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Welcome to my WebinarKit Review

This is my official review. I’m gonna go ahead and show you that real quick. If you’re interested in the full funnel, the pricing on the OTOs, or if you’re, if you want a full demo tutorial, I’m not gonna do that in this video, because I’ve already made specific videos for those.

All those videos will be in the description below. I have the video series. I have three videos including this video. So I have four videos that I’ve made on WebinarKit. So you can go and get the specific information that you’re looking for this review will just be a recap of everything that you’re gonna get.

If you want to watch my Full review which is basically this blog post, then watch my WebinarKit Review here:

WebinarKit Review Video

webinarkit review

WebinarKit Vendor Bonuses

What the special bonuses are that they’re going to give you? And depending on which package you purchase and which OTO you get, you get more bonuses as well. So this is a, a, a really nice product that I’m excited about. I just now purchased it myself. And I’m excited to launch this inside of my business as well with the money, and many YouTube channels that I run, I’ll be able to create a flagship product, a flagship course, and I’ll have a way to actually market that course.

In a professional way in a highly engaging way, and hopefully, get higher conversions than just the standard sending to a sales page. Right. So if you want any of those pieces of information, I have my bonuses over here. I will show you, show you those again in a minute. But I have the bonuses over here.

I have the WebinarKit demo and tutorial full walkthrough right here. And then I have the WebinarKit pricing right here with all the OTOs. Okay. So just wanted to point that out. The links are below. I’m gonna come back over here. WebinarKit is launching in two less than two and a half hours.

WebinarKit Launch Date and Time

I’m making this video early so I can get this out there right away. But it launches at 11:00 AM Eastern time. I’m over here in, on the west side. So I have mountain time. So it’s gonna be around 9:00 AM. For me about 11:00 AM Eastern time, this launches, I’m gonna show you my bonuses right away, because I know that some of you are out bonus hunting to find the best bonuses.

I’m gonna show you this as the software, the inside of the software, I’m gonna show you the sales pages, all that stuff. I’m gonna do, you know, a proper full review for you guys. But I know that some of you already know what this is. It is a. Relaunch of software that’s been around for a while. It’s high-quality software that I am just now jumping on this launch.

I’m excited because I’m gonna use this in my own business. But anyways, let’s go and get those bonuses to show you what I put together. My unique WebinarKit bonuses for you guys. Okay. So I have a real-world value of $450 on these bonuses. I’m not one of those guys. That’s gonna be like, Hey, I’m giving you $11,978 worth of real-world stuff.

Really people don’t give away $11,000 for a free bonus as an affiliate. Right. So I’m just but I can add these up and I know that these are. I created these bonuses myself. They’re custom exclusive bonuses from me and it’s unique training. I do this full time and so I know a thing or two about affiliate marketing and online marketing.

So my bonuses, I know are gonna be unique that nobody else is going to have. So just wanted to point that out. This is a real world value. Right here, introducing WebinarKit. Boom. We’re gonna go show you that in a second. And here’s some more information. If you click the first link in the description, it will take you to this bonus page.

And if the product is launched, if it’s 11:00 AM Eastern time on August 2nd, 2022, you can go ahead and click on any of these green buttons right here. And it will take you over to the sales page right now. This is taking you over to that temporary signup webinar signup page. But at the time of when it launches, it’s gonna take you over to the sales page.

WebinarKit Sales Page

Okay. And the sales page is gonna look like this, automate your sales, growth, and profits with WebinarKit and so forth right here. Right? So this is what the sales page is gonna look like. So my bonuses are bonus number one, obviously, this is the coolest bonus because bonus number one is my PLR profits academy course.

I sell this every day for $99. It’s exclusive unique never before done training on PLR on how to make money with PLR. I have unique ways. I actually have PLR that. Used PLR and then published it on different sites that I teach you in the course. And I still make money every single month from that stuff.

So if you wanted to build a business using private label rights, all these PLR products that come out people buy them, but then do they really know how to actually put them to use and make money with, from them? That’s exactly what I teach you in this course. PLR profits academy. This is my top selling course right here.

As you can. And it’s three hours long of over-the-shoulder video training from me David Mills. And you’re going to get my unique strategies on how to profit from PLR profits. So this is really, really good. I rarely give this out as a bonus, but because of WebinarKit, I believe in WebinarKit it’s a high-quality product.

I picked it up myself. And so I’m willing to give away my premium course. Yeah, as a way of just saying, thank you for picking this up with my link, if you so choose to. All right. So we’re gonna go to bonus number two, how to create YouTube videos fast using AI software. This is also the latest course that I created.

I sell this on a weekly basis. It’s priced fairly at $59 and people pick it up. It’s very unique and it’s gonna teach you how to. Create your voiceovers, your scripts, and your videos, all using artificial intelligence software, a super unique straight-to-point, no-fluff course, you will get free access to that course as well.

