8 Ways to Make Money with a Box Truck




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If you have a box truck, you’ve probably been looking for ways to make money. A box truck can be a great tool for doing just about anything: moving, odd jobs, deliveries, vending, and much more. Read below to learn 8 ways to make money with a box truck.


Moving, whether you’re moving people or things, can be a lucrative side hustle. But there are a few things you should know before you get started.

First and foremost: if you’re moving people, it’s best to stick with local moves. Long-distance moves tend to be more expensive for the customer than local ones because of hidden fees such as fuel costs and tolls. Plus, long-distance moves take longer—and time is money when it comes down to the bottom line!


If you want to make money by moving things around town, think about going into business with your friends or family members who also own box trucks (or vans). You could form an enterprise that specializes in delivering furniture from one place to another within city limits.

You’ll have less competition than if each person tried doing it alone and will likely have more customers because word will spread quickly when someone sees how great your service is! If nothing else works out quite right but everything still seems alright then maybe try starting up something like this: https://www/citylab/2019/10/deliveries-are-good-for-your-health/.

Odd jobs

Odd jobs are those that are not regular, and not very often. They’re jobs that don’t have a schedule, and they’re only done when needed. Some examples of odd jobs include:

  • Painting houses
  • Laundry service (washing machines, dryers)
  • Moving furniture
  • Handyman work


Deliveries are a great way to make money with a box truck.

Deliveries can be done for companies or individuals, who may need help moving heavy items such as furniture, boxes, or refrigerators. You can deliver within your local area or across the country. Deliveries can be local, regional, or long-distance.


Towing is a great way to make money with a box truck. Whether you’re towing a car, boat, camper, or trailer, there are many options for earning money in this field.

  • Towing vehicles: If you have the proper license and insurance coverage for towing cars—or even people—you can easily find clients who need help moving their vehicle from one place to another. For example, if someone needs their car towed at 5 AM on Saturday morning because they have an appointment at 8 AM and no way of getting there otherwise? You could be their hero!
  • Towing boats: Boats can be big and bulky (and expensive!), so it makes sense that people would want them transported safely from place to place in order to get them where they need them most. Whether they’re taking their boat out on the water or looking for storage solutions until winter comes around again, consider offering your services as a tow truck driver


Vending is a popular way to make money with a box truck. Most people think of vending machines when they hear the word “vending,” but this can be anything from selling food and drinks, to selling other products like magazines or toys. If you want to start with vending as your primary source of income with your box truck, it’s best to start small and try out different types of vending products until you find something that works well in your area.

When selling food and drink items, people typically use cold storage units in their trucks that keep their goods cool until they’re sold. These units are much cheaper than traditional refrigerators used by most restaurants because they use electricity instead of gas or propane like refrigerators do (think about how much money those devices cost!).

You’ll also need signage that shows what types of products are available for sale at this time—this will help customers decide whether or not they would like any given item from the menu offered by your truck today!

You can use the box truck to make money

  • You can use the box truck to make money by moving things.
  • You can also use it to make money by doing odd jobs for people. For example, we had one client who needed tables and chairs moved from one location to another and we were able to help with that request.
  • If you’re looking for truck driving jobs, then you can use this box truck as a way of getting started in your career as a professional driver!

Use the box truck as a mobile pet grooming business

You can use the box truck as a mobile pet grooming business.

If you have experience grooming pets and enjoy doing it, then this could be a great option for you. When people get their dogs groomed at local pet stores, they are spending anywhere between $30-$60 per visit.

To make money with your box truck, you will need to purchase all of the necessary equipment (shears, clippers, brushes) and supplies (shampoos and conditioners), which is an investment that could cost around $2,000 or more depending on how many dogs you plan on grooming at one time.

You will also want to invest in advertising because no one wants to just drive by a random box truck; they want one that is clearly marked as offering dog-grooming services! It’s better to spend even more money now on advertising than risk losing customers later because nobody knows about what kind of services your company offers or where exactly it’s located!

Use the box truck as a billboard service

Using your truck as a billboard is an efficient way to advertise your business or product. You can place advertisements on the sides of the truck, and even on the back door. If you’re looking to run a smaller campaign, consider placing banners over the windows, which will allow passersby to still see inside the cab while they read your advertisements.

You might also consider using a box truck as an advertisement for yourself or another person (like if they’re in need of a job). For example: “looking for someone who knows how to fix cars” or “searching for new employees.” This type of service ad could be placed all over town!

Food Truck

  • Food trucks are a great way to make money.
  • Food trucks are a great way to promote your business.
  • Food trucks are a great way to meet new people.
  • Food trucks are a great way to have fun!


We hope this article has given you some ideas for how to make money with your box truck. Whether you choose one of these options or decide upon something else entirely, it’s important to remember that the sky is the limit!

You might have been looking at our list thinking “I could never do that kind of work,” but if you keep an open mind and put in the hard work (plus some creativity), we bet you could find something that works for you too. Thanks for checking out our list of the top 8 ways to make money with a box truck.

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