be read somehow. It has to match the text that you’re putting in, but then the audio that you’re uploading has to be D scripted when it comes in and both of those need to be synced together. And that’s why there’s a lot of power going on in the backend. So let me show you, this is super cool.

So this is my pictory update. Let’s jump in.

So before we jump into the software real quick you want to pick this up a lifetime deal. If you don’t have it already go to AppSumo at the time of watching this or recording this video, it’s still available on AppSumo and you can get it as well. $59 at AppSumo click the link below and you’ll be able to go and get a lifetime deal to this software, which is a steal of a deal because when they leave AppSumo, which I’m sure they will leave it looks like they’re going to stay on for another month.

Is what I’m kind of guessing. Originally they were going to pull ’em there. Pull the software off AppSumo September 1st, but it looks like they’re still on there. So you have a couple of weeks time. I wouldn’t count on them being here in October on AppSumo and this and their, their pricing structure is already in place where it is a monthly subscription.

So go pick that up. If this is something that you are interested. So I went ahead and just grabbed an article from e-sign articles, kind of rewrote it a little bit. And we’re going to go into victory and we’re going to sample this out and check it out right now. So I’m going to go a new product.

And we have the text. So on new project, we’re going to have our four different ways that we can create a video. We’re going to go with script to videos. I’m going to push the start button there. I’m going to go and grab my script over here. Just right. Click copy. We’re going to throw it in here. So this is pretty cool.

This is just like Vidnami right. And then we’re going to go ahead and go proceed. And we’re going to choose between what size and we’re going to say. It’s going out there is going to build the slides, build the video, and then we’re going to focus mainly most of the tutorial on the voice over aspects. I have an automatic branding set up for one of the channels that I’m that I have.

And so I’m going to go ahead and just go to this scene and I’m going to push the delete button over here, and then I’m going to Mo I’m going to.

I’m going to make myself smaller and go right up there. Okay. So here we go. We got rid of that scene and we’re going to go ahead and come over here. To this scene and push the delete button as well. And then I’m going to go over to just one scene that I think is kind of funny is we’re going to grab this and just say w I’m just going to go over to visuals.

I’m going to say lose weight or we’re just going to find something let’s lose weight so we can go right there. Yeah, this one’s cool.

Perfect. Okay. So here’s what, here’s how you do this. So we’re going to go back over to seniors. We’re going to click on scene one. We’re going to there’s a feature over here, add voiceover, and that was always there to begin with. But it was only one slide at a time, one scene at a time. And that was where they really fell short, but not anymore.

They’ve really, really improved. So we’re going to go over here, add voiceover, and you can record an entire voiceover and sync it inside the software if you want, which is really cool. But I recommend recording it in a different software and, or outsourcing it to Fiverr. So that way the job is done in a different software where you can get higher quality WAV file or MP3 files out.

I’ve noticed that the recorder in here is kind of hit and miss with the quality of sound. So. I would record it in a, another software and then upload. So, and most of you will probably be getting your voiceovers outsourced from fiber. So it makes total sense. So you’re just gonna go over here, upload a voiceover.

So you can go over here to upload voiceover. You’re just going to click on this and then it will actually. It will take an MP3 file or a WAV file. So I was really excited to see that they, that they have the wave wave file format feature. So, because the software that I use to record is spits out a wave file.

So it’s really awesome. I don’t have to go and convert. Not every time. So we just uploaded it. It’s going to show at the top here. You can see I’ve already done a test before this it’s a 56 second voiceover, and we’ve got that right here. And now you can apply this to the current scene or you can employ this is the new part right here and tire video.

So now it’s going to go out there and you can see it’s auto sinking the voice over, and then it’s going to generate a.

So it just takes a few seconds and it’s generating a preview now, how do I make a lasting lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight and keep it off? Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Do you know what’s holding you back? Sometimes you are losing weight and not keeping it off because you have not yet committed to making lasting changes.

What are the things so perfect. So it’s pretty good, right. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to click the, if it was perfect, we could kick click the look, good button. We’re going to click the adjust button and look at here’s where the magic happens. We can fine tune this very, very quickly. You can see on scene one, you, you can already tell, I love how it has the audio the wave of files coming up right here.

silver dynamic microphone on black microphone stand
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So you know that this scene needs to be extended out right here. And you just put the coarser over here and you’re going to expand it out to like right there. You can sample that first. By pushing play lasting lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight and keep it off. And then all you’re going to do is go back up or over here to the story click story.