And then bonus number three. I think that these are really cool bonuses because these are exclusive over the shoulder training that I created. Only as premium bonuses for you. And this one is how to drive traffic to your courses. And you can also use this to drive courses to your software product, or any other product that you have, but a lot of times it’s courses or something like that, you can even U apply this to affiliate marketing, but this is how to drive traffic to your courses.

Again, very Premium training that I only offer as a premium bonus on these big launches like this. And this is definitely valued at $99 bonus. Number four is you’re gonna get my secret YouTube ranking. What I do after I publish a video. And if I want it to rank number one, this is exactly what you want to do.

This is very unique. This is. Probably worth more than $88, but that’s what I put on there. Again, exclusive bonus exclusive training. I don’t give this out in any other courses or anything like that. This is just a, a, a bonus for you. So super cool. And all these are, you know, I make a, full-time living on YouTube with several YouTube channels, so I know how to rank videos.

I know how to get traffic. I’m teaching you this stuff as a free bonus, basically for picking up this product. So super cool stuff. And then I didn’t retitle this one. You’re actually getting the YouTube video, keyword research secrets as well, how to find the right keywords to go after if they have traffic, if they’re low competition, all that kind of stuff.

How to use tools to do that. And how to, so this will, this will leave, you know, your blank canvas and you don’t know what to do. This will teach you how to go out and do that research. So you can start taking action and start building your business. So this is really, really good too. So at any point during the launch, you click on any of these green buttons, it’ll take you over there.

I recommend getting OTO1

Okay. So again, here’s the front end sales page. What you’re gonna see when you go to sign up, I have to do this, click, the access button. He’ll take you over to the buy button, right? You guys have been through the, the drill before. But what I’m gonna show you is the the OTO one is the one that I purchased.

Okay. There, I think there’s four OTOs, I’ll show you those in a sec, but this is the one that I definitely recommend getting. And they actually have like an order bump on the page. You’ll actually be able to add this one to. Your cart right away and you’ll pay around a it’s around $150. I think it was like $154 or something like that, that I paid.

But this is WebinarKit pro the OTO one highly recommended I’ll come through and just show you what you get. You get the built in video hosting that speaks for itself because it’s going. As much as it sounds like it’s easy. You don’t want to go and upload your webinar to YouTube and then publish it over to here.

You’re already going to throw so many people off out of the gates, right? When they come in and they see that it’s hosted on YouTube or even at the very end of the at the webinar, when the video’s done playing and then the automatic videos show up because you hosted it on a free platform like YouTube.

It’s just gonna turn people off. You know, they’re not gonna invest in your $500 course that you’re trying to sell them when you can’t afford video hosting. Right? So it just doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look good to people. It doesn’t look professional. So this is already immediately worth.

The value is just the built-in video hosting. They’re gonna host it on their own servers that they host all your pages on super, super cool stuff. So again, this is already worth it, but there’s so many things else. So many more additional things you get. You get to add polls to an increase engagement, which was super cool.

And then it’s a good way to actually find out information about your your prospects and your customers because, and this can actually lead to new products to create or new lectures to put in your course to answer their questions. All kinds of good stuff right there. It, and it helps to kind of get that feeling.

They know they’re on an automated webinar, but it gets that feeling that there is somebody’s behind the scenes. Someone’s gonna see that poll and someone it’s, it’s a little bit more engaging, like a, like a live event, right. High converting registration pages. Instead of getting just like the standard three, you’re actually gonna get more.

So that’s really cool. That’s another reason why I got this, cuz I want these nice looking pages right here. The thank you. Pages are also improved and. one click replay, re that’s funny one click replay pages. And guess what, I’m not gonna edit that out. I don’t edit my videos like that. I don’t chop out mistakes or anything like that.

I push record and I go live and, and this is what you get. So. Pretty cool stuff. But one click replay pages. This is another big reason why I picked up the, the OTO one, the pro, because I can’t wait to be able to send this out. I know that I watched the replays of webinars more often than not probably 90% of the time that I find myself on a webinar.

It’s actually because of an email follow up that they sent and said, Hey, Only 12 hours left to watch this. And then the page gets down, taken down. The offer gets taken down. I like this, so that that’s another really big one. And then you have more engagement. You can put the handouts in right there as well.

So when you’re giving away a free gift at the beginning of the webinar, something like that, it also sets the mood and. Just starts, starts off the the webinar in the right way. And then you can embed registration forms on your site. So I have a website that’s starting to gain a lot of traffic and momentum in the make money online niche.

So this will be perfect to be able to add an embeddable registration form as a page and feature that on my website and then also a popup webinar widget. So you’re gonna see right here. You’re gonna see that if someone clicks on that, you can put an engaging. The question right here, entice them. They click up, they put their energy.

Boom. And then you can get people just from your website. So this is just ingenious. All these are just. You just, you don’t want to miss out on, this is all I’m saying. So no monthly fees ever. This is an LTD right now, and I’m just gonna show you right here. I did purchase this WebinarKit pro 2022.

Proof I purchased this and why you should too

Look David Mills right up here. And I bought WebinarKit, regular and pro just so you guys know. Here’s the inside of the software guys. I showed this again, a link below, but I will just open this up and show you guys. I mean, I have access to the software. I purchased the software, I purchased the pro.

And if you guys have any questions and you really want me to go out and create a test webinar if you’ve made it this far in the video, first of all, say something below, I’d really appreciate it and say, Hey, I made. You know, I made it 10 minutes into the video or something like that. And then also if you want me to actually create a test webinar and get another video out to you guys, I will, but there has to be some, some, someone that makes a comment like that for me to do that but these are what they look like.

Inside WebinarKit – Tutorial

We’re gonna go and just look at like right here, you can get the links, and here are all the links that you’re gonna get. Right. So I’m gonna go over here and just show you what the registration looks like real quick. So here’s what the registration put your high converting attention-grabbing right here.

Boom. People can register. You can put a picture of yourself, just super, super clean, highly professional that people pay hundreds of dollars a month for stuff like this. Right. I’m gonna come over here, the watch room link, and this is what the watch room looks like, and it’s gonna start playing.

And then here’s where all your popups and your polls and all that stuff will show up. They can go and ask you a question right there and so forth, super cool stuff. And then here’s the replay link. And I believe that this replay link is only. What you’re gonna get if you get the OTO. So I definitely want this so I can send people to this so they can go and have a chance to purchase my offer.

And there’s a control room. Okay. So that’s the inside of these, the software. I’m not gonna go and log into my account cuz it has nothing on it. But again, you guys can comment below and say, Hey, you know I’d love to see you actually build a full automated WebinarKit funnel in. In into a tutorial.

I’d be happy to do that for you guys. Okay.

Exclusive Bonuses from David Mills

Last but not least. Let’s go and look at all of the bonuses that you’re gonna get that I already went over my premium bonuses. Don’t forget about those. Those are already worth more than what you’re gonna pay for WebinarKit. And those are real world values.

Those aren’t just made up numbers. Now we have a WebinarKit the semi exclusive bonuses. These are actually what you’re gonna get, and these are on top of even more bonuses that they’re gonna give. And I already went and sampled out some of this stuff. It, they are there. I deleted all the login information, but you’re gonna get the P POC method zero to 50,062 days using only free traffic and automated webinar.

So it’s a, you know, it’s a webinar. This is actually like a. Like a webinar that’s an hour long teaches you about Facebook group marketing, things like that. How to crush it with YouTube ads. There’s another training right there. Boom product creation without creating a product a hundred K shortcut.

go check out my bonuses here

webinarkit review, webinarkit bonus

You’re gonna get another webinar right here. So you’re gonna get three high quality, like one hour long trainings, right there as extra ex semi exclusive bonuses. Then we’re gonna come down here and, and then your, these are the WebinarKit bonuses. That you’re going to get on the front end product right here.

You can pause the video. I’m not gonna read through all this, but you can pause the video and read this, but those are the bonuses you’re gonna get. You’re gonna get a lot of value and a lot like right here are 1000 per day, YouTube ads, masterclass. I mean, they’re giving a they’re they’re, they’re giving you a whole business in a box.

Basically all you need is a product WebinarKit. Pro bonuses right here. So I got the, these I’m gonna get the a hundred thousand dollars case study that sells for 2 97. In this masterclass, you will learn the exact steps we have used to partner in with experts to sell their products with automated webinars.

So you don’t have to spend time on product creation or delivery. We have made over $1 million doing this, and we will show you exactly how to do it again. You can keep you can pause the video. And look at the other ones, if you pick up the other OTOs. Again, my recommendation is to pick up the front end offer.

WebinarKit Pricing

There’s, I’m confused if it’s $67 or $72, I somehow was able to pick up the product before it launched. I did pay for it. But I believe I paid higher than what it’s gonna launch for. I’m okay with that. I wanted to get my hands on it. And so I believe you’re gonna if, if it all stands in it’s $67.

For the front end and then it’s 97 for the WebinarKit pro. So what is that? 67 plus 97. So all in with those two products, it’ll be 1 64 and you will have. A full fledged auto WebinarKit software that you can use forever. All right. So that is my full review. Again, go click the first link in the description and go and pick, just click this link right here.

Anything that’s green right here. It’s gonna take you over and you’re gonna go and get all my five premium bonuses as, as a way of saying thank you. Thanks for tuning in guys. I’ll see you in the next one.


You cant go wrong with picking up WebinarKit today. If you have a product, course, or service that you are selling, this software is perfect for you. This allows you to create highly engaging automated webinar funnels quickly and takes care of all the technical aspects of it.

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