So it will take a little bit of practice and just kind of getting to know the software pictory, but once you get to know its functionality and where to, where you get. Certain functions from it’s really, really intuitive. And so right here, all you’re going to do is just move to the next scene, click on it.

And you can already see right here just by looking at the screen right here, that this slide. Now you could almost to the, when we’re watching the preview, you almost couldn’t see. That there was any issues. So you could almost leave it the way it is and you would be fine, but if you want to really fine tune it this is how you do it and you would just come over here and we would just move this over to there.

And we don’t even have to sample that because we already know that that’s right. So then we’re just going to click on scene three and right here, we’re just going to extend that out a little bit, and then you would go to scene four. So look how fast this is. It’s going to go to about right there. And we’re going to sample that.

And not keeping it off because you have, this is where we saw that there was a mistake. And it’s perfect now. And then you would just move to the next, I mean, look at how simple this is. This is way faster than a lot of other softwares that I do have to fine tune the voiceover. And this is very fast and intuitive, the way that you just click on it and look at the audio wave bars and just move it over.

And why do you want to lose weight? Would just be right here. And why do you want to lose weight? See, you can just sample it and be done with it. This one actually needs shortened a little bit. We’ll go to this one and call it. Good. Let’s see. Right. Is it because you want to fit in your bikini for summer?

Now we see right here that this one needs a shorten that to here. So we’ll just move that over. Come back into over here. And then we would probably push play when in doubt, play tight and you don’t want to go shop. So right there, you actually want to move that over about right there. Is it because your clothes are getting tight and you don’t want.

Right there. And then we’ll do one more. Okay. Just for video purposes, we know that this one’s going to want to be shortened it to there. So then now we found fine tune this. I did that right in front of you that literally took like how long, how long did that take? Maybe a minute, maybe 60 seconds. Now we’re going to go up here and we’re just going to push the preview button and let’s see what we have, right.

How to make a lasting lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight and keep it off, or you’re struggling to lose weight and keep it off. Do you know what’s holding you back? Sometimes you are losing weight and not keeping it off because you have not yet committed to making lasting changes. What are the changes you will make to your lifestyle that will help you lose weight and keep it?

Here are a few tips and strategies. The first step that will help you lose weight and keep it off is to understand your needs. Why do you want to lose weight? So perfect. So we have, the voiceover is synced with the slides that we did it very quickly. They gave you the tools to fine tune it very quickly.

It’s very intuitive. They do about, I would say about 90% of the sync. Now, if we were just to play it right out of the box, it’s about 90% there. Now I will say that Vidnami was just a hair, a better when it came to hands-off a complete scene. But you have to keep in mind that pictory has only been around for two months.

It’s in development. Vidnami did not have their voiceover sync like fine finely tuned in to perfection until the last year or two of its life. So it took a while to get to that point. There is a lot, yeah. Going on in the background. So I have to give my ha off to pictory for listening to their customers as they came in that were asking for this feature.

And picture we went to work, went to the drawing board, probably did not set out to actually add these features in like this, and they’re doing it for the customers. So I have to give them props on that. This is very, very useful. And so, and right now this is going to definitely be the closest Vidnami replacement or Vidnami alternative that you are going to find on the market period for how fast you can actually sync your voiceover, upload a full voiceover to the software now.

And so huge, huge, huge, huge improvement and update for victory. So you know, just thank you because I know there’s a lot of people that went from. The NAMI and did go and pick up victory and they love it for so many things, but this is really the icing on the cake, the cherry on top uploading full prerecorded voiceovers, and being able to fine tune and sync it.

So this is awesome. Definitely go pick up that lifetime deal, click the link below and go get it from AppSumo if not and if you missed it, when you’re watching this video, it’s still an amazing software. Users were paying 35 bucks a month for Vidnami. I believe they have very competitive prices.

Might be just a little bit, even cheaper than Vidnami monthly. So go and check that out as well. Thank you for watching this. I hope you enjoyed the update and again, a super awesome updates from pictory. We’ll see you in my next video.

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